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  1. Thanks for that! This will be my next approach.
  2. Well, I was really hoping for some feedback.
  3. 14 lbs I used the SloRoller Grate and dome were within 5 degrees
  4. Well, the time came for me to give a brisket a go, for the 1st time on my KJBJIII. It was a bust. I had my Kamado at an average of 215 almost all the way through. Ended up being on there for 23 hours. I was watching the temp in the flat and it got to around 190. Some parts in the point were sitting around there and 200 +. I took the point off and made burnt ends. Those were great. When I went to slice the brisket, after it had been wrapped and rested for an hour, it wouldn't slice easy at all and just crumbled and was dry. I felt like the probe test was good at some points and others were not quite there. If i had gone with my gut, I would have pulled it off, around 18 to 20 hours. Any constructive criticism is gladly accepted.
  5. I would agree that there definitely is a taste difference. The point I was trying to convey, was that we shouldn't have to rely on big box stores for our meat. There are some great resources out there, locally. Having been a chef in my past, I agree that USDA Prime dry aged is the Cadillac of meat. What we are all learning is that we have been forced to live outside our convenient comfort zone. If it comes to a point that those delicious decadent meats are not available, we may have to train our pallets differently.
  6. Really? You found my post to be aggressive and dishonorable? That's very interesting, as that was not the intent. I fully believe I was disagreeing with you honorably and giving you information to chew on. I did not name call, yell or curse. Funny how messaging can lose context, so for that I apologize. As far as the debate between grain fed and grass fed, there is absolutely a difference in flavor. I 100% agree with you there. That definitely can translate into the flavors and may not be desired by some. For me, I appreciate the whole food aspect and the ethics that go into raising pastured livestock. I will say that chicken definitely taste better pasture raised, as well as turkey. There is a lot more flavor. What we also found out, is that a pasture raised fresh turkey, cooks in about half the time. Kinda messed our eating schedule up a little bit, but the end product was amazing.
  7. You honestly believe you can't get pasture raised prime and waygu? You can absolutely get it. Here is a link for grass fed waygu. https://www.pastureprimewagyu.com/beef/ I was a sous chef at Ruth's Chris, so I'm very aware of what a good steak taste like. I'm definitely keen on prime and waygu beef, as the marbling gives it excellent flavor, but you absolutely can find these being pasture raised. The original point was that people are concerned about a meat shortage at the store. I am simply suggesting that there are other ways to get meat, other than big box stores. You may pay more for it, but at least you know how your food was raised, and that is worth a lot to many...Especially my customers. Also, I was referring to all types of meat. Beef, pork, chickens and turkeys. If you have not tried any of these other options, you are absolutely missing out, I promise! At the end, it's about good meat and being resourceful.
  8. It's time for you all to start reaching out to your local farmsteads and homesteads. Find your local FB groups and join to find out where you can get your meat. This has many benefits. 1 is that you are most likely getting real pasture raised meat, that generally has no antibiotics and many other benefits. The meat is, by far, superior. I speak from experience on this. We raise our own eggs, broiler chickens, turkeys and pigs. Next year, we will start raising our own beef. The meat is WAAAAYYYY better.
  9. Smoking dad! Tell me about the mayo. I'm definitely curious about that.
  10. I'm gonna do some baby backs this weekend and would like to hear some opinions. 1. Temp. I'm thinking low and slow at about 225 to 250 2. Time - wrapped vs. unwrapped. 5 1/2 hours ish? I used to do mine in a pellet with the 3-2-1 method, although for BB's I did 3-1-.5. Let me hear your methods and why.
  11. Hello everyone! Brand new to the Kamado lifestyle. I have purchased the BJ III and will be getting delivered tomorrow. My past experiences were a line cook and a sous chef in my past career, many years ago. My last gig, I was a Sous Chef for Ruth's Chris. I left that line of work, almost 20 years ago and became a Union Electrician. I have been a weber kettle and a pellet smoker guy for quite a few years. I'm really excited to learn the ins and outs of my KJBJ III!
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