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  1. After reading a lot, watching YouTube a lot and actually trying a lot of charcoal, my most important factor is small pieces. South American lump burns longer and North American lump seems to light faster so I somewhat look at that as well based on what I am cooking, but getting a 20Lb bag with 20% pieces that fall through my KJ Basket is always disappointing. For that reason alone, I really like Fogo Super Premium because the pieces are "hand selected" and I get more consistent, B-I-G pieces.
  2. Chiming in that I bought one this spring and it is one great purchase. Five stars. I would also add they have an even bigger one if you have a really big space.
  3. I'm lucky here in that Lowes has the KJ Big Block and my local hardware carries Fogo and Jealous Devil within 1 to 2 of the same price. I have started buying one of those three and mixing it with RO or Cowboy from Wal-Mart, Kroger, etc with good success and the price averaged between the two is good. BTW, the Cowboy Hickory and Mesquite blend (in a full color 18 lb. bag) is worth it over the Cowboy Hardwood lump (in the 20 lb. two-color bag), for what it's worth. There always seems to be a bag in my car as I pick it up anytime they are on sale.
  4. Just that I read it was developed by a team from Harvard who developed the SloRoller. I posted a link in a new post here a while ago. Excellent article. I am with you though, I may end up with something different when the time comes.
  5. I really like my new KJ charcoal baskets. I am pretty sure an iKamand is my Christmas present this year.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/how-a-harvard-class-project-changed-barbecue/ar-AAJlaUI?ocid=anaheimntp
  7. As mentioned above, light in one spot and let it burn across the fire box instead of lighting all around. If that doesn't work, and I hate to say it and I know some will disagree, but you can also use some quality briquettes instead of lump. In my experience, they burn cooler than lump.
  8. Not sure it is too tough if you have a Costco membership. You can get a price not too far above that (given the things in the Roadshow package that are well worth it) and it is free shipping. My wife would pay $200 for the hinge alone. She hated the Primo because of the heft of the lid.
  9. Confrontational, much? If it's online it has to be right, right? That being said, assuming you are right, I guess that's a good thing unless they sell so many that KJ starts to cut corners in manufacturing to meet demand. Or, reduces the warranty because the mass market refuses to learn about what they bought and claims start going up.
  10. You never know. Charcoal is my preferred one to blame it on.
  11. I saw a walkthrough of the Classic III on YouTube and the person there stated that the "Big Box" stores (in this case, Lowes) only get the original Classic which is what I saw and what I saw online. Makes sense as the price was $750 and I am sure is aimed directly at Home Depot and their $699 Louisiana Grills Kamado. I am just glad to see Lowe's carry the KJ Big Block. That is what I always used in my Primo. I tried several, including Primo's own but kept coming back to the KJ. Also saw a thread on another BBQ site that benchmarked a bunch of coal and KJ beat all the others in cook time. I thi
  12. I got pretty darn good on the Primo- I had the oval XL. I think I will miss having the large size of the XL and the oval shape made it seem like more real estate. Everything else, I like the KJ more: top cap system, ash removal, etc. I did buy the KJ basket with divider and will likely buy the extender rack this week. Is there anything special about the KJ Pizza stone? I can get a 14" Pizza stone that is 3/4 in thick for $25 at BB&B, or a metal Pizza pan/stone replacement on Amazon for $20.
  13. Thanks. I just haven't seen them there before, especially while I have been looking. Seemed strange that I had not seen them there all summer. I am in there all of the time (we just bought a new house and have been doing renovations).
  14. I doubt that. I just looked online and there are literally units available at all of my Lowe's stores around me. They were not there this summer as I have been shopping and making a decision since July 4th.
  15. I looked around and did a search and did not find a discussion on this so I apologize if it has already been discussed. I bought a KJ Classic II from a local dealer and plan to do my first real cook on it this weekend due to poor weather and then business travel this week. I ran into Lowes today to pick up some lump (KJ Big Block thanks to the reviews here) and saw that they are now carrying the KJ Classic there. I found it interesting that it is the original classic with the old spring style hinge, original top damper and felt gasket. I assume it is designed to hit the low price point they ha
  16. Thanks for this. I am still doing research, but this sounds interesting.
  17. The reviews on Amazon are pretty brutal for the I kamand. Anyone want to reassure me?
  18. I saw the kick ash basket and a stainless divider at my local dealer. Is the divider of any use with the basket? Used a divider all the time with the primo for indirect.
  19. Thanks for the info. I am really thing about the basket. And, my wife wants the iKamander as much as I do. Looks like the soapstone as well as the extension grates are must have as well. I do have one question: is there a firebox divider from KJ for the original setup and is it worth it. On the Primo it was invaluable. By the way, I no longer have the Primo. I sold my previous house and the new owner wanted that, why I went to KJ.
  20. Well, it was delivered and the first thing I ordered was a cover. After that, I am looking at the iKamander.
  21. I have the thermometers including an instant resd and weber igrill III. I will be cooking everything, probably not much pizza. I especially expect to do my turkey on it this year.
  22. Bought my classic II today, to be delivered tomorrow. What are my first purchases? Would love suggestions.
  23. Well, I broke down today and bought the Kamado Joe Classic II. Local dealer matched the Costco price. My wife and I spent the morning looking at the BGE LG and XL, Primo XL and LG and others including the KJ and Big Joe. She loved the hinge on the KJ so much that settled it for us. We agreed the XLs were just too big for us. I'll see you all over in the KJ forum...
  24. Well, your needs and mine seem to be in the same ballpark. Right now, I am leaning toward either the normal "big" size 18 incher (Primo Kamado, Lg BGE, KJ Classic, or one of the many Chinese made alternatives) or maybe stepping up to one of the several 20" Chinese made models which are usually called 24 in the marketing material. One thing for certain is that the XL BGE with a true 24" grate is probably overkill. I tended to cook almost everything possible on the old Primo oval and loved the firebox divider for indirect. I can say the kettle has been fun this summer. I have done
  25. Maybe someone can point me to the correct forum to dial in the right size for me. The kettle I used all summer for smoking is a 22.5" grate. I am trying to decide on what size kamado to go with. Seems that I see 18 inch, 21 inch, 24 inch and more out there and some are the grate size and some are the body size. Not to mention the Primo like I had in the past which is oval. I had the XL before and it was pretty big, probably not the size I need now with the kids gone from the house except for holidays.
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