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  1. Thanks for heads up. Roadshow going to Spartanburg next month (2 hours away). Im gonna have to slowly start adding accessories. Now wife wants to go back and get Joe Jr. Lol
  2. So wife and I went to Asheville to look at KJs and BGE side by side. Low and behold the store is closing and everything is 20-40%. Was really after a large BGE but after one lift of the Air Hinge wife stepped in and said no contest. Out the door for just under $900 (granted it’s a stand alone which we wanted)!!! Was a serious tight fit in the Wrangler (had no intention on buying today but...). Now to build a table, dreading lift this this to set it! Have already calibrated thermometer, thanks to reading all the info on here. Also snagged a Kick Ash basket for $64. Plus several other items marked down. BTW, the store is called Kitchen and Company. I got the last Classic II in the box but they had a couple of Big Joes. Wish they had the Classic III at a deal like this. Could’ve gotten a Joetisserie for $200 but didn’t think that was a great deal. Same for iKamand and DoJoe. Am I wrong about this? Paul
  3. As I stated in my introduction I am looking into getting either the Classic II or III. Is the price difference worth it? Does the Sloroller honestly make it THAT much better or would I, as a newbie to Kamado grills, even be able to tell? I realize I get additional items with the III other than the Sloroller but I could get a charcoal basket and additional rack/racks and still come out cheaper. I may eventually build a cart/table so the included cart isn’t that big of deal to me. I like the “versatility” of these over my Rec Tec, which is supposed be as versatile but falls short. The RT does good smoking meat and I’m hoping the KJ can match or exceed it in that aspect. Anyone have both and have input on this? What is max safe temp that can be achieved on one of these? I’ve seen the term “nuclear” numerous times and guessing this is 600* +. With regards to accessories, are there other companies who make quality items (ie racks, baskets, covers etc) for these grills? If so, names or links would be helpful. I realize that there are scores of you that have and love the II, but if you were in the market today would you go with it or the III? I know it’s not all about the equipment but the preparation etc. so would the III be worth it to you? I know I’ll have more questions and hope not be bothersome but I love learning new methods to cook!!! Thank you for your time. Paul
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    Greetings all. I’ve been shadowing for quite some time enjoying and learning. Currently don’t have a Kamado but am seriously eyeballing the KJ Classic II or III, haven’t figured out if the Sloroller is worth the difference but do like the charcoal basket in the III. I presently have a Rec Tec Bull, Weber gas and kettle grills. Most cooking is done on the RT but it really hasn’t lived up to its billing. While it does fantastic at low & slow, I find it lacking at other aspects it claims to do. Plus it’s hard to beat food cooked over charcoal!!! Anyhow, here to say hi and learn all I can regarding Kamado cooking. Paul
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