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  1. I have 1.0.54 in mine, and I believe it is the most recent version.
  2. I have the iKamand v2 and I am happy with it. It gets the job done, nothing more nothing less.
  3. Probably faulty iKamand device or probes. If I recall correctly I read about someone having the same issue and got new probes under warranty, which resolved the issue.
  4. At which step are you failing in this guide? How far can you get before it fails? https://ikamand.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/36000034184-how-to-connect-your-ikamand-to-the-internet-and-your-account
  5. I got myself an iKamand to deal with it, no such problem anymore.
  6. Thanks! Then everything is as it should! I was using it today again and there was more ambient noise today, so I really had to listen close to the motor to be able to hear it. When I first noticed it it was a quiet day. Thanks for your helpful reply!
  7. Here is a side by side comparision from my setup. The Weber iGrill is showing a slightly lower pit temp reading than the iKamand, but nothing that I have really worried about. Could be due to the placement of the probes, calibration and accuracy of course. Nothing I would care about as it is only a couple degrees. In the end I always check the meat temp in a couple of spots with an instant read probe anyway. And in the end they both display about the same temp as can be seen from the graph. Prior to getting the iKamand I used to cook based on the dome temp alone, manually adjusted the air flow as needed, and cooks still turned out fine most of the time. Results are more consistent with the iKamand though, and I haven’t failed a cook since I got it. One error in my notes in the image, in the end I cranked the target temp up to 170C and not 150C.
  8. One more question, is your top vent just about closed? The pit temp seems to overshoot quite a bit! So you only open the lid once around 5:09, correct?
  9. sxmo

    Scratched Dome

    I would not be too happy about that on a new grill! I would return it!
  10. Go with the Masterbuilt instead of the Jr. Sooner or later you will want accessories, and here is where the Jr is lacking. Also compare prices with a KJ Classic 1 as you will probably want to get the Divide and Conquer cooking rack for the Masterbuilt. It is included with the KJ Classic
  11. Have had a Joetisserie for a month or so, and last time I used it I heard a periodic ticking sound from the motor. Can’t remember if it was there initially or not when I first got it, as I was too busy grilling and didn’t really hear anything unusual. Anyone else have this sound?
  12. Sorry to hear! The great KJ customer service reputition was one of the biggest reasons that made me purchase a KJ over any other Kamado brand. I googled a lot before I made the purchase of 2 KJs. Based on what I read these days I am not sure that I would have made the same choice today. Still happy with my grills, but this is hurting the KJ brand.
  13. I have the iKamand v2 and I have never had that lid open problem you see. How does the grate temp graph look in the app? The iKamand detect that the lid is open if the there is a rapid decrease in temperature. Do you see any drops in the temp readings? About your other problem, how much is the difference between the Thermoworks and iKamand readings? I have a Weber iGrill as well, and I also see a difference. But then again I don’t which one is the must accurate one, and I really don’t stress too much about it as long as my cooks turn out the way I want.
  14. Thanks for your reply! I will give the volcano/minion fire lay a try later today!
  15. That’s quite some pack of baby back ribs! Nothing like the ribs found here in Europe where we have much less meat on the ribs. Sure does look tasty!
  16. Found the link: https://bbqgaskets.com/wire-mesh-fiberglass-gasket-replacement-for-kamado-joe-classic-18-by-lavalockr.html Guess the same will apply for the new KJ gasket.
  17. The Nomex High Temp gasket is one possibility. Don’t know if it is any better than the original KJ gasket, someone else will have to comment. If you go for the new KJ gasket I think it should only be installed on the base, as you don’t have the new hinge. I will see if I can provide you with a link to the website where I found this information.
  18. Wow! I was days from ordering this one, but this does not seem like an easy fix. Read from the comments that Weber recommend using Weber pellets only while they figure it out. Weber pellets or not, I can’t leave this unattended which defeats the purpose completely for me. Hopefully it will eventually get fixed.
  19. I'm quite new to the Kamado Joe grilling and still learning a lot of things. I read some things today about offset smokers and pellet grills that caught my attention - namely that these produce a more clean smoke. There is a discussion going on here about the pellet Joe and also one on the Egghead forum about offset smokers with some good reasoning behind it. In comparision with a Kamado we choke off the oxygen and that would more likely produce dirty smoke. Using a Kamado I have learned to look for the thin blue smoke and thought of that as the holy grail of smoke. But now reading about offset and pellet smokers I learn that there is even more to it. So, my question is, how do I produce the cleanest smoke possible with a Kamado Joe? Will a digital temperature controller affect the smoke in a negative way? For example, the iKamand v2 is more or less choking the oxygen supply completely at times in order to control the temperature. Any special considerations regarding the placement of the wood chunks? I usually place the wood chunks on top of the charchoal and then let the grill come up to temperature for 1-2 houes before cooking. I also use the less is more principle when adding wood chunks.
  20. I bought this in Europe. Don’t know if it is available in the US.
  21. Been cooking on Weber gas grills for years, but discovered ceramic grills last year after a talk with a co-worker. John’s videos convinced so I got myself a Kamado Joe (was quite certain that John was hired by KJ, but perhaps I was wrong?). And about 6 months later I got a Masterbuilt Kamado as well.
  22. I bought this model 3 months ago. It is the black Kamado Joe Classic upgraded with the new firebox (KJ logo printed on the back) and the HDPE side shelves and handle. Ash tool and grate gripper is also the same as I got with my other Kamado Joe. The cart is different though. The manual use the same layout as the KJ one, content is the same page by page more or less. Warranty from the Masterbuilt manual: Ceramic parts, lifetime Metal parts, 5 years Heat deflector, 3 years Thermometer and gasket, 1 year All KJ parts I have fit this grill including the D&C flexible cooking system, iKamand, Kontrol Tower etc. Paid 520 USD for this. A KJ Classic II was priced at 1200 USD at the time. Hard to find a better Kamado in this price range since it is essentially a rebranded KJ Classic. Most likely a move to fend off competition in the lower price segment.
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