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  1. So I just was watching a Harry Soo Video on brisket and as he loaded up his Kamado style cooker to smoke a brisket he emphasized the smoke wood go on the bottom of the charcoal instead of the top like most videos I’ve seen? Thoughts/opinions on this? Looking for different points of view all the time!
  2. I thought I'd care a great cook experience with you all that I just had. I have a Kamado Joe Big Joe III and I reverse seared some USDA Prime Ribeye's that I picked up at CostCo today. I used the flexible cooking system and used one half of the heat deflector plates and left the other half open to flame. I seasoned the steak in the Meat Church Holy Cow seasoning and let them sweat out while I got the grill to temperature. I set big reg to 225 for smoking and it took about an hour (give or take to get the ribeye's to about 120 degrees. After that I opened up the Big Joe and let her rip to about 500-550 degrees and then seared the steaks for about three minutes aside. I also made a compound butter consisting of rosemary, Italian seasoning, fresh garlic, salt and pepper. After searing, I took tented the steaks in foil and let the compound butter melt on top. Lastly, I did some twice baked potatoes in the oven. All that said, the pictures speak volumes compared to this brief description. This is probably the best steak I've ever cooked. Just wanted to share. Thanks to everyone that's continued to help me on my journey in Kamado style cooking!
  3. I recently purchased a Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 and I have not had any issues with the divide and conquer system. By design the racks are half circles so you can adjust as needed. What is nice is that you can use the tool it comes with to move things when it is hot if needed. The only thing I've noticed is that when I have the slo roller smoking insert in, the divide and conquer rack does sit a little higher in the cooker, but again, by design. Hope that helps.
  4. I was surprised at the time as well. The verdict is I wished I would have wrapped earlier. The ends were over done but the middle, especially around the deckle was pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Seemed like people liked it. Definitely room for improvement, but happy for my first go round. Check out the smoke ring! @Ogopogothe rub was the Man Cave Meals Beef Mojo rub. Had a nice little kick to it. I think it was rosemary though!
  5. Ok so after about a little over 11 hours I pulled this bad boy off and it was probe tender. Glad I wrapped it in foil. Texas crutch or not, I needed it. Here is the link to the cook one more time if anyone is interested. Pulled her off just over 11 hours and have it double wrapped it foil and resting in the cooler wrapped in towels. Likely to let it rest for about 3 hours. I'll post one more set of pics when I cut it.
  6. https://myflameboss.com/en/cooks/814539 I wrapped in foil at 8 hours in. Barked seemed pretty well formed. I would rather target a moist brisket than anything I put a little apple cider vinegar and apple juice in with the meat. Maybe a couple of ounces with spritzing. Pic below of right before I wrapped.
  7. It is fat cap down. It did the flat side cut at 90 degrees. The brisket is flipped around in the pics.
  8. So as in line with my personality, I didn't follow @John Setzler's advice and I'm going for glory or going down in flame with my first brisket. Here is a link to my Flame Boss cook which is in progress on 2/23/20. Some pics of progress are below. The Grill is at 250 and holding steady. I was expecting a stall somewhere between 160-170, but it seems to be plowing through. The bark is about 80% formed except for the top (which you can see from the pic below). I'm spritzing the bark that is formed while the rest finishes. As I'm writing this I've been going for about 6.5 hours and the meat temp is about 175. The cut was a full packer and just shy of 17 pounds before I trimmed about 3.5 pounds off of it, including cutting the corner at a 90 degree angle against the grain. I'm still trying to decide to wrap this bad boy or not. I don't want it to dry out, but I also don't want it to finish super early either. I was expected about a 13 hour cook (about an hour a pound). Oh well. We will see how this keeps going. Going to check it at the 7 hour mark and go from there. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  9. Thanks for asking! So my cook went pretty well! After getting advice here, as well as from my neighbor, I stopped panicking and let the butt do it's thing. Here is a link to the cook from my Flame Boss. https://myflameboss.com/en/cooks/810304 You can see my panic period around the 8a hour. The pork butt went on about 7a and then I wrapped it in foil with some apple juice and apple cider. vinegar about 12:20p. I pulled the pork butt off the grill about 3p and rested in double wrapped in foil and towels in a cooler under 5p. I put pictures below. Everyone loved the pork! There were a few spots in the butt that weren't as probe tender as I would have liked so I think next time I'll have a little more patience and keep it on longer. There is a bonus picture below of the wings. After I finished the butt, I cranked the grill up to 400 and used the Kamado Joe Chicken Wing Method and holy crap they were great. Definitely a crowd favorite. Again, thanks for the help. Pics below if you're interested.
  10. Ok so I started my first pork butt cook with a pit temp of 275. It is a 8 pound bone in pork but. After 2 hours the internal meat temp is already 124!?! Is this normal? I was thinking at 275 I was looking at about an hour a pound? I backed the pit down to 250. Should I be worried or am I over thinking this?
  11. Interesting. I think that makes sense. I like the idea of watching the bark. Thanks again.
  12. @Team402 any good markers I should be looking for to know when the meat gets to the stall? I think I’m leaning towards wrapping it when it gets to that point, but not sure what that point is necessarily. Does the temp level off? Is it the bark forming or tenderness of the meat? Thanks @Rick in Ontario, I’ll give that video a look today as well.
  13. Nice. Thanks for the replies. Super helpful. Another follow up question. Can you leave a point on and slice that and serve it as fattier pieces and not do burnt ends with it? I’m assuming it’s a pit master’s (or n00b in my case) choice?
  14. Ok. I am planning on doing my first brisket this weekend and I need some advice. I've been targeting the two YouTube videos for guidance on what to do. Kamado Joe SloROLLER Brisket + Beef Tallow Kamado Joe Brisket 101 These differ a bit and I didn't know if one is better than the other. For reference I have a Kamado Joe Big Joe III with the SloRoller. So a couple of questions.... - The 101 video talks about spraying the brisket with water to help the bark formed, the SloRoller video doesn't mention this. Is this is step that is optional or not necessary with the SloRoller? Does it matter? - Is there a target time/temperature that I should be looking for before I wrap the brisket? I get the probe test at the end and not worrying about temperature or time as much, but I am trying to understand when to transition? - With the brisket when it goes to rest is there a time I should target. I think both videos talk about a couple of hours. Can it be longer? I'm sure I'll have a few more questions, but that is a good start. Thanks in advance.
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