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  1. Glad you went to Lynchburg. Living nearby, taking visitors, we have been numerous times for the last 30 years. Always great. On tasting whiskey.... One tour was led by a bona fide taster for JD and his dog. Probably a one of experience. The JD products, as we all know, are more than just whiskey. I have seen but never tried their oak barrel charcoal. M.
  2. Hang in John. KG is great. Some get swept up in various rants, they need to release non cooking rants elsewhere. M.
  3. Get a thermometer, 1st time, upgrade, whatever, do so. There are so many choices to distract one but John, and Philpom have solid user experience with this one. "Priceless". M.
  4. Stumbled upon this topic seeing it has been months since it started. Receipts. They are magic if you have one for use for a return, warranty claim, registration, etc. I have learned the hard way about saving them. Used to be we always got a paper receipt whether we liked it or not. As of late, I ask for a paper copy asking the cashier to put it in my bag for a purchase that might be one that may require it's need later. Saving it. That's the toughie. Photos of the receipt stored electronically have proved to be outstanding for me. The bar code on most is the magic
  5. Putting this out there....Have made some mistakes hard boiling eggs: Left them in the IP (still quite warm) too long and the whites turned green. No big deal, just the sulfur in the shell discoloring them. They looked green but taste fine- [think green eggs and ham]: Left them in cold water too long. Whites stuck to the shell on that endeavor. I have pickled eggs in leftover pickle juice. They tasted OK. Next time I'll let them sit for a few (7) days, in the juice, in the 'fridge. My niece leans toward beet juice. -never looked on the web for recipes. There as
  6. Sure thing. Wish I could accept the virus as being the true reason for any sort of inconsistency. My son told me he lost one of my tools due to the virus.
  7. Actually, not sure about Costco anymore, let alone their roadshow vendors. Costco does a lot of things well [fill in the blank] so we press on with a membership. Nostalgically, we were members of Price Savers and Price Club long before the evolution of Costco.
  8. Thanks. Going out to look now at Dicks, Lowes and Walmart. All in close proximity. My mother always told me to "know your prices". M.
  9. My wife is from Klamath Falls, OR. That would not be a "move to" choice for us but we have her neice and family moving there from Annapolis. She is a nutritionist and husband MIT Phd. physicist. Been to Corvallis. Oregon State U. Nice community. Nice people.Wife has family in Salem, Redmond and Klamath Falls. My best vacations have been all over Oregon. Mountains, ocean , and high desert all easily reachable. Portland is exactly as they tout it. Wierd. Especially these days. But the weirdness is confined to Portland. The airport is very well done.
  10. I suspect Kingsford acquired Camp Chef pellets as I see the Kingsford logo above Camp Chef pellet descriptions. Maybe that has always been the case. Anyway, being in need of pellets I thought I might find some quality pellets for less than the common $37.50 or so for a 40# bag. Anyone with a pellet grill use Kingsford pellets? How are their prices? I think I can get a closeout deal for Camp Chef pellets @.75 a pound. Anyone used Camp Chef pellets? Any good quality pellets available for .50 to.75 a lb?
  11. Just got an email from CBS sports to activate Pick Em football. I activated, but wondering if we are doing this as a group or was it CBS Sports pushing us to have a league? M.
  12. Timing is everything. Make your move for either KJ with a temp controller when you find a price in your budget. If you want to do this, patience is a must. You can consider a source for either the KJ or the temp controller or both. There are no "rules" for buying other than your personal budget standard and not spending much beyond it. You may buy from separate sellers. Watch for sales. Look at new in box or sometimes "gently used" prices. Sometimes just a slight amount above a price you want to pay can work. Always ask for a discount. Be prepared to walk away from a seller who can
  13. I would like to try a KJ grill and sear plate. Our budget say to get a used one-especially if undecided. I'd be glad to include shipping in a purchase if anyone is so inclined. If not, I still have my pizza pan I use a a heat deflector, or my stock divide and conquer. Searing as I still do. Okay but not great. M.
  14. -am a former Akorn owner. I always used the made for the Akorn cover. The Akorn sat out in all kind of wx for two or more years. I never let too much ash accumulate. I had ruined other like type steel grills as I found ash absorbs and holds water-even minuscule amounts from the ambient air. I traded that Akorn away after my wife bought me a KJ. M.
  15. I asked the same question a while back. John responded in much the same way. I will say his words have been spot on. And if you eventually get a temperature control system, I clip a probe for my temp controller on my analog dome temp. gauge probe which reads within a few degrees of each other. I have dangled the probe through my top vent, but like clipping it on the probe best. I use a Flame Boss 100 (dated) which works great, the many other temp control systems have some slick features-lots of posts/preferences on that topic. M.
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