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  1. Could you explain how you start your fire slowly? Did I use too much hardwood possibly? I am using Royal Oak hardwood chunks of different sizes. Maybe I used too much which led to the temperature getting so hot? I almost learned the lesson of opening the grill too fast in a very hard way. The flames shot up pretty fast. Will open slower next time. Honestly, the way the flames came out the bottom and then shot up high when I opened the top somewhat gives me pause about using it again. Maybe too much downside risk for me to use. Anyway, thank you for the replies.
  2. I recently purchased a chargriller akorn jr. The fire for the seasoning of the grates went fine. But when I tried to use the grill for the first time the heat got up to 600 degrees so in order to reduce temp I closed the vents. Fire started coming out of the bottom of the akorn jr. and the bottom of the akorn jr. got completely charred. Due to the flames I was not able to cook anything. Aside from a charred outside bottom the grill looks to be in good shape, no other damage. My question is what went wrong? what did i do wrong to cause the flames? I am reluctant to use the grill again but I have the hardwood, I can't return the grill so I am considering giving it another try? Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated.
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