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  1. John, is the temperature controller important for KJ Classic 2? I have been eyeing this as my first kamado. I was under the impression that this is better than the lower priced competition in terms of holding low temp. Thanks.
  2. Thanks all for your valuable input. I decided to start my Kamado journey with an Akorn for now. I hope to learn the intricacies of this type of cooking with help from this forum and with the cheaper Akorn. I would be on the lookout for a good ceramic Kamado deal. Seems like most of the retailers already marked down their prices and are out of inventory. Oh well... Thanks.
  3. @Smokingdadbbq that are some good advice. I appreciate your time.
  4. Thank you all for your worm welcome. My quest started when I was looking for an outdoor pizza oven. I was looking to get a Napoli or a Ooni. Then I stumbled into Kamado. It seems that it will cook pizza as well as work as a smoker, tandoor, grill... choices seem to be unlimited. And now here I am looking for a Kamado. One thing I wanted to ask you guys. I know pizza takes quite a high temperature of 600-700 degrees. Let say I want to throw a pizza party. Can Kamados continue to generate heat for 8-10 pizzas? Is this continuous high heat bad for the longevity of the grill? Again thank you all for the worm welcome.
  5. Hello, Just joined this amazing and helpful forum. Looking through different options for my first purchase. Hopefully I will be able to buy a kamado and contribute to the forum. BTW, located in Baton Rouge LA. Thanks everyone.
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