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  1. That’s not what the Whiz had to say about it: http://www.nakedwhiz.com/lumpdatabase/lumpbag78.htm He got his up to 980 degrees
  2. I wouldn’t limit yourself to searching for just one brand......see if Primo is available anywhere as well....also check used classifieds in your area or facebook marketplace
  3. Check out Cotronics gaskets....supposedly will last like 10 years...bout to install one myself
  4. I guess you’re right if you use a probe....never tried using a probe in the traditional method
  5. It’s too fat I believe.....Anyways I ended up finding someone that sells cuts of it after he apparently bought a boatload of it.....I’ll be installing this weekend
  6. What I like about reverse sear is the EXACT temp I want is what’s achieved....otherwise it’s a guessing game
  7. Heard good things about coffee wood for smoking. Literally the tree that grows coffee beans. Apparently BQ in Costa Rica is famous for using it a lot. I found that Komodo Kamado, the company that makes those amazing Kamado grills sells it! And it’s even scraped to remove the bark. So I bought 10 lbs of chunks.....review to come soon! Anyone else tried it? Here’s the link: https://komodokamado.com/products/coffee-smoking-wood-mini-splits-10-lbs
  8. Look up “reverse sear”....it’ll solve all your problems
  9. Here is pricing....does anyone know the size and thickness needed on most green egg/Primos?? 48 - 391.pdf.pdf
  10. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but is anyone interested in going in on a high temp woven ceramic gasket order from Cotronics? The minimum order is $100, which I can front then separate off anything from there as needed for anyone. Here is the data sheet and the lady is sending me pricing so stay tuned: 391.pdf
  11. So I wanna give a shout out to Malcom at HowToBBQRight for introducing this to me in his YouTube vid and it turned out AMAZING! I figured I’d share y’all my results in a series of pics so here we go: I also injected the bird with creole butter but it’s not necessary.....the mesh basket plus the bed of herbs acts as a perfect heat shield so don’t worry about that direct 400 degree fire scorching the bottom of your bird.....just properly preheat your entire dome and it will radiate evenly no problem! The aroma that comes off the charred herbs is intoxicating! And its fantastic in the meat. This does however effectively double the price of your whole chicken lol I served this chicken with an amazing creamy peppercorn sauce and I think it went perfect with the herb flavor:
  12. I have a question about throwing aluminum foil wrapped chunks into the fire. Wouldn’t this give off metal fumes into your meat? Especially when doing those high heat steak fires you mentioned??
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