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  1. Thanks. That's great to know. Like I said, as it was keeping temp I was afraid to do anything with it until I was done because I couldn't get the app to do anything. The hardware itself was running fine (and had all the data from the cook etc.). It was weird because I couldn't get the app to open at all. It seems like the app should open and do at least the other functions. Hopefully it was a flukish thing. I mainly wanted it so I could be out and do stuff with the kids etc. and still monitor the cooks. My first experience doesn't inspire confidence in this. Thanks for the help!
  2. Update: I was afraid to uninstall the app or reset the iKamand itself because it was still holding temp. After I pulled the meat off I simply deleted the app and reinstalled. The cook was still running and all the data was still there. Annoying but not disastrous. Hopefully it was a one off glitch.
  3. I'm currently running my first cook with the new iKamand. Everything in set up and bringing to temperature worked really great. Then all of a sudden the app is showing no data. When I tried to back out of the graph screen the app froze. I close the app and try to open it back up and all I can get is the attached screen. A couple of tries and I get the same thing. I try turning my phone completely off and back on and all I can get is the same screen. The green light is still on the iKamand and it seems to be keeping temp. But I cannot get into the app at all. I'm afraid to reset the hardware since the cook is running. I have no clue what to do from here. Pretty frustrating. Has anyone else had this or a similar issue and been able to resolve it?
  4. Wow. This thing holds temp amazingly. Ran some baby back ribs last night for a first cook. Was shooting for 225ish and overshot to 275 or so. I guess for a low and slow you barely need that bottom vent open at all. Never got it down. Not a big deal, it just turned my 3-2-1 method into a 2-1-1. Ribs turned out great with rave reviews. Can’t wait for the next experiment. Tonight?
  5. The Eagle has landed! Now to find a lifting partner. This think is hefty!
  6. I picked this up off the youtube recommendation of @Baby Back Maniac . Maybe I just got a lemon??
  7. I hate to start off my forum posting by being a complete idiot, but I have a question for you Maverick XR users. How do you turn the dang thing off? The base unit will not go off from pushing the power button, holding the power button, double tap, etc. All I can do is pull the battery, which seems like a pain for continued use. In addition I can't get the remote unit to turn ON without pulling the battery and putting it back in. I have read the direction sheet and can't figure it out. I'm sure it's something basic but what am I missing?
  8. Thanks. I'm going to have to lurk around the fish recipe part of the forums. Thanks for the info.
  9. Thanks. That's great to hear. The water pan could be a pain. I think at some point I switched to dry water pan and used a foil wrapped terra cotta basin for my heat sink, but it never worked quite as well. I'm looking forward to learning how to work the new cooker.
  10. Hello all, I'm new to the whole Kamado thing. I have a weber gasser and was using the weber bullet quite a bit for some basic smoking (chicken, ribs, pork shoulder, and brisket with limited success) but let it go a few years back when the kids where really small and it was harder to carve out a few hours for working the grill. I decided instead of getting another smokey mountain or single use smoker I liked the versatility of the kamado cookers. After putting my hands on all the options I decided to pull the trigger on a Kamado Joe Classic II. Looking forward to getting it and trying to get back into some BBQ making. Also I'm new to the coast so I would love to add some seafood recipes to my repertoire. Thanks for all the knowledge you share and happy grilling.
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