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  1. Wow, so much knowledge in one thread. Thank you gents. Frank, that gives a very useful context to the specific details that I wouldn't normally recognise.
  2. Thank you all. I've resolved to go with the following for my next cook, which will be a partial brisket around 4kg: Slightly higher temp - 265 No liquid in the drip tray At least 5 hours but prepared for as long as it needs Open the lid less
  3. Excellent. Thank you all so much. Last night I was dispirited. I've now got more confidence with my next cook. Would you still recommend liquid in the drip tray?
  4. Ok. I won't go above 275. The first cook was 265 and that will be my starting point.
  5. So are we saying that I should have simply kept the brisket in there for longer, and the internal temp would have risen to the required level and everything would be fine, assuming those other parameters I listed? The reason I'm tempted to go the hotter and faster route is because the first brisket I cooked was 265 for 4.5 hours and it turned out quite good. Not perfect, because the fat could have done with a bit more rendering, but I was very very happy with the taste and tenderness. I plan to extend it to 5 or 5.5 hours at 265 (remember this is half a brisket). Please let me know if I'm being dumb!
  6. Thanks Brian. If 7.5 hours at 230 degrees isn't long enough, I'll have to go with the route of higher temp and shorter cooking times because personally I don't have much more time than that.
  7. Ok so what I'm hearing is that due a couple of potential reasons (temp too low and not enough cooking time, using a water pan), my brisket didn't get up to high enough temp which didn't allow the collagen to break down. Next time I'll try higher temp (265 degrees) and no water pan. Any other pointers appreciated. Thanks all
  8. Thank you both. I'm trying to understand the reason why the IT was so low and couldn't get up higher after 7.5 hours at 230. What adjustment would you have made based on the above parameters?
  9. Firstly, hello all, I'm a newbie to the kamado world but am an experienced BBQ cook. I recently bought a kamado Joe classic 2 and the first cook was a big success. Second one was ok, and third one was an epic fail. At this rate, I should just give up! But of course I will persevere. I'm hoping to get your collective wisdom on what went wrong. Here is what I did and what happened: 3kg Wagyu brisket - this wasn't the whole brisket, but 60% of it 7.5 hours at 230 degrees Apple juice in drip tray Sprayed with solution of half water and half apple cider vinegar Internal temp 150 degrees when taken off BBQ, 154 degrees when wrapped (I know this is way too low and should be 200. So this is my strongest suspicion as to what went wrong. Too low temp and for too long, given that the size of the meat isn't huge. But I don't understand why the temp won't go up since I cooked it for so long!!) Rested for an hour Here's what happened when tasting came: Meat was chewy and tense, including the internal fat layer Not much of a bark Your insight will be much appreciated! Jack
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