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  1. It is called California Chicken Barbecue Roll. There are several version of the recipe on line.
  2. We had enough turkey and needed to make pizza. I tried the steel deflectors in the DoJoe, and it was the best pizza ever. A much better cook than with the ceramic deflectors in the DoJoe. I am sold on the steel deflectors for $42. A great value and indestructible. They clean very easy as well. I cannot find a negative so far.
  3. I bought two 15 plates from the seller on eBay. They got here in six days. They are exactly the same diameter as the ceramic ones and tried them today. They held 275 perfectly with the Fireboard 2 Drive, and held 300 when I increased the temperature. Overshot by a couple if degrees. I am impressed, and they don’t break. I will try them on the DoeJoe next.
  4. I have gone 27 hours at 190. There was no charcoal left, but it cooked a perfect brisket.
  5. I really like the iKamand, but am partial to to the Fireboard 2 Drive. I do have an iKamand that I will post in the items for sale section. I have he extra meat probes for it.
  6. It gets easier, and the cooks get better. Don’t be afraid to try something new. It is all fun, and the results teach you a lot.
  7. This one was 8 pounds and fed three for two meals and there were leftovers. I liked the idea that the dark meat was at one end, and the white meat was on the other. It made everyone happy. I think a 12 to 14 pound turkey will do the trick for five people.
  8. Keeper i did not use the peppin method. He removed the tenderloin, and left the legs and wing out. I pulled them thru so they are inside. When you roll with my method, there is nothing hanging iff that needs to be tied to the outside if the roll. I also butterflied the breast so the whole bird is the same thickness and rolls easier. There is no loose skin or appendages hanging iff the roll. The way I did it Starts the same, but I cut a little bit more to clean off the rib cage.
  9. Since Thanksgiving is a month and a half away, I thought I would try something new as a test run. There is never enough oven space on Thanksgiving because of the turkey, and spatchcock turkey is an option, but I like the idea of de-boning an entire bird and rolling it. To get a little practice in, i decided to deb-bone stuff and roll a chicken and then put it on the Joetisserie. The de-boning was pretty straight forward. The legs and wings get inverted with my method, so there is nothing flapping around. I stuffed it with oyster cornbread stuffing and tied it up. It cooked about an hour
  10. KJH

    Slo-Roller Ribs

    Yesterday I tried baby back ribs using the slo-roller on the Classic III. I have to say I was impressed. I had done them before using the deflector plates, and the ends got a little over cooked. The slo-roller seems to keep heat from going up the outside of the grates, and the ends did not over cook at all. I did the 2-2-1 method, and after the two hours in foil they seemed a little soggy, but the last hour with my home made sauce and they were perfect. They had the bark firm up and has a little crispness with perfect meat inside. If I need to cook several racks, I am going to use the sl
  11. It does fit with the bigger adapter plate. I put a slight curve in it to match the track perfectly.
  12. I was not sold on the Fireboard2 Drive on my first cook. Today did a chuck roast at 250 degrees, wrapped in foil at 165 degrees and pulled at 200 degrees, and cut it up and made burnt ends. Temp held perfectly, and the meat was so tender. It was as good as the brisket point burnt ends I did a month ago. I am starting to warm up to the FB.
  13. There is a lot of weight there. I wanted to make sure the bracket did not slide and create an issue. The bracket needs to be tight to allow the lid hinge to work properly, but I would not trust it to hold the weight. Two people and a falling grill can cause some serious injuries on a set of stairs. Maybe I am a little over cautious.
  14. You should not lift it by that bracket. It took two of us to carry my Classic III up the stairs to the deck. Once of us picked it up by the low opening on the bottom where the ash tray inserts, and the other got it around the body of the lower part of the grill at the back. It went up the stairs basically upright, and we put it on the ground to get the stand wheels locked and we placed it in the stand using the same technique. It was not hard to move, but I do not want to do it again real soon.
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