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  1. I HATE anything made in China. I really want to buy a Primo grill but they are so small compared to a Big Joe III. Will they ever make a larger grill?
  2. I want a KK, I really do but I just can’t justify the cost difference vs a new 24” Kamado Big Joe 3.
  3. Thoughts on this being a scam??? If it sounds too good to be true.....it probably is. Thoughts???
  4. Thank you! I appreciate the photo. That's an interesting design. I will definately post photos of my final product.
  5. I plan on buying two Blaze Kamados and having a custom pave/rock island built. Can someone post some photos of custom built islands with 2 kamados (brand of kamado doesn't matter). Thanks!
  6. Same problem on the shelves. Vision is clueless about this kind of thing.
  7. I’m thinking of buying 2 Blaze Kamados and having a built-in design for both Blaze kamados. Built-in will be made of decorative pavers/rock. -Some photo’s of dual kamado built-ins (any brand) would be appreciated. -Also, how can the Blaze kamados be secured so they don’t “walk away.” Thanks in advance!
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