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  1. Thank you for the suggestions! i set my grill up this passed weekend and noticed there is a slight bend on the face plate near the knobs on both sides. I was looking at CaptnCooks post in the air leak thread and feel like that bend also exists on his. is this part of the design or a warranty claim? I am currently away on a business trip but can provide pictures when I get back. thank you and enjoy your day!
  2. Does your faceplate look like it bends in near the knobs? Mine does (brand new) and I am curious if this is a warranty claim or by design...? because my first thought was that could cause a lot of leaking air and I notice the bends seem to be in your picture CaptNCook
  3. Thank you for the recommendation. I do have a question regarding grate height. If I have burgers (or anything for that matter) on the bottom and top grate how do you flip the bottom burgers? It looks like it will be tight down there for the spatula. Or is there an add on for that too?
  4. Wow what a great article. I am glad to see it appears to be very simple to fix! I will try that when I get home. Thank you
  5. Hello from the Pine Barrens of New Jersey! After living in an apartment complex that was anti-grill - my wife and I finally bought a house! My search for a grill was a long and arduous one. Seriously. I was hoping to find something that could do it all, smoke, charcoal, propane (for those busy nights). I read reviews after reviews. I thought I wanted one (Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate for a while), but something didn't feel right about it. I read negative reviews, as well as positive, and I hesitated thus continuing the search and looking at just about every grill that was charcoal and propane. I was about to settle on the old adage, "doer of all master of none", until I recently stumbled upon Kamado grills and I am glad I hesitated to purchase the Pit Boss. So finally, after weeks of studying and contemplating which grill to purchase - I pulled the trigger on a Vision Pro S. I am very excited to get back to grilling and take it to the next level. This grill appears to do everything well and looks rock solid. My first cook on it should be coming up in the next few days. I am looking forward to learning a lot here on KG. Thank you
  6. Hello everyone, I just received my Vision Pro S yesterday and I am excited. I have never owned a Kamado before and am still learning the terminology so please, bear with me I have not had a chance to set it up but I did unbox everything to take a look at it. I noticed a few pits/scrapes on the outer edge. I also noticed the front controller does not seem to sit perfectly flush with the ceramic body. Although right now it is sitting on the ground - perhaps this will improve/be eliminated when it is sitting in its stand? What has been bothering me the most is the top lid seems to have an "underbite" with the bottom lid by about 1/2" on the left side only. Everywhere else looks like it matches up perfectly. Any insight on how I can remedy these issues? I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and remedies. I will provide pictures when I get home. Thank you!
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