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  1. thanks for sharing. I don't give up or upset, on the contrast I found the root cause. My solution will be, to the 1st pizza wait for the a bit time for the stone temp raise up. To the last 2 pizza I will cook in half time then place a metal pan between pizza and stone to stop cooking the base.
  2. I have an Akorn. I cook pizza like other people. Place deflector on the grill grate, put stone on top of it and make sure there is around 1-2 cm gap between them. I am still new in cooking pizza. After 6 times tries, I want to share some idea. 1. The temp is between 300-350°C is all right. When someone say, the best temp is 300, whereas the other says 350. They may not consider the stone temp. See below. 2. If you just cook one pizza, that's fine. Tonight I cook 4 pizzas for my family. I see a problem, when I cook the first pizza, the kamado reaches 300°C, in theory, it is a good temp to cook, but the base is white, the second is perfect, the base is lightly smoke, the third one is terrible, the base is burned. The fourth one I close both vents, it still in between 300-350. the base still burns, but not as heavier as the third one. Because the stone's temp doesn't climb as fast as kamado's temp, the base cooking is faster than the topping cooking, that's why the first base is undercook and the last 2 are overcook. I make a dough with 500 grams flour and split into 4 pizzas. I cook them one by one. To next time when kamado reaches 300°C I will wait a couple of minutes until the stone temp goes up. For the rest of the pizza, I may check the base during the cooking, once the base looks perfect but the top doesn't, I will place something flat like cast iron crepe pan in between stone and pizza until the pizza fully cooked. Does anyone cook more than 1 pizza and have the same problem? What's your solution?
  3. I planned to buy Akron kamado. I just wonder how do you guys clean the back of grill grate? Or just clean the top only?
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