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  1. Just found out that KJ is just refunding the money for my basket. Maybe they are giving up on this one. It’s a shame, I like this design better than the Napoleon.
  2. I filed a warranty claim will KJ for the flaking basket last week. Just received 2 bags of KJ lump charcoal from FedEx. Pretty nice way of saying you’re sorry. Hope to get a replacement basket soon but it’s nice they sent some charcoal for my troubles.
  3. I work with product validation for a large manufacturer. This issue looks like an adhesion issue that can be caused by multiple things. When testing the product KJ may have not had any issues. KJ supplier for these parts may have changed something minor in their process causing this issue. I assume this is being investigated and corrected. KJ will probably provide replacements for the affected parts. Not a fun situation but is very common in the industry. I will wait to see if my defective basket gets replaced before I get to excited.
  4. One cook. One side had a bubble area flake off an then another on the other side.
  5. Wings turned out great. It is easier to clean than the Napoleon. You just have to soak it for a little bit and all the baked on grease comes right off. Some of the paint did flake off. Not sure if this is a big deal or not. Kamado Basket Positives - heavy duty - well engineered - slightly larger than the Napoleon - easier to clean Negatives - more expensive than Napoleon - wings stuck to the sides (will try extra grill spray to see if condition improves) - paint flaked after one cook
  6. Cook seemed to go well but the wings stuck a little bit.
  7. I just put the wings on. The wife thinks it holds a little bit more than the Napoleon. I like the handles. Easy to snap it on the JOETisserie.
  8. My first impressions of the Kamado Joe Basket Set is this thing is heavy duty. Not cheap construction at all. Also another thing I like is that there is no guessing to center it on the JOETisserie. I usually have to adjust my meat on once on the grill to center it over the fire. This is already centered.
  9. I couldn’t resist and had to order it. Atlanta Grill Co ships fast. I plan on doing some wings today. I will post how easy it is to clean. Here are some pics for a size comparison to the Napoleon. Not sure if one is bigger than the other.
  10. Wow, that looks like a robust piece of hardware. I wonder how easy it is to clean?
  11. Looks like JoeTisserie basket finally got released. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/joetisserie-basket-set-w-quick-connect-rod?_pos=2&_sid=a8bc50388&_ss=r&mc_cid=db3cf7ca22&mc_eid=a5f009ea56 I wonder how this compares to the Napoleon basket (which I just bought).
  12. Ok. I will try the dishwasher next time.
  13. No issues putting it in the dishwasher?
  14. I just got the Napoleon Grill basket and it cooked wings great. What cleaning methods do you guys recommend?
  15. Very interested in this one. I have a Big Joe 2 and want another grill for when different temps are needed. The wife won’t let me get another Big Joe ($$$) but she might let me get a $500 grill.
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