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  1. Thanks for the kind welcome messages. New parts have already arrived. I used Visions 100% Mesquite Lump Charcoal to grill a few meals on the weekend. It lights fast and gets hot really quick but the smoke is intense and makes the food too smokey tasting for our liking. Picked up some Maple Leaf Lump Charcoal. It takes longer than the Visions to get as hot but because of this it is easier to control the temperature. Grilled some 2" bone in pork chops yesterday. They came out perfect with a natural BBQ flavor. I am going to save the Visions for low and slow ribs , etc.
  2. I had been thinking of getting a charcoal BBQ for quite some time but was put off by the wait time for the coals to be ready and the waste of charcoal in a kettle style BBQ. I came across a clearance at Walmart for an Akorn Kamado for $339.00 so I picked one up. Easy to light and when shut down saves the charcoal. My daughter and I put it together on Friday. All was going well until we unpacked one of the shelves. It was bashed in and the ash pan had a ding in it. All the packaging was intact and it almost appears as it it was packed from the factory this way. I contacted Char- Griller customer service via email and new parts were shipped the next day. Thanks for all the invaluable information that this site has provided. First cook was just some hamburgers and corn and they turned out great.
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