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  1. All, I've had multiple smokes under my belt now on my Kamado Classic, and the issue i'm experiencing is always the same. I'll have the kamado sitting at 230 for up to 6 hours, and then it will slowly begin to creep up. My current smoke was at 230 from around 9am until around 5pm. After that, it has slowly crept up into the 240s and now in the 250s. Is there a way to fight this without adjusting the vents, or is it just a necessary side-effect of going standard and not using an electronic system?
  2. I just got the notice that open lid detection should be available soon on the signals.
  3. Hi All! just jumped on the Walmart deal for the Kamado joe Classic 18” ($599). Was looking for deals on the II or III but $600 was a steal so I went with it. Looking for for recommendations on a few key accessories... what do you recommend right off the bat for simplifying long low and slow cooks? ill also be adding the pizza oven and probably the rotisserie. Also need lump recommendations but have been reading the comparison thread so feel I’m fairly well versed. What smoke wood do you recommend? And finally, what’s the first cook I should do? Wife isn’t a pork fan so I’m thinking a brisket or similar...
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