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  1. This is my go too Sunday Dinner. 4lb London Broil. 1/4 cup wishtishire sauce 1/4 cup soy sauce 1tsp Salt 1tsp Pepper 1tsp Rosemary 1/4 cup mushrooms 1tbsp corn starch for gravy I take the wet ingredients and put them in the vacuum bag and freeze them solid. Then I season the meat and place it in the bag and seal it all up. Freezing the wet ingredients makes vacuum sealing easier. At this point you can freeze the package for later cooking or put it in the water bath. I cook the package at 133 for 18 hours. Then I drain the juice into a sauce pan and add 1tbsp water mixed with 1tbsp corn starch and bring to a simmer. Place mushrooms from package in the gravy. I then heat my kamado to 600+ and sear the meat on each side over indirect heat for 1 minute. Slice and serve with mashed potatoes and all the fixings.
  2. Someone posted this last week. I gave it a try and it's pretty good. Will add vanilla bean to the cream while it cooks to add more flavor. Tried to toast the sugar using the broiler, will use a torch next time. https://recipes.anovaculinary.com/recipe/print/sous-vide-ultimate-creme-brulee-with-variations
  3. Here is one I did that ended up being Italian beef sandwiches.
  4. The new top showed up within a week. I like the cabinet so far. The little post to put a lock on turned out useful as my 15 month old decided she needed to get inside of the cabinet, but with a little carabiner we keep that from happening.
  5. This type of cooking is the reason I bought a kamado. I had a rack of lamb at a high end restaurant that sous vide the meat then seared it at extreme temps. It was the best lamb I have ever had. I will have to keep an eye out for bone in pork roast. I do the cryo vac smith-field pork tenderloins on a weekly basis. I drop them in the bath in their shipping package frozen at lunch and then sear them when I get home. I'm sure there are better ways, but this is too simple.
  6. From my experience this is true. I cook my roast at 225-250 with a probe in it. I wrap it either in foil or butcher paper when it hits somewhere around 165 and I carry it to around 202. Pretty much the same process I do for my brisket, but with 1/3 the size piece of meat it takes 1/3 the time. Another great method which would take some more tools is to Sous Vide the Chuck roast for 12-18 hours at 133 and then sear it on the grill. This makes for more of a french dip sliced meat, but you could slice it and use it for about any dish.
  7. Ditto, I have had 2 units in the last year. The first units thermistat went bad(refund under warranty) and the second one has been rock solid(chose a different brand). Whatever you get make sure it can be configured and monitored with buttons on the device. Wifi and Bluetooth seem like they would be useful, but in my opinion they are not. This is the one I currently Have. I wouldn't pay less than $50 for one or purchase one with less than 4 stars. Wattage matters (800 watts or more) as that will dictate cycle time and how much mass you can heat at one time. I told some guys at work that Dollar for Dollar the Sous Vide is the best investment I have made to expand my culinary ability.
  8. Alright it has been a few weeks and I have had a blast cooking on the grill. I have decided to add a few items which are on my gift registry for the family to peruse. A charcoal Basket - I have made a makeshift one atm, but would like to have the new one. The Woo Ring - This will be used to hold the wok and also elevate the cooking grate more to the gasket level and the upper cooking level more into the dome. 16.5 inch Pizza Stone - I have a 14 inch stone, but I have been cooking 16 inch pizzas and the edges burn. I am also interested in a cast iron griddle, but I have yet to pull the trigger. I am also interested in the gas insert for the Pro-S, but I have not done enough research to make that level of investement.
  9. I would agree with John both on recommendations and reasoning. I only decided on my particular brand\model because of features I thought I wanted (Vision Pro-s with pro-zone) and it was on sale ($594). I have to admit had the Vision not been on sale the KJ is probably the better value because of the divide and conquer system. I'm looking to spend another $140(on my gift registry also) on the woo ring, only fire charcoal basket, deflector stone, and 16 1/2 inch pizza stone. I tend to buy base model things and accessorize specifically to fit my desires.
  10. Yeah I think thats the purist way to go and a couple years from now will be my preference also, but my time constraints are so that i need to eat within an hour of arriving home while also fulfilling other chores if possible.
  11. Yeah I did a thin crust from papa murphys also an experienced the same thing. My wife didn't like the sauce is the only reason it didn't rank the best.
  12. Howdy Pizza nerds. I have been playing around with take and bake pizzas for a few weeks now and I gotta say for $5 to $10 each I am sold on not buying my favorite Mellow Mushroom Pie at a tune of $23. I have read allot about cooking take and bakes and following directions on the box even when using the Kamado, but I haven't seen much in the way of Reviews of different Take and Bake Pies cooked on the Kamado. So here we go whats your favorite take and bake pies and which ones should you stay away from. So far I have done a Papa Murphys, a Aldi Meat Lovers, and an Aldi Supreme. So far the Aldi Supreme is on the top of my list.
  13. How does the "controller" work? Do you set a temp or just a fan speed?
  14. I just watched the video on this. Its pretty nifty. I bet you can do a real low smoke with it since your pulling the heat instead of pushing it. I bet you could run a gravity feed the same way just put the fan and controller on the exhaust and open the charcoal chute and throw logs in. O no more ways to smoke meat.... Now I need a heat resistant fan adapter for my GF... NOW I GOT IDEAS!
  15. Yeah.... That is a good sales ad. Doesn't really speak to quality though. A better test would be dropping them all down the stairs and seeing which one survived, or do a burn with the same type/amount of coal and see which holds temps longer. Even a tinsel tests on the metal parts would lend itself to quality differentiation. What your truly buying when buying a ceramic cooker is a companies word\longevity. If Vision is in buisness for 50 years from now it doesn't matter if my dome cracks they replace it. Same thing with BGE KJ PRIMO. Your buying the warranty as much as your buying the Kamado. I believe the cooking experience on the "classic" Round kamado's has to be pretty stinking similar thats why product differentiation is so hard. Now with all that said the KJ is tapping the market in a different way with accessories others have not thought about or took the time to produce. Vision has done some innovative things in my opinion with the gas burner insert on the pro series with whispers they are working on a pellet insert. Primo's claim to fame is the oval. So I think they are all good. Just get the best value you can find.
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