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  1. Good stuff, and lots of replies - definitely appreciate it. I'll have to come back when I have a little more time to analyze the replies and see where I went wrong, right, how to improve, etc.
  2. https://www.titangreatoutdoors.com/outdoor-cooking/cooking-accessories/ceramic-grill-table-aluminum-fits-large-bge%2C-kamado-joe-899168.html?lang=default&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplp899168&sc_intid=899168&gclid=CjwKCAjwvtX0BRAFEiwAGWJyZP91vrfPh7b4UsCWMtC7Ijv2JozDiXiRENrIv7NBvkrBPOfzTw41GxoC7F0QAvD_BwE Use welcome5 for 5% off. I got mine when they were running a 25% off sale. They do make a larger table as well depending on your grill. I was not happy about it not fitting, even though it says it will. One day I'll have to lift the grill out, and sand/file the hole about 1/3" around and put the grill back in. The aluminum table is too close for comfort, and when I posted on the KJ group on FB they said it would be in my best interest to modify the opening a little more (and put stones underneath to help support the grill since it's 7" from the bottom shelf).
  3. Yes I did. charcoal basket accessory ring heat deflectors grill grate pizza stone Did I start off wrong?
  4. Very nice set. Thanks for sharing - I hope to get in this deal the next time they (or anyone else) runs this special. I have a few more accessories to get my setup right - before I get more knives. I've bought a few knives from chefsknivestogo.com and been happy with the quality. I've got 3 or 4 Japenese knives I enjoy using, but at this point in my life, I'll be asking for a few different Shun sets for our wedding gift(s). Anyone else thinking about this - Shun makes some nice knives. I have 2 of their Shun Blue (steel) knives. -Nick
  5. Tried my first pizza cook this evening - started simple, with a store bought fresh pizza (not frozen). Was gifted a pizza stone for Christmas and my first time using it. It is a nice pizza stone from Sur La Table. The instructions on the stone said to pre-heat the stone to 500*. I got up to about 540 and threw the pizza on (was talking to my fiance). 7 minutes later, bottom was burnt toast. My Mom mentioned I should use corn meal on the stone - looking for some feedback on how to cook pizza on the KJ. 2 years ago I did quite a few successful cooks on my BGE but I don't recall if I used parchment paper or corn meal, but I didn't have any issues. I know their's some "rust" from my lack of experience, but I figured I could figure it out. Any tips - help for cooking pizzas? Tips for not toasting the crust? Do ya'll cook at different temps depending on the dough? Hand tossed crust - does it cook at slightly lower temps then a thinner crust? I remember a few years ago, doing pizzas in the 500-600* range without many issues. This cook, not so much. :( Looking to master cooking pizzas on the KJ - any and all recommendations, help, tips, etc welcome!! Eventually I'd like to get into making my own crusts - but I suppose I should get a few pizza cooks under my belt before I move to home made crusts. Thanks, -Nick
  6. Picked it up for $258 shipped. Long story short, table needs to be modified for the KJ but it’s a nice table for the money.
  7. Winter isn't too bad. My parents are from Wisconsin and we used to visit twice a year and go ice fishing when I was growing up. I've been in some -30, -40 temps. It didn't get below freezing once all winter. 10-30 most of the year. Layered sweatshirt weather. I look forward to using the KJ during the winter - I'd burn 20# of coals if I were using a standard Weber kettle(nothing against them, personally I love them, just not in freezing temps). Took me a month to burn through 30# of lump and I use this thing as often as I can - 3,4 days a week at least.
  8. Hey guys and gals, Moved from Orlando to Michigan last year. Received my KJ Classic as a wedding/house warming gift from my parents. I sold my. BGE last year - didn’t want to chance moving a ceramic cooker 1,234 miles. So far I am LOVING the new KJ, the cooking systems and everything about it. I have the new control tower (taking a chance - I know about the issues, but I already had to file a claim for my base early on and the CS has been great), the KJ half moon CI griddle/grate, and KJ charcoal basket. Also received an aluminum grill table for my birthday. My first real grill was a Bubba Keg back in the day, then 2 BGE and now the KJ. I also love griddle cooking and have had my 36” griddle for 1 year now. I’ve got around 5 years of ceramic cooking experience but still haven’t tackled good brisket yet and plan to get a few brisket smokes this year. Aside from that, I enjoy experimenting and trying new methods and new food more so. Looking forward to learning from the folks here, and gaining further knowledge and experience. Thanks for having me.
  9. Is this issue still occurring in 2020?
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