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  1. From my own post-results-great. Being simplistic, I did not do I held the cook in my oven for a few hours. Of course at the appropriate temp. All good. Enjoy the techniques y’all.
  2. I am of a “keep things simple” mindset. John’s first post, way back at the beginning is excellent. Variations are talked about, and might be worked in. I would go with known results rather than trying something new when cooking for an important event. Stuff happens during the cook, like the battery fails in your insta-probe or a 100 other possibles. The most important part of this cook is pulling at a temperature in the 195-205 deg. range. Choose your own. Sauce is a big factor to us. We have relatives in, and with no idea of what they like, I set out a few choices. I.e. homemade to stuff from the grocery.
  3. Salted/mustard rubbed two days ago. Also some "Butt Rub" in the mix too. On to cook tonight with help from my Flame Boss. Gonna make some SC sauce. John Setzler, Malcolm Reed tips included too.
  4. I was able to see the picture. Chrome. iPad ios15.5 Thanks.
  5. I was OP on this…5 years ago. Came back to the post to see if there was anything added. I got a ceramic hibachi that never worked out. So present day. The PK GO Hibachi caught my interest and looks (on the website) great. Anyone have one? A strong maybe for me, especially if one of us has used one.
  6. I suspect no matter the method a bag is filled, we don’t want to pay for rocks. Indications point to….limited quality control for lump loading into bags by any manufacturer. Only way to verify no rocks or odd debris are in the bags of lump, is by buying one that can be returned if one chooses.
  7. Me too. Briquettes will never be in my KJ.
  8. It’s Lorena that scares me. I occasionally make stuffed hot dogs. This is nearly what I do. https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a54577/cheese-stuffed-dogs-recipe/
  9. Over my “surprise”. Hoping for the best….
  10. See pic. This came in my bag of KJ Lump. I have had stone chunks in lesser brands but I never anticipated stone in a bag of KJ brand. So much for me being idealistic, thinking I paid for a higher quality bag of lump to avoid this. Been around the block too long for the verbiage that comes out explaining how I am not correct in understanding how I paid for a piece of stone rather than a piece of lump. Caveat emptor. But in a bag from a reputable brand?
  11. I concur. Patience and practice are key. You may read some posts here or elsewhere describing personal techniques but bear in mind those posting have learned their grill and perfected techniques beforehand. Use information for your own program development and improvements.
  12. I agree. A little TLC is wonderful. I covered mine and had no mold issues. I feel that -in my case-the cover was worth its weight in gold. If one is inclined to use a cover, I would ensure no moisture between the cover and the Akorn. Also make sure the cover has no way to allow moisture through it. It needs to breath as well, and I had good results leaving the bottom open. YMMV on all of this above.
  13. I am a Flame Boss user as well. Love it.
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