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  1. ...aka Fort Worth, TX. I cut my teeth on a cheap stick burner, then a Weber Smokey Mountain for the last several years, now I have finally joined the Kamado club with a Big Joe 2. I built an outdoor kitchen with a spot just for this grill to fit in and have been waiting for months for the right time to buy it. Bought the demo unit a week ago at the local Costco roadshow, I pick it up in 3 days and can’t wait to break it in. Will have a Joetisserie, the Dutch oven and a wok to start out. I have been watching John’s videos for years and appreciate all the tips and stories shared by everyone here. Looking forward to learning more and sharing some things myself.
  2. Went to the first day of the roadshow in Fort Worth, TX on 1/31/2020. They only have the series 2 Classic, Big Joe and the Jr. and the Joetisserie. My neighbor got a Classic and I was lucky enough to get the Big Joe demo unit. I pick it up on the last day of the show this coming Sunday, 2/9/2020. Got a Joetisserie while I was at it. While I would certainly love a 3 series, I couldn’t pass up the price at the roadshow and the extras that come with the demo unit.
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