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  1. I have seen this mentioned but can’t find exactly what it is. Is it using a chimney starter in place of a vortex? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. I have seen this mentioned but can’t find exactly what it is. Is it using a chimney starter in place of a vortex?
  3. Looks great, details on prep, time, and temp? Did you make sandwiches with it?
  4. Just took my ribs off. Kept it simple as I wanted to really focus on temperature. Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub and Sweet baby rays the last twenty minutes. Took 4.5 hours at 250. Was really amazed at how well the temp held after that first hour of getting it dialed in! Thanks everyone for your help!
  5. I know there are a million recipes out there, but what are some of your go to supper cooks where time is limited after work? Worst part of getting a Kamado for the first time is wanting to cook on it every day.
  6. Thanks for everyone’s help thus far. Team402 I completely agree, the set and forget got very boring for me as well. Cooking some ribs today and am successfully holding 230 degrees at the moment, am actually wanting to bring it up a bit to 250 now. I was WAY more patient today. I let the fire start with lid open for 15 minutes then put my deflector and grates on and set dampers at 1 on bottom and a moon shape on top. Took quite a while to come up to temp but was very controllable.
  7. The pellet grill was super easy and a good way to begin smoking, but taste just isn’t there for me like it is with charcoal. Had to supplement the smoke with an AMNPS as well because it just smokes less with the blower to hold temps.
  8. Recently picked up the full size Akorn Kamado from Lowe’s. I have used it a handful of times just for grilling, but am off work today so figured a would try to low and slow a pork steak for fun. Every time I have used it I have had trouble keeping temp down around 225-250. I am starting to think I am lighting too much charcoal. Right now I am just filling the bottom pan full of lump including left overs from previous cook, creating a hole in the top middle of the pile, and lighting a Weber cube. Today I did this, waited a minute or so, then put the Chargriller deflector in and closed the lid with both vent settings at 2. The grill rose slowly to 200 where I closed the bottom vent to the screw and had the top cracked an eighth or so. The grill climbed all the way to 300 before I closed vents completely and started burping it to get temp back down. I ended up cooking my pork steak at 270 and have kept the grill going to practice control. It is at 250 now with bottom vent just barely cracked and the top barely cracked. I’m thinking 1.I am lighting too much charcoal and 2. I need to wait longer until the fire has stabilized before closing the lid. I am going to do the volcano method next time with a 1/4 of a Weber cube(have a lot left so want to use them up, will switch to cotton balls after that). I also ordered gasket material to do that mod. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance, really enjoy cooking with this thing, but am finding the temp control difficult. I am a pellet grill convert and will never steer away from charcoal again!
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