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  1. Vas

    Lifting BigJoe2

    Apologies, but bumping as the day is getting nearer and worried about handling the beast.
  2. Vas

    Lifting BigJoe2

    Hi all, I'm moving next week and need some advice on lifting the BigJoe2 from its wheeled stand. Assume this is empty inside, amp fire box and all removed. I understand from the manual that the main lift points should be the bottom vent and the rear hinge. (correct me if I'm wrong but on BJ1 the recommendation was against the rear hinge, but that changed with version 2) Now, if i use the bottom vent, I can only lift so far before i hit the stand rings. How do you all do this? Im cautious to not damage the Joe as I live in a country not officially supported by KJ, and has been a massive pain to bring it here.
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