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  1. Indoor Non-Grill Steak!

    There are some cooks/recipes that work out well-NOT on a grill. I have my mother's country style ribs in the oven recipe down pat. I was a cook by time and mythical "doneness" techniques cook until I got some temp probes. I even make pie by temp, not by time, crust color follows suit-obviously not on the grill. M.
  2. How to use an electric stove?

    We had electric stoves for years. Managed them much like @moloch16and @ckreef. This being our last house, I converted from an electric drop in to gas. One of the great decision I have ever made. M.
  3. Delivery person throws package

    Yeah I have seen similar deliveries to my home. I jump on it, mostly with pictures attached to an email if applicable. Usual solutions include penalizing a specific delivery person. Nothing about the other delivery people within the delivery service, possibly doing the same. We all would be glad to hear how an encompassing memo went out advising personnel to not do this kind of stuff throughout the company/training practices revised. How's that for idealism? M.
  4. Pitmaster's Choice Aluminum Foil

    Not seen this foil. I am of the opinion to double up my heavy duty. My take on this is RW is using the same technique as many do; charge a higher price with "a name" and a small performance bump. Pitmaster's Choice. Not much of a thickness increase for double the price. Many times I buy stuff that has no "name" and am totally satisfied for less money. Many times I buy stuff with a "name" with a significant quality boost. Not often. M.
  5. wood finish products - help -

    Saw this post a great while after it was started. Been down the same road. My best experiences have been to use marine quality products for any wood exposed to the elements. The wood needs to be cared for periodically. How much care is your call depending on what level of exposure to the elements and if the finish you choose is penetrated allowing moisture/uv into the wood. For advice I would lean toward a regular paint store, and a long time product advisor. I have run into a lot of stores, not all, especially the big box stores going to using anyone off the street who can recite a pull down instruction from a computer backed by some minimal generic training. That's great for weekend DIYers and sales figures. M.
  6. North Alabama White Sauce

    @SmoovD. I'll try it. M.
  7. North Alabama White Sauce

    Never had Lane's. Went to a BBQ joint nearby and their white sauce was not that great. M.
  8. Made the Malcom Reed version yesterday. Our taste buds found it "Tangeee" to say the least. Used the Costco boneless legs and thighs. Have never had the original sauce yet from Big Bob Gibson. I see he uses corn syrup vice sugar. Any of y'all (I can say this genuinely, being from TN) have variations of the white sauce I might experiment with? M.
  9. Kamado Joe @ Costco

    Some of the points @Sammers510 makes bear consideration. While he has sold over the years, I have been on the other side buying. Sometimes a deal cannot be reached with a particular sales person for whatever reason. I walk away and go to another plan to get what I want. That technique has never failed me. I don't anticipate it ever will. I submit one should check some ways that have been mentioned above, and/or come up with something on your own. I swear by patience and perseverance and what my mother taught me, "never be in a hurry to spend your money". So if a deal is not working out, spend your money later on another deal. M.
  10. I concur. There is debate on which lump is best too. I have tried @4 brands of lump, and still hold the KJ lump at the top of my list. I buy at the Costco roadshows when they come through for a better price. M.
  11. Middle Tennessee

    @Redneck Joe, Nice boat. Looks like a Tim's Ford Launch ramp. Used to power boat a lot (Priest Lake and Center Hill) but kids are grown and thinking about sailboat adventures in the Pensacola area. Better sailing winds. Wife is from Klamath Falls, OR. She just retired from a credit union and I fly airplanes for a living-few more years to go. I usually say I work "at the airport" to keep a low profile from the social media crowd. I'll look for your smoke next time I get to Manchester. Got a pilot buddy down there. One of my boys HS classmates at SLU now as a frosh. Got a Danish pilot buddy at Martinair. M.
  12. Cooking hotdogs at the house...

    Sometimes I use Costco hot dogs (dogs) and stuff them with cheese. slice dogs lengthwise to almost in half. flatten dogs brown them up in a skillet on both sides (might have to put something on top of the dogs so they lay flat) put your choice of cheese in the part sliced open cover till cheese melted. be careful not to melt the cheese too much so it runs out. I turn off stove and let residual heat do the rest. We know what to do next.
  13. Any Info on This Gadget?

    Not looking at a picture-nope. Sorry for no picture, especially @DWFII and @Bgosnell151 or any other image/web page offer-too many challenges and lack of drive on my end. This item is a multi level, spiraling, squat triangle shape that would be surrounded by charcoal, with big air gaps underneath each spiral. Probably could fit in the lower part of of most grills. Probably a prototype or limited production item from years ago-i.e. infancy of internet searches time period. I tried to search it yesterday, and no luck-hence my willingness to press any further. Need to bow out now. Thanks. Cheers
  14. Boston Butt nutritional information

    Wasted my money on an app Fitness Pal to keep track of my cals. I am off their script so much I WAG it. WAG=Wild #### Guess. M.
  15. Middle Tennessee

    Howdy from Nolensville. Glad to have you. M.