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  1. Thanks for the feedback. It seems difficult finding a turkey at the grocery store that doesn’t have a salt solution already injected. I’ll keep looking as I’ve been wanting to try a dry brine mainly for crispy skin
  2. Has anyone tried to dry brine a butterball turkey? I noticed it already has a saltwater solution injected in it but am wondering how much salt is actually in the solution
  3. I have one going now. It’s been stalled at 155 for the last few hours. Going to be patient and ride it out.
  4. So I did the brisket point yesterday for the first time. ~4 lbs after the fat was trimmed and took longer than expected. I put it on at 10am and it reached ~201-203 at 10pm. Had it going between 225-250 and decided not to wrap because I like the bark. With it being so late, I wrapped it in foil then put it in the cooler with some towels for about 6-7 hours. Woke up and put it in the fridge. For lunch I put it foiled in the oven at 170 until it reached 140. Turned out pretty good in my opinion for the first time. The pictures are a few slices I cut.
  5. Thanks for the information. Is it best to season right before I throw it on the kamado or should I season overnight in the fridge ahead of time?
  6. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Put the grate in the upper position with the heat deflector sitting on top. Had 1.5 inch sockets between the deflector and the pizza stone. Crust was actually pretty crispy. Went conservative so I wouldn’t burn the pizza on the first cook
  7. Cooked pizza for the first time last night (as you tell by the ugly shape) on the Kamado Joe. I was surprised how easy it was. Cooked it somewhere between 550-600 and had zero issues. I was expecting it to be a little more difficult based on some of the things I’ve read on here .
  8. Was in the grocery store this morning and saw the butcher package and put out a 5 lb brisket point. I had only seen flats before in the store so I immediately picked it up (although the price wasn't cheap it will give me something to do during quarantine). What is the best way to go about cooking a brisket point? It's my first go so it will be trial and error but wanted some suggestions.
  9. What is the best temperature to cook at, in your opinion? I am thinking of going indirect and would prefer the skin to be somewhat crispy.
  10. Did my first cook on the kamado joe classic ii. Cooked a 7lb pork shoulder at 250-275 with bad byrons butt rub. Took around 9.5 hours. After seeing the pros and cons of wrapping vs not wrapping, decided not to wrap. Pretty happy with the results with it being the first time.
  11. Recently got a Kamado Joe Classic II. Figured I would be spending more time at home with the current Coronavirus situation. First cook planned is pork shoulder which seems good for a beginner.
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