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  1. I could not find an exact match, but I am looking for opinions on the best lump charcoal. I have used Royal Oak, a brand out if Canada, sold at the local hardware store, BGE brand and just found Kamado Joe Bug Block locally. There may be others. I love cooking on the Kamado, and I am at a point where I need the best charcoal. Six months and at least 100 Cooks under my belt. I can use the local stuff from Canada for Pizza with the Dojoe, but it struggles to go overnight at 190.
  2. I do not have any experience with the PitBoss, but I own the iKamand Version II and I am thrilled with it. I have done a couple of Boston butts for 24 hours at 190 degrees and they were perfect. The temperature held thru both cooks within a degree or two for the entire cook. The only deviation was when I opened the top to take the meat out to wrap it in foil. I have done a couple of turkey breast that also held temperature perfectly, and they were super. Now that you can get the extra meat probes the iKamand is ideal for my cooking needs. It is not cheap, but it does work well. My only recommendation is to install the iKamand vent slide and keep the standard slide on the Kamado so you can cook without the iKamand and not use the plug for the iKamand slide. I do not like that part of the design. Otherwise it is a great controller.
  3. KJH

    iKamand v2

    I bought an iKamand II a few weeks ago, and used it for a turkey breast, and for wings and it worked flawlessly. Granted it is only two cooks, but it held temperature within +/- 2 degrees and the meat probe in the turkey was spot on with my instant read thermometer. It did update as soon as I connected to WiFi, and it operated great.
  4. I have only had the iKamand a couple if weeks and only used it once. I cooked a turkey breast at 326 with some applewood smoke. The iKamand held temperature spot on. I loke the idea of it for any cook going longer than 30 minutes. I left my original lower vent on and added the iKamand vent. That combination fits fine and I like the standard vent when not using the iKamand. The plastic on the iKamand cover bothers me. I do not leave the iKamand on when not in use. I store it in the kitchen. it is a great addition to my KJ Classic III.
  5. KJH

    iKamand v2

    You have a couple of options. First, you can get the old door off, and the iKamand on without removing the screws. The iKamand comes with a plate that fills in where the iKamand sits when not in use. Some folks have melted the filler plate cooking at high temps, which led me to go with my option, which is to install the iKamand slider, and then put the original door back in under the iKamand cover. Now I can use the original vent for non iKamand cooks and slide it over and mount the iKamand when I want. It works fine this way, and no melted filler plate (it has teo hi temp plastic inserts in it).
  6. Did you do half grates or a full round grate? I have a Classic III and the idea of getting two Boston butts and a couple of racks of ribs on at the same time. Your set up looks like it will fit the bill.
  7. Does anyone know if this works with the KJ Classic III? It is not mentioned on the CGS site.
  8. Go to the KJ web site and send an email to Customer Service. They will get back to you. It will not be until Monday, but I have found their customer service to be excellent.
  9. Atlanta Grill Company has a three piece iKamand Pit Probe Kit for sale. It comes with a pit probe and two meat probes for $49.99. Just ordered a set and they are on the way.
  10. Went with my Standard crust recipe, and added homemade sauce, fresh mozzarella, cooked bacon (1lb) cooked and chopped, and baby spinach. Cooked on the KJ Classic III, and it was the bomb. My wife who is ok with pizza ate 2/3 of a half inch pie and wants m e to make another. I will say it put NY pizza to shame.
  11. KJH

    iKamand Questions

    I am new here, and purchased a Kamado Joe Classic III about a month ago. In roughly 30 days I have 20 cooks and I love the grill. I have seen videos and read articles on the iKamand, and I am interested, but I have a couple of questions. First, since the temperature probes are only rated for 500 degrees, what do you do if you want to sear a steak at 650 degrees, or bake a pizza at 600 degrees? Do you remove the unit, and if so, what do you have to control the lower vent? Second, how do you shut down the grill with the iKamand? I assume you would remove the unit, but does the lower vent close? My Kamado takes a few hours to cool down, so I would not want to leave the iKamand on the grill all night in case it rained or snowed. Some of the videos are pretty good, but I cannot find answers to any of these questions, and no retailer within a reasonable driving distance has one that I can look at to see if I can answer for myself.
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