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  1. Hi, New to the forum. I am looking to purchase a kamado after years of occasional having to fix my GMG (great customer service btw). The slow and sear deluxe kamado has really caught my attention. It seems to be the perfect size with a ton of included accessories. My only concern is that will the location of the slow n sear cause premature failure of the main body of the ceramic? I thought the purpose of the firebox on a traditional kamado was to provide air to the charcoal and keep the heat off the main body of the ceramic? Act as a sacrificial lamb in you will. Anyways, would be interested to hear from any gurus. Pricing in Canada is a little different than in the USA. I have three options coming in around the same price point: 1. KJ Classic 3 2. Slow N Sear Deluxe Kamado 3. Primo Round + Weber Kettle + Slow N Sear 2.0 + Accessories + Money for a brisket. Thanks, Fred
  2. I've been lurking this site over the last month. My interest in Kamado cooking sparked by my third control board replacement on my GMG pellet grill in five years. I have a background in food safety so hopefully I can add some value to others posts or answer questions. Fred
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