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  1. Thanks for your note- I can get to connect to the IKamand WiFi signal- then it ask me to choose my home network, do that, and it just blinks blue which the literature states that it is trying to connect- it never connects. I am on my second unit, tried uninstalling reinstalling app. Tried a different phone. Trying calling KJ, they were not any help. I have a mesh network which automatically feeds the 2.4 GHz- I am just about ready to give up- really like the app too.
  2. Cant connect to IKAMAND. I recently bought the IKAMAND with a gift certificate my daughter gave me to Premier Grilling in Frisco Texas. Everything went great on the set up until it was time to connect to my home network. It is a mesh network capable of delivering the required 2.4 GHz. Tried and tried- no luck. Called KJ customer and after a long long hold had them send me a new one after sending a picture of the receipt. Got the new one, same thing. Called internet company to confirm this was possible- they said absolutely. I have a ring door bell that works off the same n
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