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  1. Thanks John. The mention of the other two probes was not for calibration, but confirmation that the gauge needed to be calibrated. I tried using the boiling water method as described in the first paragraph and have given the adjusting screw about a full turn with no real difference observed. I am using a paint stick with a hole drilled in it over a pot of boiling water. Thank you for confirming that I can keep going. I was afraid that I was going to break something by going too far!
  2. Thanks for the tip. These work perfect for me on the KJ3 and Fireboard probes.
  3. I've got a dome temperature gauge that is reading about 20 degrees low, the best I can tell. I have tried adjusting by using the boiling water technique, but I don't really see any change, even after a full turn of the screw on the back of the gauge. From the few videos that I have seen on this topic, it would appear that only a small adjustment on the screw is needed, which make me hesitant to go beyond the full turn. I am curious to hear others experience with this adjustment, and should I go further than one turn or is there something wrong with the adjuster internally. I have attached a fireboard prope to the KJ dome gauge with a clip and confirmed the temperature difference along with a TP20 probe on the grate. The FB and TP probe are within a couple degrees, which seems reasonable considering the probe locations.
  4. I had some issues with FedEx on this order. It was shipped directly from KJ in Columbus, in two packages (2 20lbs Bag per package). At first, FedEx showed both on the truck out for delivery on a Friday 4/17 and neither of them came. FedEx tracker showed both on the truck and out for delivery on Monday, but only one box was delivered. Nothing on Wednesday and it showed up on the tracker as delivered! I called FedEx to trace it and the second package was delivered on Thursday. So I ordered on the 12th and got the first package on the 20th and the second on the 23rd. Like @Chris Topher, I was in no hurry as I had some on hand already. It made me a tad nervous though when the tracker was showing that both packages were delivered. These were loose bags in a large box. Not the individual boxed KJ XL Lump that I have received in the past. I haven't opened any of them yet, so not sure about how broke up it got during shipment like that. I will use one of these bags next.
  5. I am still a rookie myself. Like you, I had a hard time holding temp on just a two hour cook (3 hours if you include warm up) when I first started with my new KJCIII a few weeks back. My vents were nearly wide open at the end of the cook because I didn't have enough charcoal in at the beginning. Now, I am putting some fresh lump in the middle of an empty basket and then dump some left over charcoal from previous cooks around the fresh charcoal. Nestle a couple of fire starters in and light it. My temps hold well over the cook duration now and the fire snuffs out quite efficiently when I am done cooking. This seems to be working well for me so far and there is no wasted charcoal in the end.
  6. Costco online has a special event running through May 3rd. 4 pack of KJ Big Block for $79.99 delivered. https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-lump-charcoal-20lb%2c-4-pack.product.100482227.html
  7. Thanks for the reply John. Maybe I am doing it wrong as I am still quite new to this. What I was trying to do was crack open the main control tower about a quarter or so. I didn't want to have it at full throttle. It may be that I needed more charcoal and then the control wheel would have handled it at 600 degrees without the need to open the main tower.
  8. I am having an issue with the control tower closing on me when I open the dome. I am referring to main top, not the dial. I just bought the grill a few weeks ago and have only done a few cooks so far. This is the first one where I was running a higher temp and was using the main control swivel instead of the dial. I tried tightening the Allen head screw, but it is already quite tight. I am afraid that I would either strip or snap the screw if I put any more torque on it. Is this common with the KJCIII?
  9. Thanks for the reply. I have ordered the 3 from AGC. Looking forward to getting started on the learning curve. I usually cook once a week on average.
  10. Nice Rush reference. RIP Neal.. I am trying to decide on whether I should drop the extra hundreds for the BJ or go with the classic. I have a GMG Daniel Boone that I have been using for the past several years as my first venture into smoking and BBQ. I still use my gas grill for steaks and high heat. I am concerned with the space of the Classic as it the cooking space is nearly half that of the BJ approx (250 vs 450 sq inches). Typical cook for me would be a couple racks of ribs, or a turkey, or a pork shoulder, or a couple of chickens. Thoughts? Also, I have seen the BJ II on the Costco road show that can be had for about the same price as a Classic III (~1500). Is there enough difference between the BJ II and BJ III to go the extra $1000?
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