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  1. I bought one of these February 10, 2019 for $269. It is a beast and it sucks all the air out and seals the bag with a very wide strip. It does take some practice to get the settings where you want them. For instance you can seal a regular ziploc freezer bag (i just wanted to see if I could use them)with this thing or you can use the plethora of thickness vacuum bags, but its all in the settings. I personally love it when I buy in bulk and start putting things up in the freezer, but it is a pain in the butt to get out to make one bag for say sous vide. What I end up using it most for is a bulk buy of chicken or pork which I then go ahead and make sous vide freezer bags with the protein and all the seasonings. That way when I want chicken I pull it out of the freezer and put it in the water bath frozen and add an hour or so to the cook. I then reverse sear it on a flat top and it comes out amazingly good for little effort. I would highly recommend it to anyone who vacuum seals on a regular basis and wants a professional grade that won't burn out or leave you wanting for more. I have never had a failed seal like I have with the walmart brands, but those have their place as well.
  2. I have had a heater Meter for a couple years now. I use it mainly on my gravity feed, but also use it for oven cooking to get meat temps. I can say hands down its the best bang for the buck. It has a little learning curve from a technology stand point, but once past that you have a hell of a capable device that can do things nothing off the shelf can.
  3. So I pulled the trigger on a Vision S-Series after going to a Kamado demo. I got the grill, electric starter, and the deflector stone. My want for this grill is to do hot and fast, searing, reverse searing, and pizza. So any discussion related to that would be greatly welcomed. I am still in the market for accessories so if you got something I gotta have lemme know that too. Let the fun begin!
  4. I recently posted on another forum about a new purchase of a Vision S-Series and got a PM to this forum. I took it as a kind way of saying get on over there and talk to those guys. I also have a reverse flow Lang style smoker and a Gravity Feed Stumps clone. Both of which I fabricated. After a demo of a BGE I decided I needed something to go super hot for searing sous vide, and cooking pizzas, and to basically have another way to skin all these cats that keep showing up. Attaching pics of my other grills the S-Series hasn't arrived yet.
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