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  1. Only the top grill itself. Im not positive what it was supposed to look like(inside) when it was new. This one was barely used and garage-kept. i just wanna set it up right from the get-go. This is it for inside pics. Id like to find a big basket to protect all I can. Thanks a TON for the dimensions. I really think I lucked out getting this, and I wanna treat it right. Ive got plenty other grills to cook on till I get the right accessories. I do have a neighbor who can weld.
  2. Yea, after reading every post here I could find, I scored big($300.) It was just sitting in a garage forever. I’m checking a few big bbq places when Im on the road this weekend, then I’m calling galaxy and kickash places Monday. Thanks!
  3. Newbie here myself, looking for the same thing...mainly the firebasket. I’m gonna call galaxy next week, I suppose
  4. Thanks! I think I got a hold of a good one- as far as condition. I’m gonna try and treat it right and see if I can keep it near perfect. It was pretty much garage kept and barely used. I spoke with the woman who sold it to my buddy. She thinks she has the receipt somewhere and a cover that came with it. I’m thinking of putting that extra coating on the inside, and using a fire basket thing—-just want to make sure I get the right size. We are just wrapping up building a new paver patio- it will be as much decoration as grill I think
  5. Inside looks great. The lines on there seem to be grease or something, don’t seem like cracks. I’ve gotten a little confused reading all the threads- it looks like the original “firebaaket” part is intact here. Should I still invest in the metal basket deal- or would ya’ll say Im ready to roll once its a bit cleaner?
  6. Just looked inside pretty well, I don’t see any cracks. Other than being gentle and keeping the heat under 500, is there any coating that could be put on the inside to protect/improve it’s chances?
  7. Thanks, so it’s a “K7” probably? I’ll post some more detailed pics inside, but I didnt notice a crack or anything. Older woman had it, and she thinks shes only cooked on it 5 -10 times. That seems to be the big issue(tile cracking). Im in the South, we rarely see below freezing temps. So, I’m gonna keep it covered and take care of going high. I’ve got a bunch of other grills, I plan on babying this one.
  8. My buddy cuts grass and a client of his had this in their garage for years. I think I made a very solid purchase for $300(hope so?) I’ve read a bit on here, and I’m assuming this is a late 90’s model(Richard Johnson-right?) There’s no loose tiles, the part on top spins freely, and only one little chip on one tile right by the back hinge. the shocks/springs squeal a bit, but I haven’t started messing with it. it’s about 50” tall no place for gas starter in back(I’ve seen a square on a similar one) the tile is in greaaaat shape. That seems to be the biggest issues Ive read about Thanks for all ya’ll do. This page has been a great resource before I bought it.
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