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  1. I live in northern Illinois and all of the stores in the area are sold out. Generally I buy Royal Oak, but all I can find is a few bags of generic at the nearby grocery store. I'm assuming this is a covid thing, but does anyone have more info on this?
  2. I understand that I'd obviously need a basket, but based on the little I've found, it turns to slowly...that coffee roasters are somewhere around 40-50 rpm. I read a post from a while back where someone mentioned changing out the motor for a variable speed one, but no mention of the specific kind. I'd appreciate any enlightenment you could provide on the topic.
  3. Right, that's the reason for my question. I did see the supplier, Sharpe, that Golf Griller referenced. With shipping added, though, it comes to $22 a bag which is a little rich for my blood. But if a species they have provides inimitable flavor for something I'm likely to cook, I'd pony up the money. (They have peach.)
  4. Hello All, I'm new to kamados and the forum (already introduced myself). I just used the Joetisserie for my first cook, chicken, and it was awesome...a whole new kind of flavor, which brings me to my question: Are there any woods that are must haves for smoking certain things? For reference, I can get cherry, apple, pecan, hickory and mesquite locally (unless someone cuts down a tree of a different species). But I've read many find alder to be THE wood for smoking salmon. Others say fruit wood is just as good. So is there any major flavor of the smoking palette I'd be missing out on or is it one of those things where you can get at least 95% of the way there with what's at hand? Thanks for your attention.
  5. Nice! What are you placing between the heat deflector and the pizza stone?
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome, folks. It's being shipped from the factory, so I'm not sure when I'll get it (whether they're shipping right now).
  7. Hello All, I live in Illinois which just declared a shelter in place, so I took the opportunity to buy a KJ Classic II from the Atlanta Grill Company for 20% off, along with a joetisserie and pizza stone....I'm not messing around. It should help me pass the time when it arrives in about a week. I'm an inveterate researcher so this wasn't a capricious purchase for me. I've done the comparison shopping, watched several of Mr. Setzler's videos, etc. because this is a lot of money for me. Anyhow, any tips or sources to hasten my progress would be appreciated. (I also ordered a cover, onlyfire ash basket, and the cookbook by Chris Grove.)
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