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  1. Joe JR efficient for my goals?

    Thanks. The only variable remaining might be if any of our Canadian Gurus may have some insights on purchasing a Kamado for a Canadian resident. I.e. who, where, how much etc. to work with on a purchase. M.
  2. Joe JR efficient for my goals?

    The Canadian availability issue is a toughie. So what is actually available to a Canadian if they want a Kamado? I have seen posts at times from various Canadians on this KG forum. Maybe we need some ideas from them. One might be specific about budget, and other preferences. Cheers. M.
  3. Joe JR efficient for my goals?

    2 cents worth. Over the years I have made do with smaller grills. I pulled some miraculous cooks for friends on a small 8" Hibachi. The turning point was when we had friends over on a Memorial Day one year. More people invited than ever. I envisioned being out of miracles for cooking whatever people wanted to bring other than burgers or brats/hot dogs which I had a plan for (some cooking in advance). I went out and bought a Weber Kettle grill. Good thing too. 95 per cent of the adults showed and brought steaks, as they figured no matter what, my grilling skills, seen on a previous occasion, would produce a great cook. Yikes. Hung onto that Weber until I got an Akorn on a great sale, and the glorious world of Kamados. All that said, take a look at the Akorn. I think someone posted, they even have a ceramic one now. Either not too expensive. This time of year, one might find a "fire sale" deal somewhere. I am now a KJ "cheerleader" but more so a Kamado "cheerleader". M.
  4. Cedar corner table

    I started research on making a table today, and I found yours. This reinforces what I have in mind. Innovative in that cedar is used vice the pressure treated wood/stainless. Key is the mounting of the Kamado, then finishing the build around it. The corner shape is great way to go as well. I'm gonna gather materials, over time, to keep costs down. Thanks for doing so great and showing an alternative to usual builds.... M.
  5. Manual Can Opener

    Thanks philpom. -gonna keep my eye out for an upgraded opener. I figure the Ez-Duz-It will do until then. M.
  6. We're talking kitchen use at home. Many will swear by the military issue or surplus P38. Me too...... backpacking or camping. Mine finally gave it up. Go online and get another. Right...... An incredible array of names and quality. I finally settled on an Ez-Duz-It. It's the original Swing Away renamed and made in the same factory. The original Swing Away name was sold and the quality suffered. So far so good. I'm hoping for some longevity. Lots of stuff out there and they all seem to be fair to poor. Just saying..... M.
  7. Thanks for showing this. Gonna watch it. I got into the whole to brine or not inner debate last Thanksgiving. Many, many posts on this forum and Amazing ribs. Be prepared if you look, for a ton of recommendations. In retrospect, (I chose not to brine), so much depends on whether the bird was pre-brined or injected, frozen or not. (I used non frozen). Did this to get a baseline on what I would or would not do. I need to try brining some chickens over the next few months and find my comfort zone. Til later......... M.
  8. Shave Question?

    I alternate between my Dad's 1940s single blade and a modern 5 blade. I only use Gillette. No matter what, the blade needs to be super sharp. I have dry skin in the neck area, so critical for me is shave cream or lotion, sometimes I even use 1% hydro-cortisone if I suspect dryness. Have fun with the one blade. M.
  9. Jerky Question

    I have never made pork jerky. Learned the jerky trade from my brother years ago who told me not to be bother with pork. Why? His older brother response, "the Indians didn't do it". M.
  10. Kamado rescue. A Christmas story

    Nice story. So much fun and enjoyment reviving something that seemed gone forever. Keep your updates coming. M.
  11. New joe coming tomorrow

    No worries. -so excited to have you to as a new Joe owner. M.
  12. Anybody know what this is?

    A corporation with a super huge budget seems to be exploring a revenue stream via a ceramic in their line-up. The words surrounding the Akorn descriptions talk about 'not breaking like an egg". Reminds me of the Samsung vs. iPhone ads. I am a former Akorn owner and I am glad for Chargriller having a product that brought me into the joys of Kamado cooking for a small investment. I hope people in general who are averse to Kamado cooking for whatever reason, (suspect the money for a ceramic as their number one objection), join the ranks. Shout out to Chargriller in order? M.
  13. Pumpernickel

    Very nice. Look forward to the tweaks. I am ready to give this a go. One of my favorite breads. -been using the breadmaker. M.
  14. My Spatchcocked Turkey.

    Thanks Keeper. Not me using a sawzall to spatchcock. Glad you caught that. My wife.... well that depends. She's a baker. Baking is so dependent on exacts. The TLAR method I sometimes use cooking makes her wonder. Be good Amigo. M.