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  1. Prime Rib looks unbelievable. I tried searching for that recipe and can't find it. Any idea where I could find it? Thanks.
  2. WOW! Why didn't I think of this...definitely going to try this!
  3. That's a new way to cook them to me but now I must try. Finished product looks perfect!
  4. Wow nice job! Those longer "plate rib" style beef ribs seem to be hard to come by up here in the northeast. Even when going directly to a few local butchers they tend to not know what I'm talking about when I ask for them to be longer cut and not the usual 2-4 inches in length that I typically find.
  5. The rub was a little sweeter than I was hoping for but not too bad. Next time I might throw something with a little bit of a kick on it it too.
  6. I finally tried pulled beef! I've done several pork butts before but this was a first for the pulled beef. I saw several recipes on this site and others. Started with a fresh chuck roast. Covered in Stubbs Beef Rub. Through on the KJ at 225F with a couple oak chunks. Let it ride for a few hours. After I hit 150F, I put it in a roasting pan with some beef stock, onions and green peppers. Let it ride for another hour or two at about 225F. Because I started later than I had anticipated for the day, I was worried about finishing in time for dinner, so after an hour or so in the pan I covered the top with foil to speed it up and punched up the coals to about 350F. I took it off when I was reading 205F and it probed excellent. After letting it rest for about 20 minutes, I pulled it and then poured some of the beef stock on top. Picked up some fresh onion rolls and through them on the grill to warm them for a few minutes. Topped the sandwich with some of the peppers as well as some munster cheese. Most of the posts I've read had said to use a horseradish mayo but I couldn't find one at the grocery store so I used a garlic aioli mayo instead. I did have a bunch of leftovers for the freezer and I think when I decide to warm them up, I'll make my own horseradish mayo and use that rather than the garlic aioli. All in all it wasn't bad and most of all the better half definitely loved it. I was careful when pulling it to try and keep some of the leftover fatty pieces out but I did get some on accident. The beef was very clean of any excess fat before putting it on the KJ. My question is...is this suppose to have some fatty pieces in it after cooking? Or did I cause this because I veered away from the 225F that I had started at to be able to finish in time, causing it to not break down all the fat like normal on a pork butt? Thanks for all the tips from everyone and for allowing me to always read your stories and expand my smoking library!
  7. That's a beautiful looking meal right there! Did you sauce before cooking? or just put them back on after saucing to crisp up one last time?
  8. Hi All! Looks like the weather in northeast PA is starting to break for the fall. No more scorching days. Was a high today of mid 70's with a very slight breeze. Beautiful day for a long low and slow. The local market had St. Louis style ribs on sale so grabbed a rack. A quick mustard lather then seasoned with BB Butt Rub and DP Spicy Dizzy Dust. Fired up the KJ to about 225F with a full barrel of KJ Big Block. This stuff is my "go-to"! I can't always find it so when I do, I usually buy 5-10 bags just to be safe, its always huge pieces. Through a couple chunks of mesquite in because I was out of apple. Ran straight through for 4 1/2 hours without opening. After that I opened and basted with Stubs BBQ sauce once every half hour until I reached 6 hours. They came out delicious. Not as meaty as the usual baby backs but I trimmed up before and all the extra fat rendered nicely. Paired it with a fresh Red Lobster biscuit that my daughter baked all by herself! Would definitely do these two dry rubs together again. Thanks for looking!
  9. Yes definitely no problem. I started cooking overnight a little while ago and now its my preferred method for longer cooks. Start with a full firebox and let the temp settle at your desired temp for at least an hour before putting meat on. After I throw on the meat I usually wait up for another hour to make sure everything stays stabilized at the desired temp then off to bed. After 12+ hour cooks of 225F, I'm still left with plenty of lump. Nothing beats the smell of fresh BBQ in the morning. Good luck!
  10. sounds like your going to be busier than a one armed paper hanger with jock itch..LOL!
  11. Congrats! I love this accessory. I was always a fan of spatchcocking a chicken but this definitely is much better in my option! I've done a few now and they're always terrific. I'd like to try something else very soon. If you just search JoeTisserie on the site, there is a ton of posts of other different meats to put over the fire. Enjoy!
  12. Hi all! I ran another chicken through the JoeTisserie last night. I used a dry jerk rub this time with a splash of olive oil and once again this comes out delicious. Never thought a chicken could be this moist. The wife and I ate about half of it and then pulled the rest to make some buffalo wraps another night. I've always ran with the dome closed but I saw John's video on running open. Does anyone else run with the dome open? I imagine it would be much harder to control temps? I usually just get up and running around 375-400 and let her spin for about an hour and then all done but I notice when I do open the dome for an extended period of time I get a lot of flare up fires underneath. Thanks and don't judge the trussing of the chicken...I usually just go with wherever the twine leads me. Lol.
  13. Hi John couple quick questions...Any time I use the JOEtisserie I always put the bird directly over the coals with the lid closed and don't use a divider. This tends to cause a decent amount smoke because of the drippings going directly onto the fire but I always have a great crispy skin without over cooking the meat. Do you have any issues with controlling the temps if your cooking the entire time with the lid open? Also do you see any benefits to using the firebox slitter rather than a full basket of coals directly under the bird? Thanks again for all the tips!
  14. When doing a low and slow cook I usually start a very small fire and take about 30 minutes to get to temp then I let it stabalize and heat soak the ceramic for at least another half hour. This is so when I put on a larger piece of meat it doesn't drop the temp as much in the beginning. I read on this site that if cooking with higher temps then heat soaking the ceramic isn't as important so If I'm cooking 350F and above then I'll start a couple fires and open the vents up and be at temp with thin blue smoke within 25 minutes - 30 minutes then put the meat.
  15. That's been on my list for awhile but still haven't' got to it. It looks absolutely amazing!
  16. Congrats on the purchase! Great looking bird!
  17. My love for the joetisserie continues. This was an 8lb bird which sat in fridge uncovered for about 3 hours before cook. Just a simple coating of Seasonest Lemon Fire and then on the pole she goes! Roasted straight over the coals, no drip pan, at about 365F for about an hour then bumped to 400F for the last 20-30. We got pet chickens a few months ago and now my 11 year old daughter is going through the "horrible to eat a chicken" phase, however, she still enjoys chicken nuggets and chicken fries....wife was working late so just me eating which meant that it was plated with no veggies or potatoes, just meat with a side of beer!
  18. Took about 12 hours to get to 200F. And yes I know I shouldn’t have opened so many times but the flavors in the air plus all day beers make it very hard lol.
  19. My two greats, wife and daughter, surprised me with a Joetisserie for Fathers Day. Figured when’s a better time to break it in than now??? Got a 8lb bird and put in the fridge uncovered for a few hours to stiffen up the skin. Seasoned it with Dizzy Pig Jamaican Firewalk. Ran for about one hour 15 minutes at around 400F and went to play for cornhole with the neighbors. I didn’t put a pan underneath because I figured that defeats the purpose of cooking direct over coals plus I had a couple sweet potatoes wrapped up sitting on the coals. I did check it about 40 minutes into the cook and it stopped spinning. Apparently I didn’t have the claws tight enough to the chicken to account for shrinkage. It continued to spin but the claw wasn’t holding the bird anymore. Quickly fixed it and didn’t have any other issues. I have spatchcocked birds many many times and I swear it’s the greatest until now. This was the juiciest fall off the bone chicken I have ever cooked. I let it sit under foil for about 25 minutes until I pulled it apart. I grabbed some fresh Romain from the garden and then mixed the chicken with Franks Red hot and some shredded cheese. I spread some ranch dressing on wraps then lined with the fresh lettuce and filled up with the spicy chicken. It practically melted in my mouth. I can’t wait to try this again! Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there!
  20. The castors are very strong and should hold. I currently have mine on a slight slope and have never had an issue but if your keeping it there permanently then I would just put a brick behind each of the back wheels. Similar situation to if your parking a camper.
  21. Awesome looking wings. They look delicious and crispy!
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