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  1. First, I apologize if this is the wrong category for this question. Backstory... I have the KJ Classic 1. After 6 years or so, my base cracked. KJ sent me a new base. Apparently the specs have changed over time because the new base wouldn't sit down flush in the stand and also the new base was about 3/4" larger in diameter than the existing dome. KJ sent me a new dome, stand and hinge set to fit the new base. World Class customer support !! My problem is, after assembling everything the dome isn't sitting flush all the way around the base. The area at the back where the hinge is located, the two halves have very little if any compression on the gaskets. The bands are level to the base and dome relative to the molded notch in the ceramics. In my mind, to correct this I'd need to loosen the band bolt on the dome and let the back "sit down" then re-tighten but from the looks of it, if I do this the band is going to be up on the ceramic. Anybody out there ever run into this and have any suggestions? Thanks
  2. The Kick Ash Basket and the KJ Soapstone...and am currently trying to get someone to talk me into the iKamand...LOL
  3. Just signed up a few minutes ago. I was asked to come here and introduce myself. So, I'm Greg from south MS. I've had a KJ Classic 5 or 6 years now. So, not new to kamados just the board. Looking forward to learning some new tricks...
  4. These little jewels are on sell thru tomorrow and I'm seriously considering one. I do have a couple questions though. First, my Classic is the older model with the daisy wheel top. I assume the draft door is the same but wanted to confirm there wouldn't be any fit issues. Secondly, since installation requires one to remove the 8mm nuts inside the grill, taking it on and off doesn't seem practical. What does one do if they want to run the grill without the aid of the iKamand? Thanks
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