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  1. Hi, Inarngr, we call it Scotch fillet, but I think you know it as rib eye, off the bone. Coated with ‘Kansas City ‘ rub, over Argentinian charcoal (I think I can find better, though). Plated...... sorry, the crowd was too impatient! Those fires are tragic, and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of them. The public response is quite confusing, grief being expressed in terms of anger at our politicians, driven by a media who might otherwise be a little quiet at this time of year, and hungry for attention and advertising; and at least now a very generous opening of the communities wallets with outstandingly generous contributions from locally and abroad, including many American entertainment celebrities...... thank you.
  2. First go on the spinner in my new BJ 2. Was a treat! I appreciate the welcome and support, and look forward to posting some cooks as well!! IMG_4524.MOV
  3. I’ve grilled on gas for years, dabbled in kettles for years, but only done reasonably proper bbq-ing for the last 2 years, on a 22 inch bullet, til 2 months ago, when I was indulged with a Big Joe. The ceramic Kamado has been a dream since I saw the BGE exhibited in the UK at the Chelsea Flower Show about 10 years ago. Kamado Joe has an edge in the retail market locally, and current features probably just pipping out the BGE. Added the Big Jotisserie to the repertoire yesterday, looking forward to a first cook with it soon, having been honing skills on a Weber kettle and Weber GA both with extensions and rotisserie kits over the last 10 months. I’ve noticed this group to be offering really consistent practical advice, so hope I can continue to learn from the experienced contributors....
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