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  1. May finally be getting somewhere with KJ on my hinge issue. Actually heard from a real person today and we seem to be on the same page now. Hopefully this will work out and get my issue of having to rig mine with a store bought gasket over theirs fixed. Perhaps it will even solve my low and slow issues, fingers crossed. Paul
  2. Well, it isn’t my lack of knowledge on ceramic grills. I loaded my brothers BGE and started it with one fire starter (BGE version of the KJ starters squares), had 4 chunks of cherry wood on it (from the bag I use and took with me), fire started and was going pretty good within 15-20 minutes. I added the plate setter and grate, closed dome and waited for it to get close to 225. Then starting closing the vents down, his BGE has the new type top vent, and it settled in at 230ish (verified by my TW Signals). After a few minutes brisket was on with a thin blue smoke coming out for the better part of the cook. Held temp for 10 hours. Spritzed meat every hour and didn’t wrap. Pulled it off grill at 203* per TW MK4. It definitely rivaled what a brisket on my Rec Tec is like. Tasted excellent with great smoke ring and bark. Biggest differences: BGE with plate setter, no Kickash basket and Rockwood lump charcoal. I brought home half a bag of the RW lump to try in mine soon. If that doesn’t work I don’t know what else to do but take a hit on my KJ and get a BGE. Paul
  3. @prowe sorry, just noticed your comment. Yes it’s definitely close enough for government work. If I can hit that every time with “good” smoke I’ll be satisfied. Paul
  4. @len440 believe it or not, that little trick worked and really didn’t take but a few minutes to settle back down. I ended up doing it twice (since I killed the first fire) so I know it’s not a fluke. I guess the fact I had the lid open to push plates closed, closed vents to set temp and the direct heat to the temp gauge no longer there makes it happen. Well I let it sit at the 240 mark for a couple hours before opening it up and tossing on some leg quarters, couldn’t stand not cooking on it!! Brought it up to 375 and cooked indirect. Funny thing is I noticed more TBS from 300-375 and it lasted the whole cook. Once finished I opened it up full to burn off the drippings on the deflector plates, so I know it’s clean next time I mess with it. I’m going to do a comparison in the morning to see if it’s me and lack of experience or not. Going to brothers and cook brisket flat on his Big Green Egg. Told him I wanted to start it and do it the way I’ve been doing mine. Biggest difference I know of is his has the one piece deflector. I’ll report findings when I get back or tomorrow evening if possible. Thanks again for y’all’s input and assistance. Paul
  5. Well after about an hour and a half in it went out. I’m thinking I had the top vent closed too much trying to hold around 225. Reignited it and split the difference on top and bottom, bottom half of what it was and top opened a little more than before. It settled around 240 last I checked about 30 minutes ago. Not giving up yet.
  6. Didn’t have anything particular to do this afternoon so I figured testing was in order. Guys I think I might just have it. I started a small batch of coals with chimney then followed directions from another video I found on the subject. It says put deflects in with a pie shaped opening then close the gap once you’re 25-30 degrees above desired temp. I had always put mine in closed up and that’s when the billowing white smoke would start. I also have the bottom vent open 2 fingers wide, wasn’t that wide before. And top vent at the first mark on kontrol tower. I had to close mine down a little as my temp was at 240 and I’m trying for 225ish. It’s not sitting between 225 & 230 with a wisp of thin blue smoke every so often. @len440 it was doing exactly as you stated and “breathing.” Gonna let it run for a while and see how it goes. Wish I had something to throw on it now. Lol I’ll update in a little while. Paul
  7. One more thing I’ve noticed but forgot to mention, should smoke come out of the bottom vent? It seems logical if it’s windy but it’s coming out now, just a hint mind you, with no breeze. Paul
  8. @len440 I followed Johns video to burn it off and was amazed that it was nearly completely back to beige color as new. I’m fighting it as we speak using @fbov method. Started out great but then settled in around 250 with white acrid smoke like it’s choking. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the charcoal. Paul
  9. @fbov No the deflectors were clean as I did a high temp cleaning the night before. The smoke was the acrid type, not pleasant. As for being in control, hell I’m definitely not in control. Lol How you state you start the fire with a chimney is exactly as I envisioned it. However, do you put wood chunks on the fresh coal bed or on top of the mature coals after dumping them in? @len440 I use KJ big block primarily, got like 120 lbs on they’re last sale. Have used RO but it’s hit or miss on any medium to large chunks. Last bag was nothing but very small pieces, I burned that in Mini Max. Also, tried B & B but it smelled like it had lighter fluid on it while burning. By sweating I mean the inside of the dome was literally covered in beads of water. I wish I had thought to take a picture but was more concerned with what was going on. No it hadn’t rained or left uncovered. It wasn’t greasy inside as I had done a high heat burn. I know these hold moisture very well and all I can think of is the fire was starving or something causing inside to sweat. I certainly appreciate y’all assisting with this. Paul
  10. @len440 Yes it’s much smaller and I realize the time difference. I was just saying it worked perfectly for low n slow, guess I should’ve left the time off and worded it differently. As for the ribs, it did take some work to get the KJ to stop billowing white smoke. I started my fire and let burn for 10 or so minutes. I verified nice embers in the spot I started. Added the divide n conquer with deflectors in lowest position (so I could use drip pan in middle). Immediately started thick white smoke. I let it get for a bit seeing if it would push through or not but it wouldn’t so I moved the deflectors to the middle. I noticed I still had embers glowing so I’m confused about the white smoke. I did notice that the inside of the grill was sweating profusely at this point which is beyond my realm of grill knowledge, unless it’s because the fire was starving (but still maintaining a temp of about 250). Anyhow, after about 20-25 minutes in the new position it quit smoking and got down to business so I cooked my ribs. I guess I’m a little disappointed that it doesn’t put the sort of smoke and bark on meats as my pellet grill. I was thinking it would based off of all the research and videos I’ve seen. I know you can’t necessarily go by seeing TBS but as much pecan I had on it today I figured I’d see some but nope. Also didn’t have that signature smokey taste or smell, basically tasted grilled, was excellent but not exactly what I was shooting for. If it can, I’ll figure it eventually. Thanks for the input. @fbov Thanks, I’ll try just that and let you know my results. Paul
  11. @fbov Thanks for the response. I’ve used a chimney a couple times on the KJ but not for low n slow. I always use it on my Mini Max as that is my searing machine. I’ll give the chimney a shot as you indicated on my next low n slow. Paul
  12. @len440 Thanks for the response. The way you explained it is for the most part how I do it. I use the “half” method of shutting it down. Start fully open, then down to half, half again until I get it to target temp. I cooked short ribs this morning and to get 250* consistently I the bottom vent was approximately 1/4” and top vent at a the first white mark (toward closed) on Kontrol Tower. I absolutely loaded the firebox and added way more wood chunks than normal. Didn’t smoke like I had intended or used to on other smokers but cooked very well. Damn shame I have to rig a $1000 grill to get it to work properly!! Paul
  13. Excellent job John! It puts together several of your basic how to videos into a centralized read, plus with added information. Thanks for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge. Paul
  14. Ok so here are a couple pictures. First pic shows smoke escaping from the right side as usual. Temp was 275* and rising. Bottom vent about a 1/2” open an top nearly closed completely. Second one is at 340* and settled with same vent settings as first picture. Notice the smoke discoloration on the bottom band. Get that every time after I wipe it clean and then start cooking. Last one is Of the right side at same time, temp and setting of first picture. No smoke, no smoke discoloring on band. Notice how bad the dome is not lining up with base. I’ve done everything KJ has suggested to no avail. So today I tried something, went and bought a generic lid gasket and laid it on top of the existing gasket. Sealed up nicely and didn’t leak. Holds temp at 225 and 250. Only issue now is that the smoke is staying white like it’s starving for air. I’ve tried bottom vent open, top vent closed down to just a slight hole, bottom vent shut down to 1/8” and top fully open (and partial open). I could get to and maintain 250 (what I was shooting for) but still thick white smoke. Decided to fire up BGE Mini Max (have never tried low temps on it) and starting fire as normal with 3 wood chunks. Within 20 minutes it was at 250 and holding with TBS as it should be. @John Setzler I didn’t hook the Billows to it in these pics but did after a little while (actually forgot about it). You right that it has some airflow cause smoke was POURING out of left side and trickling out of the right. I’m clueless as to what to do now. Glad I still have my Rec Tec and wish the BGE was big enough to smoke brisket etc on. SMH Thanks, Paul
  15. Sorry, I’ve been swamp lately. I’ll get some pics tomorrow as I plan on using it all weekend. Paul
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