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  1. Thx for the welcome, we luckily out of the fire zones
  2. The store is delivering everything to father so cannot start before. Thx for the link, I’m considering hiring an engine hoist in case my mates cannot help, but this might be a good alternative
  3. Downunder we have Ziegler& Brown who makes these handy clip on handle type lights which works well for $35
  4. That boning knife looks awesome , I still gotta get me a set of good knives, so thx for sharing what you use
  5. Thx everyone for the warm welcome, cannot wait to cook... wil be watching everyone else’s until then
  6. Hi Everyone, newbie in Melbourne Australia... I watched all of John Setzler’s Youtubes on Kamado Joes & got inspired to want to taste those bad boy cooks. so I trolled the websites & finally ordered the Big Joe on Boxing Day from Barbecues Galore 20% off yeeehaaa . but... apparently there’s an issue that the trolleys come seperately, I have to wait until Feb before I can have my first cook. So in the meantime I’m reading Smoking & grill books & trying to figure out how the hell im going to pickup 113kg of ceramic
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