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  1. Man, I overcooked them by a bit. They weren't ruined (still full of flavor), but definitely a lot to improve on. I took it as a bad omen for the Titans game . I'm going to give it another go for the Super Bowl. I used Bad Byrons butt rub and added a heaping tablespoon of cumin and coriander to the whole container of rub. Did the whoel mustard, rub, overnight thing. Ran it for about 4.5 hours between 425 and 460 using my ThermPro TP0 8S. I used a slotted roasting rack and had read that the ribs cook slower like that. Next time I am going to use a meat probe and check them when they hit 180 or so. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Hey Everyone, I have been perusing this forum for about a year and I figured I would go ahead and create an account and become apart of the community. I have owned an Akorn for that same amount of time and have a few smokes under my belt. I enjoy the candor on this forum and look forward to learning and bouncing ideas off everyone. I'm doing a baby back rib smoke this Sunday for the AFC championship game. I would really like to not open the lid until maybe a spritz towards the end. @CeramicChef I have seen several posts where you recommend leaving it closed, more hilariously from the thread below. I have followed those rules closely in smokes before and they have turned out fine. I am just wondering if there anything I am missing or anything else I can do to make the baby backs "that much" better?
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