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  1. Just that I read it was developed by a team from Harvard who developed the SloRoller. I posted a link in a new post here a while ago. Excellent article. I am with you though, I may end up with something different when the time comes.
  2. I really like my new KJ charcoal baskets. I am pretty sure an iKamand is my Christmas present this year.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/how-a-harvard-class-project-changed-barbecue/ar-AAJlaUI?ocid=anaheimntp
  4. As mentioned above, light in one spot and let it burn across the fire box instead of lighting all around. If that doesn't work, and I hate to say it and I know some will disagree, but you can also use some quality briquettes instead of lump. In my experience, they burn cooler than lump.
  5. Not sure it is too tough if you have a Costco membership. You can get a price not too far above that (given the things in the Roadshow package that are well worth it) and it is free shipping. My wife would pay $200 for the hinge alone. She hated the Primo because of the heft of the lid.
  6. Confrontational, much? If it's online it has to be right, right? That being said, assuming you are right, I guess that's a good thing unless they sell so many that KJ starts to cut corners in manufacturing to meet demand. Or, reduces the warranty because the mass market refuses to learn about what they bought and claims start going up.
  7. You never know. Charcoal is my preferred one to blame it on.
  8. I saw a walkthrough of the Classic III on YouTube and the person there stated that the "Big Box" stores (in this case, Lowes) only get the original Classic which is what I saw and what I saw online. Makes sense as the price was $750 and I am sure is aimed directly at Home Depot and their $699 Louisiana Grills Kamado. I am just glad to see Lowe's carry the KJ Big Block. That is what I always used in my Primo. I tried several, including Primo's own but kept coming back to the KJ. Also saw a thread on another BBQ site that benchmarked a bunch of coal and KJ beat all the others in cook time. I think it was 37 hours. I like the Big Block so much that it had something to do with me going to the KJ instead of a Primo Kamado at $779.
  9. I got pretty darn good on the Primo- I had the oval XL. I think I will miss having the large size of the XL and the oval shape made it seem like more real estate. Everything else, I like the KJ more: top cap system, ash removal, etc. I did buy the KJ basket with divider and will likely buy the extender rack this week. Is there anything special about the KJ Pizza stone? I can get a 14" Pizza stone that is 3/4 in thick for $25 at BB&B, or a metal Pizza pan/stone replacement on Amazon for $20.
  10. Thanks. I just haven't seen them there before, especially while I have been looking. Seemed strange that I had not seen them there all summer. I am in there all of the time (we just bought a new house and have been doing renovations).
  11. I doubt that. I just looked online and there are literally units available at all of my Lowe's stores around me. They were not there this summer as I have been shopping and making a decision since July 4th.
  12. I looked around and did a search and did not find a discussion on this so I apologize if it has already been discussed. I bought a KJ Classic II from a local dealer and plan to do my first real cook on it this weekend due to poor weather and then business travel this week. I ran into Lowes today to pick up some lump (KJ Big Block thanks to the reviews here) and saw that they are now carrying the KJ Classic there. I found it interesting that it is the original classic with the old spring style hinge, original top damper and felt gasket. I assume it is designed to hit the low price point they have it at- I am not sure if we can post pricing or not, but it is really low and competitive to the Vision and the Primo Kamado I looked at when I started my purchase journey. Anyone else notice this or is it old news?
  13. Thanks for this. I am still doing research, but this sounds interesting.
  14. The reviews on Amazon are pretty brutal for the I kamand. Anyone want to reassure me?
  15. I saw the kick ash basket and a stainless divider at my local dealer. Is the divider of any use with the basket? Used a divider all the time with the primo for indirect.
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