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  1. Thank you all! I’ll test with another chicken in a couple of weeks and report back!
  2. I love using the Joetisserie, specially to do my rotisserie chickens. Every time I tried to use it with the lid opened, I have constant charcoals flare ups like in the video and I worry that they will burn the chicken skin too fast. I was wondering how you avoid this? IMG_4154.MOV
  3. I love my temp controller. When cooking my brisket for 15 hours it was a game changer. I went outside maybe 3-4 times in the entire cook. The curious me tried to use it for quick cooks, meaning steak grilling or doing a rotisserie chicken but the setup and cables around the grill make the cooking process too cumbersome.
  4. i just bought a JOEtisserie on sale at Atlanta Grill a couple of weeks ago and saw this basket as an accessory to it: https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/napoleon-gas-grill-round-rotisserie-stainless-steel-grill-basket Based on the image, they seem to have a similar function.
  5. I cooked a rotisserie chicken on Friday and went well. I kept the grill at 400 degrees and kept brushing the chicken with a sauce every ~5 minutes. One of the things I would like to improve is to actually have a more garlic and onion flavor in the chicken. Probably I’ll let it marinate 1 day in advance next time. IMG_4078.MOV
  6. Thank you so much for all your answers. I ended using this connector and it seems it will hold pretty well.
  7. Thank you - I want to use the temp controller to regulate the fan on the grill so I don’t worry about having to check on the vents. What do you use to clip the ambiental probe to the dome thermoter. I have the grill clip and I was wondering if folks use a different one?
  8. Hello! I have a fireboard and got the Joetiserry accesory and I plan to do my first roasted chicken tomorrow Since I wont be able to use the divide and conquer system and I won’t have grates where to place the ambient sensor, I was wondering where you have place them on this scenario? I have no issues coming controlling the vents manually, I just want to save the walk back and forth to check temperature.
  9. Oh wow - thank you for the tip about using the dryer ends for tacos!!
  10. Wow - they look awesome. Do you have handy the link to John’s video?
  11. My Kamado Joe II is 3 months old and the paint on the tower top vent after crack and peeled and I was wondering if there are any others grill owners with the same problem nowadays. I'll reach out to customer support, but I'm curious if others have experienced the same issue.
  12. I did my third brisket and turn out okay Context It was a 3 pounds flat cut. I used it AP Mojo to season it and used: - 2 pieces (half fist size) of pecan wood - 2 pieces (half fist size) of mesquite wood I added an aluminum pan to catch the grease but also added water on it and setup the grill to 240 degrees initially and then increased it to 250 degress. Outcome The cook took almost 15 hours. The flavor on the meat was strong and spicy (probably because the mesquite wood). In the center the meat was moist and tender. On th
  13. I've got my Kamado Joe almost three months ago and I've been slowly learning how to use it. @John Setzler "The Kamado Book of Knowledge" has been incredibly helpful to learn the different techniques and do my first recipes on the grill. I've done steaks, hamburgers, ribs and my first brisket already. I'm in love with this grill. Thank you for sharing so much knowledge! I've already learn a lot from you and I'm excited to have joined the community.
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