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  1. I will be sealing it only if it comes out the way I like. I agree pallet wood wouldn't have been my first choice. But so far I have spent no money, which was my ultimate goal here. I already had tools and screws. I'll buy foldable hinges if it comes out pretty decent. In the future I can always take those off and put them on more sturdy wood if I want. I'll update once I have both leafs done.
  2. So during winter I do snow plowing and since there has been only a couple days of actual work I am strapped on money... I started looking at my pallets that I had lying around and looked through my tool box and found some screws and here we are... this is only the first day. I still need to sand, coat, add casters, a bottom shelf and a leaf on each side to turn into an eating table when needed.
  3. Hey everyone so I have a couple baby back ribs in the smokers and I've been wanting to compare the two.. my family likes fall off the bones ribs, so that's what I'll be aiming for. I'll post some comparison and differences between the two along with some pics... I'll let the pit barrel do its thing since its suppose to be a set and forget it smoker. The big joe I'll try to hold temps around 225, and use the 3-2-1 method. I'll post times and pics since I'm sure the pit barrel will be done sooner. Any questions anyone has I'll be more then happy to answer. Happy sunday smoking!!!
  4. Thanks polar that was my concern as well as I noticed the felt style is a lot thinner then the new style... guess I might as well just wait and hope it comes soon. Maybe I'll do a test run at low temps without a gasket and see how well it seals.
  5. So I got my big joe ii a couple weeks ago, and it was a display model. The deflector plates were missing and the gasket was ripped but kamado joe is covering them both under their warranty. Unfortunately they are on back order and they have no eta for either item. I'm getting a bit anxious in smoking something in this, and I have a pizza stone. I was wondering if I could just cover the pizza stone in foil to keep grease off and use as a deflector plate? Does anyone have any experience with this. Also I did get my hands on a felt gasket put it seems like it'll overlap on the felt that's half on the lip. Will I be safe putting the older style felt gasket on or will it ruin the felt that's on there, and is that even a concern I should be worried about? Hope someone has some answers for me.
  6. So I just got my big joe a couple weeks ago but the deflector plates were missing and kamado joe said they are on back order... anyways I couldn't wait so I put in the divider in the fire box and cooked them 2 zones like I would with my weber kettle. Put some prime ribeyes in and the outcome was surprisingly well. I heated the grill up to 600 and seared them... I only had them on for less then a minute but burnt them more then I wanted to. Then put them on the other side and cooked them for about 5 mins. The internal when pulled out was at 145. I actually really enjoyed the crisp on the outside and it was still pretty juicy inside. I'm going to have to tweak a couple things but really looking forward to continuing my winter grill sessions. Next will be a rib comparison with the pit barrel. Btw... I am no photographer so I apologize for the pics. Included a pic of my line up cooks.
  7. Jchag how did you like the vision? I was looking at one of those before I picked up the big joe. Still might snag one. Hey everyone so just an update. Wish I could contribute more but have had some mishaps with kamado joe and was wondering if what I'm about to say is normal. Kamado joe has now twice sent me the wrong gasket for my big joe. First they sent me the mesh one but for the 18" next they sent me the the correct size but the felt gasket not the mesh. Also as for the missing parts they sent an invoice number and when the package arrived only one item was in it when the invoice shows three should be in there... is this normal for kamado joe... I've heard great things about their customer service and they are always more than willing to help over the phone but the parts that arrive seem to be a 50/50 chance of being correct.
  8. All great advice thank you... I'm assuming all this advice is the same regardless of season? Meaning can I do this in the winter months here in chicago? Or will should I start the fire in more than one spot?
  9. So I just received my big joe but unfortunately I'm waiting for parts as I purchased a demo/return model... I'm used to cooking on my pit barrel cooker and gas grill... so controlling temps using the vents may be a little new to me... i had an old weber kettle that leaked like crazy so it was a nightmare to control temps. any suggestions on getting started??? I understand the basics. Vents closed more, means less oxygen resulting in lower temps and vice versa. Any suggestions though on where to start with my temp controls for bottom and top?
  10. I got the grill delivered but unfortunately I'm still waiting for the deflector plates. Kamada joe is also sending a firebox and gasket... I gotta hand it to kamado joe I thought they were gonna give me a hard time for buying a demo model but they took care of me!!! Chris, I'm pretty excited to see how the ribs come out compared to my pit barrel cooker. The pit barrel seems to cook them just fine but my wife loves fall off the bone ribs and unfortunately if they get too tender they will fall off the hook. I have to time them exactly right. Anyways as soon as I get some cooks on it I'll share some pics.
  11. Awesome!!! I'm glad there's a community of people to reach out to. I did contact customer service and they said it would be under warranty as long as i purchased from an authorized dealer. Thanks for putting my mind at ease guys!!! Looking forward to learning alot from this community.
  12. Hey everyone I'm new to kamado grills and have been wanting one for a long time. I've been contemplating on getting a used one since money is tight with the holidays around the corner. Well today I went to a local store to see the different sizes so I could narrow my search. Lo and behold they had a big joe ii display model for 998 down from 1800. It will need a new gasket as it looked torn, and some items were missing but the store placed an order for me for the missing items without charging me. Did I get a pretty good deal or was I just made a schmuck? Thanks in advance for everyones input.
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