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  1. Ssssooo... I have a pizza stone like the first one from this pizza stones for grill review and this stone is with me for two years. I've used it only in stove and dont know if it will be ok in the real heat of oven. Need advice here, please! Should I just use mine and don't give any damn till it break or better to get a new one specilly for a new oven?
  2. Thaaaanks. Now I know what I'll try this weekend.
  3. Have to be careful not to scratch the surface -- it'll make things only worse next time. Or get protected one. Then no need to worry.
  4. That's awesom. I feel like adding garlick and pepper, though. And mabe some greenery in finish.
  5. Cheezes! My wife loves cheese like insane and she deffinetly will like it! How long can it be stored? Like a regular blue cheese? Or less?
  6. I'm Daniel from Kansas city and I can say that I'm fan of all kinds of grill food. It began wen my friends presented me and my honey a wedding gift wich was electric indoor searing grill. That was almost four years ago and I've already tried to build my own brick oven but it's still not finished. Found out about Comodo just this September and recently got one for myself. Still getting use to it. Nice to meet all of you!
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