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  1. Rec Tec 340 on the side. It is the microwave of grills. My 2017 KJ II prevails. M.
  2. I need to explore any and all uses for this food sealer. Maybe I am weak in information. M.
  3. Got this unit for a great discount, new in box, first quality, from the manufacturer, $119 vs MSRP $249, or Best Buy $249. Probably a one time deal. Always wanted a vacuum sealer, read many posts by others on their particular brands and chose-due to the price and Food Saver being a decent brand. As a first timer, I can follow the directions and get the unit to do what it was designed to do. So far just some cuts of meat. Bottom line is that the 5330 seems awkward to use. The directions and video are simple but geared toward the 5330 being an upgrade from a previous model. So what I'm wondering is: Am I missing some vacuum sealer tips and traps knowledge? What sealed foods last the best? I get the game hunters sealing their big quantity meats but what about other stuff? Do I need to use Food Saver bags all the time? Do I need to search for a vacuum sealing forum? BTW. I don't have a pet so I'm not in sealing pet food. I live out of a suitcase frequently, so sealing my packed clothing is not my routine. M.
  4. Got it. Gonna look around. Wally Mart nearby has yielded some great finds. M.
  5. We would like to try this recipe. Sambal Oelek. Did you have this on hand? Can I get this at a grocery or do I need to go to a specialty store? I searched and saw one could sub in Siracha but its more of a liquid than a paste. Thanks. M.
  6. Try out intermittent fasting. All fasting means is no snacks between meals. 18 hours no eating with 6 hour window to eat in. We do dinner 5 p.m. then 18 hours of no food. So that means eat again at 1100.Repeat. The super great benefit? After 18 hours the body cells go into autophagy (self rebuild and repair). Boosts the immune system. 'Nuff said. Take a look at the healthy lifestyle posts this website for more..... M.
  7. We got some decorative stone at a local supplier. No lines. No special hours for seniors, though I brought a 61 year old as a just in case option. M.
  8. We are all about remaining calm. We are well aware of any story that sparks fear and anxiety. Gotta dig for a story from more than one verifiable source that barely mentions any info. that does not breed panic. Have not seen a corona virus recovery story yet. Just stuff about imposing more and more restrictions. Wondering about what will be talked about/alerting when the "pandemic" is downgraded. M.
  9. So I had a buddy text me a funny, something like "OK, you all bought up the TP and such, But I bought all the plungers...". M.
  10. I concur. Also the less complicated, the more I like. Temp controllers are the bomb! I have a wifi setup on my pellet grill. FB 100 no wifi for my KJ. I can monitor the cook temp from inside the house. Fortunately the app is not buggy. -have never had the need to fire up the grill while away or leave the house while with a contained fire on my porch. That's me. I still have to get the cook on and insert a probe. My wife refuses this part. -not into cook charts and graphs. This matters to some.... M.
  11. I found a Flame Boss 100 on sale couple years back. Not upgraded like the latest Flame Boss stuff but solid as a rock performance. I got a second one for backup purposes. All that said, I have read and experienced great Flame Boss reviews and CS. M.
  12. -got this from a Guru a few years ago. Still viable. I use Rutland fire starter squares cut in half. They looked like the KJ fire starter squares. Got a huge box on sale somewhere for $8 or so. Probably will last quite awhile. M.
  13. @SmoovD you rock! Your persistence and resolve in themselves say it all. I have converted to a maintenance, if you will, mode for a few months now. As we know habits are hard to break but I have found the newer better food intake habits have become ingrained. I still look longingly at sugars but I find my first thoughts are toward remembering they did not do my health any favors. M.
  14. @ChasdevThere are tons of food choices that are Keto friendly but not given that moniker by whoever. Pulled pork is an excellent Keto friendly food. I just ate a Chipotle Keto friendly bowl that uses pulled pork as an ingredient. My wife was not into healthy Keto but I made some very tasty stuff and she swung around to healthy Keto. In some ways she is now a great example of healthy Keto. Any form of Keto is a great method for 1. weight loss, 2. optimizing your body functions. One or both forms of Keto can be done together or individually. Weight loss is a huge business. Many weight loss purveyors claim their system is the one. Healthy Keto is mostly DIY and free. Is healthy living methods a big business? It appears that it only make sense to those who let themselves get into a health scare. Are eating habit changes a pain in the rear? You bet. Is optimizing you body functions by doing something you can control worth it..... Absolutely. M.
  15. We used to live in Phoenix (Glendale) (a bit of an opposite)-still have lots of friends and family in the area. None of them noticed this either. Best steak I ever had was on a night horseback ride somewhere in the South Mountain area, cooked over an open flame. Probably mesquite. The Cerveza I consumed probably influenced the taste buds. M.
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