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  1. Thanks guys, I found this and was able to adjust the latch and it works fine now.
  2. Never used this SloRoller. Sells for $299 but will sell it for $199 plus shipping.
  3. The latch on my Classic 3 has recently stopped latching fully without slamming the lid hard. could this be a gasket issue?
  4. Good discussion everyone! I am new to the KJ I will readily admit and enjoy learning from all you veterans!
  5. Good point John. Looking at it, the Dojoe seems to be an accessory that probably just isnt cut out for high heat pizza making as much as just simply using the stone alone inside the dome. Great discussion!
  6. Correct. My point in linking them was merely to point out that the KJ can go past the recommended 700 without the handle melting.
  7. Strange. Even tho against warnings, I have seen videos of guys cooking up to 900 without the handle melting.
  8. Good looking pie there! Did you use the KJ pizza stone?
  9. Success! I used John's dough recipe and spent countless hours on here researching until I reached a state of "analysis paralysis"! Most of the first couple pies were not very good. Until I got to the 5th pizza when I figured out the right size and toppings combo. I did use the 1" black steel iron pipe plugs as spacers between the heat deflectors and the stone. Much of what I learned centered around the liberal use of corn meal on the pizza peel in order to get the dough to slide off into the stone. I will be doing this again for sure!
  10. This is fantastic John! Thank you so much! Going to be a fun pizza making weekend!
  11. Well folks, my son got me a KJ pizza stone for Father's Day and this weekend I plan to cook my very first pizzas on it. Spending time on this forum today as much as I can getting a basic knowledge of tips and techniques will be very fun. Watched John's pizza video for starters which was great! Hoping to post some pics as I go along. Wish me luck and thank you for all the support here!
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