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  1. Still at healthy keto. Still reading/observing all kinds of stuff relative to healthy keto. Changes abound. So my latest finds. Healthy Keto can be used for weight loss, better eating habits, or both. I figure we all need to be engaged and cognizant of what stuff we have historically eaten has evolved into being way different for our health. Not helping. Insulin resistance has made it to the infomercials. Diabetics and Keto acolytes knew of this long ago. Better recipes are emerging that are low carb. This concerns using almond flour and sweeteners that work well in a recipe vs. classic sweeteners. I have figured out pecan pralines and carrot cake that are low carb and taste decent. Autophagy via no snacking between meals drives me. I don’t use the word Keto much as it seems to cause some stereotypical and incorrect notions, both by laypeople and medical people. Cheers
  2. Found this looking through John’s video index. It’s probably what I twisted into a dry Jerk seasoning. For us, it is. Thank you John and @TKOBBQ.
  3. I made a dry jerk seasoning a while back. Been using it on pork chops. Lost the recipe. I think, not sure, it was a John Setzler recipe or comment. I tried searching the site getting overwhelming results. Not finding it. Was it buried in a post or stand alone? Anyone recall this?
  4. A pizza pan can work, I used one when I switched from Akorn to KJ. Why I did that? IDK. The ceramic half moons are superior.
  5. For your edification: A couple of considerations for the experiment. The process consumes quite a bit of time. I think we should resist hurrying the process along by respecting the physical properties of ceramic and not doing something that could weaken or crack the ceramic. (use your imagination as to how). Slow cooling would be the preference. Lifting out hot stuff from the Kamado needs to be done carefully. Where that stuff is placed is a factor. (In my case I ruined a painted metal table top). Also beware of crazy stuff like a pet jumping on you just as you lift up something hot. As you make clear-an experiment. Thanks. No video of the time I pointed the wife’s blow dryer at my bottom vent to hurry the coals along.
  6. So true. A difficult/debatable conundrum to figure out as to why. Caveat Emptor-buyer beware.
  7. We bought in suburbia Feb 2014. Lowest home prices in Nashville area. FF to 2021 and our house value has doubled. Sure, I could sell and move where? Apartment? Townhouse? No way. Rural to the point of giving up all the great services/ location we have in suburbia? So what happens with my unmarried, starter job 22 and 28 year olds if they eventually want to buy a house? Now I see subdivision signs that say “starting in the low 1 millons”. Wait for us to will our house to them? Kids do not want to leave where they grew up.
  8. Star with the basics. Use the search feature on this forum to find out all kinds of info. Become a site supporter-so important as it truly allows the site to keep on. Read John’s booklet. Be adventurous with your cooks. It’s cooking-always many ways to do one thing. Some great people post here and I truly am grateful for that. KG is run and moderated super well.
  9. I make some country style ribs and sauce with my Mother’s recipe. I have used the boneless ribs Costco sells with decent results. I prefer ribs with the bone in. The only recipe I make that tastes Almost as good as Mom’s. Ask my wife and siblings…..
  10. I have not read about where the offending charcoal was bought and how much it was handled. (handling is probably what causes breakdown of lump). Anyone know what the lump looks like leaving the original bag up and ship point? Compared that to what is seen after purchase? Store return of what someone deems as unsatisfactory charcoal ever been done?
  11. Does food taste better if prepped with an expensive knife? Put me down as a nicely sharpened, able to hold an edge, quality constructed knife user. I salute you all with the showpiece knives. Cheers
  12. Excellent recipe. I have been using Costco basil pesto with great results. Always trying new stuff, I made pockets in some boneless chops , filled them with pesto, wrapped them with bacon, cooked them with the pockets up in an aluminum pan. Temp probed them and pulled them at 145.
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