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  1. Whole chicken or thighs drip fat pretty heavy. I’ve had some nasty clean up burns after chicken cooks. Not during the cook but afterwords.
  2. Spray some Pam on it.
  3. That’s kinda sweet. I really don’t have the room for it but it’s a great looking set up.
  4. I’d maybe throw some smoke in there to determine if you’ve got a significant leak somewhere? Small leaks I don’t worry about. closing those vent should snuff that fire in a reasonable period of time.
  5. Cooked on my Akorn for many years with really no issues to speak of. There was a learning curve but it didn’t take long to master the basics. Was so impressed I bought the junior. my big Akorn shows it’s age it’s rusty and it leaks and just generally looks rough but it functions like the day I bought it. I did by a KJ really only because I got an incredible deal on a close out model at Lowes. I’ve found The KJ reacts quicker to vent movement is really the only noticeable difference worth mentioning. The Akron’s downfall is moisture. If you live in a humid or wetter climate, I would not consider it unless you could store it indoors. Other than that, it’s a fantastic grill. Performance is equal to any other kamado I’m aware of.
  6. No biggie. To me anyway. My Akorn and now my KJ have minor leaks in various spots. My opinion is they don’t matter at all.
  7. Small leaks are not anything to worry about IMO.
  8. Never used an ash basket before. What’s the benefit?
  9. Full moon would be better. Half moon sorta a pita.
  10. Hello guys long time Akorn user. Just bought a close out Classic 1 yesterday from Lowe’s. Not a fan of the half moon deflectors. Anyone using something as an alternative? Am aware a pizza pan will do but this place has always had guys with great ideas so am curious if anyone else has come up with a different approach. thanks in advance.
  11. Would be very interested to hear how your new ceramic Akorn performs.
  12. I've been using rice flour on my pizza slide. Works a bit better than corn meal for transferring from slide to grill etc.
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