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  1. In my experience that part gets ridiculously hot. Firebox on my gravity is north of 700f when I'm running as low as 220. That's why I would want to see a very stout firebox or else you will burn it out/warp it. Pellets run a more direct fire in a replaceable fire bowl. The firebox and shute of a gravity feed dont need to be replaceable in my opinion. Here is a picture of my firebox and shute. The firebox is closer to 3/4 on mine as I found a drop to make it.
  2. I think it could be done. The most expensive part is the shute and firebox. That needs to be made of 1/4 minimum. The rest of it can be made of sheet metal.
  3. I posted it on my FB. Your right about difficulty to get donations. Have you sent it to your local tv and radio stations? They might be wiling to put it out there. Always looking for good news to share especially in this climate.
  4. It's great when parents and community support these types of efforts. The kid can have my lunch money for the day. Thanks for sharing John.
  5. I bought a Vision Pro-S from home Depot. I really like it. Most of what I read about the Akorn is if you like it you will eventually want something ceramic. I went with vision because Home Depot had free shipping and I liked the "pro zone". I have not done anything low and slow because I have a gravity feed stumps clone for those cooks. I would encourage you to go ceramic with a lifetime warranty. Brand doesn't matter that much in my opinion, accessories are a must if you want the complete versatility. I have had a few issues with my Vision and customer service has taken care of all of them with very little questions. The vision HD is on sale for $499 it doesn't come with everything the Pro-S has, but its your standard Kamado design. The Akorn is $295. I'm the kind of person I like to purchase once and because of that I spend a little more to make sure I do not have any buyers remorse. I got my Pro-S for $594. The Kamado Joe Classic is $699. I think they are all good. The Akorn will eventually rust and wont hold temps as well as a ceramic, but once you learn how to cook on it you would probably not care. So all that said I think the decision to move into a Kamado is a good one. The next decision should be focused on your budget and making sure you get the best Kamado you can for the lowest price. That means start looking for deals/sales. I can recommend anything from Vision Grills as customer support has been great so far and that is important to me.
  6. yeah. that link pretty much sums up not much. The break rotor is made from mild steel and it definitely isnt coated with zinc. It had a good coat of rust before I went improvising so I am not worried about chemicals. I do get the careful what you eat, but the probability/chance of it making anyone sick is allot less than any of the other parts which were manufactured and shipped from china. Again not eating directly off of it, and any residue is long gone after the dishwasher and the first heating. To further clarify I will be replacing it with another setup as the rotor absorbs too much of the heat and acts as a deflector which is the opposite of what you want with a wok.
  7. I washed it thoroughly and put it through a cycle in the dishwasher. I wouldn't eat anything cooked directly on it, but I don't think it has the possibility of transferring anything to the wok or cook that would be considered harmful.
  8. Yeah they said if it has another crack they will replace it.
  9. Got the new thermometer in. Will install it before next cook.
  10. Here is a picture. The inside storage is a little too narrow for the main cooking grate, but everything else fits.
  11. Here is a section from Turkey 101 They are usually water chilled prior to freezing and they have also been injected with a solution that contains some amount of salts and sugars. These birds are not brined. Your packaging will contain a statement that says something like “contains up to 10% of a solution of water, salt, and spices to enhance tenderness and juiciness…” The 10% number on this label simply means that if you bought a 10 pound bird, you actually bought a 9 pound bird that has about a pound of fluid injected into it. The 10% does not reflect the amount of salt or other ingredients in that solution. you can find the thread here.
  12. I would strongly encourage Brining. I am using this Brine and have used it or a variation in the past with great success. If you dont have all the ingredients just use what you have. Brining is a great way to preserve moisture and introduce flavor especially aromatics which enhance flavor. As far as rub goes I tend to stay away from that on turkey as it can be somewhat over powering. Instead I do a garlic and rosemary butter under the skin, again this lends itself to keeping the meat moist and adds aromatics. I smoke my turkey at 275 indirect heat with as clean a smoke as I can produce and it takes about 20-30 minutes a pound with a bone in bird. If your rolling boneless probably cut that to 15-20 minutes a pound. Meat probe is your best friend. I pull at around 160, wrap in foil, and place in a cooler till serving. The temp will come up over 165-168 in the cooler. I do inject sometimes with my herb butter compound. This year I plan on pulling the turkey out of the foil and putting it on the kamado at 500-600 on the top rack to crisp the skin. I would do your fried turkey the way you usually do it with the rub etc and do the breast the way I just described. That would give you a huge contrast in styles and flavors. Variety is the spice of life.
  13. So I am going to do a brined bird whole at 275. It will take 4-5 hours to cook a 14lb turkey at that temp. I will put a pan underneath it but with a 3 inch gap. I will use two probes 1 in breast and 1 in thigh. The breast will be tented with triangular shaped piece of tin to keep direct heat off of it for at least the first 1.5 hours. I will be trying to raise the dark meat above the white meat 8 to 12 degrees. When that happens or towards the end of the cook 2-3 hours I will remove the breast shield and continue to cook. To increase fat content and add flavor the skin under the thighs and breast will be stuffed with an herb butter. If all goes as planned there will be drippings, but no gravy will be wanted or needed for the bird. I will have a gravy only for tradition purposes and possibly stuffing. My recommendation is focus on keeping the turkey moist and flavorful and forget about catching drippings. Deflecting the heat is what the pan is for. The whole drippings for gravy is like going to war only to cherish the scars.
  14. If your comfortable cutting the turkey up I would sous vide first and then sear it. Overall product would be better from my experience.
  15. I have had true tell thermometers in the weather for 4 years with no moisture penetration. I know it's not apples to apples but I haven't really had any rain in the last week.
  16. Pretty copy paste response about my issues. They are sending me a new thermometer, pretty much wait and see on everything else: We are processing your order now for a repalcement thermometer and it should arrive within the next 3-5 business days. If you ever have any more questions about your order status, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll do our best to provide you with information. If you contacted us first about the prozone issue, we would have responded and said: “This is not an uncommon issue since the grill is brand new. We do suggest that you grill on the grill a few weeks to allow creosote/flavor to build up, that will act as a sealant for your grill. It usually takes about 5-6 uses before the creosote is built and these 5-6 uses will get you closer to mastering the Kamado in your environment (weather, climate, temperature, wind flow all play a factor in keeping steady temperatures). Once you have used the grill a few weeks, you will see how easy it becomes to control and hold temperatures and perfect smoking in a Kamado. If the issue still persists please let us know. Remember the top vent plays a big role in regulating temperatures, and putting out fuel. So until the grill is seasoned, you do not have to fill the fire bowl all the way up, maybe just halfway, a little below the air holes (you can always add more if necessary). Otherwise, it may take longer extinguish heat (may burn too much fuel). Again, you truly know when the grill is ready for low and slow cooks once the top vent and fire bowl gets a lot of flavor build up (creosote). Additionally, when you are trying to smoke ( low and slow ), are you using the electric starter? If so, don’t. I use the electric starter when grilling, because it heats all the coals at the bottom, at once, to about 300 degrees or more. Once the coals reach that temperature it is hard to bring the temp back down to smoking temperatures. Instead, I use paraffin cubes or you can use any fire starter that you would light in your hand and set on top of the coals. This way you only heat a few coals at once. It may take a little longer for the temperature to get up to 225-250 but once it gets close, close all the vents and it will hold and maintain that temp for a while, if/when it starts to go down you can start to open the vents a little to allow some airflow. If it starts to get even close to 250-275 close all the vents again. Now if the issue still persists after the above instructions, please see if you have any obvious gaps in the grill (starter door or ash drawer) and send it to us via email so we can fully assess the damages and determine a solution." We will send a repalcement gasket if an issue comes up in the future that requires a replacement gasket, assuming you are still within the warranty time frame, at that time. Lastly, for the fire bowl: Thank you for the photos! The good news is that a crack like this is not an uncommon occurrence with a ceramic grill. As you know, the purpose of the Fire Bowl is to hold fuel (charcoal); if it ever fails to do so, it will be replaced. It is our experience that cracks like this rarely develop into a broken fire bowl. To reiterate, if the Fire Bowl ever cracks in half, we will replace it. Additionally, we encourage you to not remove the Fire Bowl to clean it. Instead, we recommend leaving it in place within the grill when cleaning. An ash rake or shop vac works very well to clean out the ash. If you are looking for an ash rake suggestion, we actually sell this item here: http://www.visiongrills.com/product/ash-pan-and-rake/ . I will keep your photos on file, though, should there be any issues in the future. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.
  17. Yeah I attempted a little different setup and found it not adequate either. I am stuck between fabricating a bracket and buying one. Its pretty simple design so bending some rebar and welding on some legs is almost too easy. Half hour of my life or $15..... The constant debate I have.
  18. I have a confirmation email from Keeter that I should receive my replacement top withing 5-7 business days.
  19. I contacted them about all 3 issues. I replied to an email thread that they sent me about my broken shelf so hopefully someone on the other side responds.
  20. Got it together last night. I am pretty satisfied for a piece of plastic furniture. It has metal reinforcement on the horizontal pieces and bolts and screws to make sure everything is held together nice and tight. The directions weren't tremendous, but I figured it out. Only thing I had bad to say was the top had a pretty good dent in one of the sides. I contacted the company and it sounds like I am getting a new top shipped to the house. Considering the stainless top is probably the most expensive thing on the table I am pretty satisfied at this price point. I have yet to put anything inside of it as it was late and I had to put a couple butts on the gravity feed, but I will post some pictures of that when I get a chance.
  21. Decided to felt gasket the prozone in an attempt to save charcoal.
  22. So I got a cloudy thermometer. That's not encouraging.
  23. Looking for a way to setup my wok. I kinda rigged it for my first cook but it deflected too much heat from the center.
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