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  1. You can get it from - https://www.kamadobbq.be/en/shop/product/kamado-accessoires/kick-ash-basket-junior-joe or https://www.thebarbecuestore.es/Charcoal-Basket-for-Kamado-Monolith-Junior
  2. I have v2. For me it's suitable when I'm doing slow cooking like pulled pork. I can do my own things and check meat temperature when I wantm where ever I am at that moment. I don't have to worry about pit tempeture because iKamand controlling it very well.
  3. Actually that was the last kick to introduce myself.
  4. Hi to all! Have been here already more than 1 month. Almost 6 month I wasn’t able to decide to buy Kamado Joe Classic II or not. This year February I bought it and haven’t regretted so far. I can tell that this was best decision and those who can’t decide – you are not regretting.
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