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  1. Hi there, I know it's been a while since you posted this but hoping you might remember details. I bought a used Big Joe I that already had the retrofit hing on it and, sure enough, there is a gap in the back being cause by the hing (I can press down on the back of the dome and eliminate part of the gap). Question for you when you say "release the holding nut on the bottom of the threaded rod", are you referring to the threaded rod with the nut on it to adjust hinge tension? I only see one nut on it (the one I use to adjust tension to prevent the dome from dropping). Looking forward to trying your approach - have loosened bands and fiddled with hinge tension and have had minimal luck fixing the gap in the back (and the "overbite"). Just replaced the gaskets today hoping that will also help. Thanks for sharing this
  2. UPDATE - upon closer examination the gap in the back of the Big Joe showed clear daylight through to the other side of the lid. After exchanging a number of emails with KJ support, I ended up doing the following with some amount of success: - adjusted the hinge spring tension (new retro-fit hinge). Made it as loose as the retaining nut would allow - loosened the bands / adjusted the bands - the dome simply would not "drop into place" like KJ support suggested so, pushed the back of the dome down improving the gap noticeably - with the original gap I could slide a piece of paper between the lid and the bowl with the lid closed. after adjustment, I could no longer just insert paper. Opening lid and placing paper - the paper can still slide around but with a little bit of resistance - tightened bands - ran a dry run for temp control and shutdown. worked pretty well - could maintain 240 degrees without any noticeable loss of temp control. shutdown progressed with a drop of about 3 degrees every 10 minutes - adjusted the hinge spring so the lid would not fall down - paper test showed less resistance and could again insert paper in the gap with lid closed (but not as easily as before adjustments) - ran another dry run. temp control again seemed OK could - fire got a bit hotter than first dry run (because I lost track of time) but I could maintain 280 degrees and was able to bring temp down with vent adjustments. shutdown test is a bit slower than 3 degrees / 10 minutes but continues to shutdown and is now lower than 150 degrees. I think it'll shutdown OK which should fix the problem of all my lump being used up on every cook. I am hopeful I should have better luck with temp control and shutdown on my next cook. During all this process, I noticed the gaskets (felt) look pretty slick So, I've gone ahead and ordered a replacement gasket and will also try that to get a better seal but hopes are high. Thanks to all who responded to my original post. Will post again after my next cook. Will try to remember to get pictures during that cook.
  3. Hi Lee, Did you have any luck with this? I just bought a 2nd hand Big Joe II which already had the new hinge on it and it has a sizeable gap in the back. After a lot of loosening/adjusting bands, I've decided the hinge is causing the gap. Currently in email conversation with KJ support but it sounds like they want me to replace the hinge (not yet knowing I already have the new hinge design). Also, does your KJ have a latch? KJ support told me the new mesh gasket won't work on KJs without a latch. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the input - I may give this a try after dark as there isn't any good way for me to get the KJ indoors.
  5. Good input on the heat soak. I've not seen a lot of folks saying they waited that long to put on meat but I guess we all live in different weather conditions. I'll keep the idea of a heat soak in mind going forward.
  6. Adding some pictures. 1 - drawing of results of the "dollar bill test". Where the drawing says "gap/space" - the dollar bill slides freely in and out. Looks/feels like about 1/32" gap (can somewhat see it in the smoke test picture - right side of the grill) 2 - picture of left back side of grill with smoke leak 3- close up of right back side of grill with smoke leak (smoke is there but not as obvious - it's a windy day here in OK and getting a good pic was difficult)
  7. Thanks for all the replies. All the input makes sense and I'll be able to apply to future cooks. With that said, I'm pretty sure I have some sort of leak affecting this Big Joe II. I bought it used and suspect the move from Ga to OK may have jiggled the bands or caused some kind of lid alignment issue (in fact, I had to adjust the lid tension so it would stay up shortly after I arrived in OK). I did a dollar bill test and found the lid is tight in the front around the handle, loose around the sides and there are significant gaps in the back. The dollar bill test supports 3 things I've noticed: - all 3 of my cooks have resulted in the all the remaining lump burning up after the cook - I have seen noticeable smoke coming out of the back of the smoker during a cook (mostly on the left side) - Even when shut down completely (top and bottom vents completely closed), the grill stays at about 240 degrees for hours (all be it across a total of 3 cooks) My hope was to get input from anyone who has had to deal with what appears to be a misaligned lid and get practical input on if / how you handled the alignment. Again, thanks for all the input, as a newbie to smoking I know I still have a lot to learn from those of you with so many cooks under your belt.
  8. Actually - to maintain even a temp of 240 degrees, I completely CLOSED the top vent. For my dry run, I opened the vent about 1/16th of an inch.
  9. Understand your input and agree. I've done a couple of shorter cooks without the FB and have a feel for temp control. I've done more research and definitely have space at the back of the lid (dollar bill test).
  10. Hi all, I just did my first long cook on my Big Joe II today (7.5 pound pork butt). This was also my first cook with a Flame Boss 500. Thanks to some great discussions on this and other forums, I feel like I had a leg up on what to do. So far, the cook seems to have gone well - the pork is resting in a cooler right now but proved nice and tender before putting it in to rest and had a nice looking bark on it. I did a slow cook (target 225 but I ended up cooking hotter than that - more on that below). The cook about 9 hours to get to 195 degrees IT. At 165 degrees, I put the butt in a pan and covered with foil - will try without foiling next time just for comparison purposes. Other than some temp control issues, the cook seems to have been a success. The good - the cook time was about what I expected even with a momentary stall at just over 150 degrees. The bark and tenderness appear to be good - taste test coming soon. Also good, during the previous night's dry run the Flame Boss kept the Big Joe right on 225 - no quite so good during the actual cook. The bad - during the cook, the Big Joe kept creeping temp up even with the FB500 fan not operating at all. I finally took the fan out and completely closed the cooker to get a cool down but I never got back down to 225 over a period of more than 6 hours. I've seen a bit of smoke escaping at the left rear of the cooker and sure enough a paper test after the cook shows that area to be pretty loose. This might explain why my lump charcoal was all burned up after my first 2 cooks - I think the leak is enough to prevent the cooker from completely shutting down. Questions - I've read all kinds of varying opinions on adjusting the bands. Based on what I've described, I'm wondering what the KJ community thinks is my best first step. I'm assuming I either have a mis-aligned lid/band and/or need a replacement gasket. Any input appreciated and THANKS for all the great content on this forum. It really made my cook a lot easier. BG
  11. Hi, I'm new to Kamado Joe - just bought a used Big Joe II from a family member and received a bag of B&B Lump Charcoal from another family member for Christmas. Looking for other members input / experience with B&B. Looking forward to seeing how the Joe works for me and exchanging experiences here. Thanks
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