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  1. -am a former Akorn owner. I always used the made for the Akorn cover. The Akorn sat out in all kind of wx for two or more years. I never let too much ash accumulate. I had ruined other like type steel grills as I found ash absorbs and holds water-even minuscule amounts from the ambient air. I traded that Akorn away after my wife bought me a KJ. M.
  2. I asked the same question a while back. John responded in much the same way. I will say his words have been spot on. And if you eventually get a temperature control system, I clip a probe for my temp controller on my analog dome temp. gauge probe which reads within a few degrees of each other. I have dangled the probe through my top vent, but like clipping it on the probe best. I use a Flame Boss 100 (dated) which works great, the many other temp control systems have some slick features-lots of posts/preferences on that topic. M.
  3. Wish I could save a golf shot as well as a interrupted cook. M.
  4. I have the same Thermo Pro. Occasionally, i.e. once a year, I get some oddball readings. I revert to new batteries, cleaning all contact points, inspecting my probes and wires. Let's not forget the old turn the unit off, then on a couple of times. Once, I did a boiling water temp test and all was well. I have never faltered in my conviction that Thermo Pro stuff is spot on good. I have talked to their CS, and they were great. A different problem (operator error) but just saying, CS is great. M.
  5. @vanole. Thanks. I might get a small amount to try out. Editing this a couple hours of honey-dos...... I checked out the Hastybake. Nice cooker. M.
  6. Just read about this. Anyone had any experience with it? M.
  7. So I live in Nolensville with a 2017 KJ classic. Glad to have you. Feel free to ask me for local knowledge info. M.
  8. So I have been testing out a newer sweetener called Swerve. I have used the confectioners sweetner version for some treats. Pretty decent. M.
  9. @T YeltaJust go online and there are many, many pressure washer pump protection products. Water softener? Yes. Outside faucets are not connected to softened water. I infrequently use the pressure washer hence the need to protect the pump between uses. The operator manual recommends pump protection for certain cases. Frequent use would not merit using pump protection, until press. washer is stored for awhile. Any type water lingering in the pump never bodes well for the pump between uses. I live by the old addage "treat your equipment well, and it will return the favor". M.
  10. So in between uses I want to ensure lime build up is minimal in my pressure washer-A must in Middle Tennesse water. -In the past, I have used the Karcher, $7 for 12 oz. pump protector fluid. Spendy stuff. -I have done some Googling and whatnot to see if I could use a DIY protector fluid. Seems like auto or RV anti-freeze will work. --Any thoughts? M.
  11. Put me down as "me too" ref. IP. I have been waiting till the eggs are almost cold sitting in the ice water (used to wait only 5 mins.). Saw a guy at work who packed the eggs in the shell, and peeled just before eating with good results-asked why he does it that way, "no time to peel before I had to leave" was the answer. M.
  12. I agree with all the above. New firebox is unsat. My suspicion is what I call the new norm for poorly trained CS. Strictly read over and over what the computer tells you to. Then, spend more time fighting an issue than admitting the issue should be elevated or better yet-resolved. Related note: Just had the point I made above reinforced by 3, yes 3 CS people for my house alarm. None fixed my problem. Better yet, I troubleshot further, and figured out what CS #1 should have told me. Hours later, I solved the problem on my own. M.
  13. Thermoworks CS (have only called once re: Smoke product) was super responsive and attentive. After many years, never won their giveaway. M.
  14. Kitchen Aid. Stainless steel no coated tip. I can pick up and grip a hard boiled egg. If one wants extra grip, by all means get a coated tip. The stay closed feature for storage mechanism works well.
  15. Rec Tec makes a fine product. Have a couple of coworkers that have RecTec with no complaints.The app and wifi works great on my 340. Customer support is great. Take a look. M.
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