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  1. Hi everyone. I have a Classic 2 that I purchased almost a year ago. I'm very happy with it. However, it has one small flaw. When I first got it, I would open the dome, and it would close maybe an inch or two but then hold its position. So, no problem. Now, however, when I open the dome and let it go, it closes all the way. There's no way I can keep it open. Is there an adjustment I need to make? Is there a repair I need to make? Better yet, is there a video somewhere I can watch so I can learn how to repair it? Thanks so much
  2. Hi everyone, I have a new Classic II and I'm loving it. Today I'm applewood smoking a pork butt. As I was putting in the ceramic heat deflectors, one of them cracked and a piece about 3" x 4" just broke off. I was surprised, to say the least, I've been babying these things! Am I doing something wrong? Is this a common problem? Your thoughts? Thanks much, TM
  3. Just bought my Classic II and am awaiting delivery. Can't wait to get started!
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