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  1. I bought a pellet grill a year ago. I did this to find out if this was gonna be my go to grill. It is for some personal convenience items. My 2017 KJ Classic always wins for taste. Not just me but the whole family. To each his own, as they say but @Cavman, this KG forum is so great. I looked at the other pellet related forums and sub forums. They are mediocre. Hope you can find a happy medium. M.
  2. Prayer list-done. I will pray for you too. M.
  3. Fasting helps with autophagy-the body's ability for cell repair. My limited, layman's perception is to avoid insulin spikes. -plethora of ways to do this, but the answer circles back to avoiding insulin spikes/intake of food with a high glycemic index- i.e.sugary foods. Many hear the word insulin and think immediately "that's only for diabetics". Our bodies make insulin routinely, depending on food intake, diabetic or not. So I bet that may be addressed somehow in the answer from @owly we are looking for. M.
  4. Anyone get the Avid Armor 100? Any other sealer as good or better than the Avid vs. the Foodsaver which appears to be entry level? M.
  5. I had read that there were reviewers paid to give a product good reviews. Recently this figure is approaching 60%. I remember this being a like issue a few years ago when a statement had to be made by an endorser, ergo reviewer of a product to the effect if they did indeed use/own a product. I also heard from a business consultant one day, during a casual conversation that bad reviews were the ruination of a product/sevice-especially for smaller businesses. I have observed over a long period all the above to be factual and true. To go further, Monsanto got in a bind when it was found they had hired reviewers to refute any negative review toward any of their products. I heard each review was worth $.50 to anyone with a join in and away to write a review. No retribution. I believe this is public knowledge-still looking at this one. So who are the reviewers? What are their quals? Where do the reside? First hand knowledge of the product? Own it? Have a history of thousands of online reviews? (add your own questions). I like our KG people. They tell things like they are.
  6. I feel so enthused to see the previous posts. In the last 2 years I have gotten the "from another planet" reaction to those who misundertand fasting. Chemo fasting working for H.W. Fantastic. Maybe this concept will grow. Just had the listening to your body discussion with my wife earlier. We feel that people are corralled into action as they perceive they have no time. Time for: listening to your body: doing some research and asking questions; trial and error. There seems to be time for meds with some crazy side effects/minimal help. I may be found to have no time to experiment with a nasty side effect. M.
  7. This is true. John told me as such when I got my Rec Tec. pellet grill. I lapsed on maintenance once and got a problem. Once. As the saying goes, "learn from your mistakes". Not hard for me to admit it was my bad. Actually a lot easier than spinning a tale to hide an inadequacy on my end. M.
  8. No worries. I had the same issue but actually glad it happened. No more binding. No bother at all. M.
  9. Really well done. I envision the cover you get to protect all that great work-will be great. M.
  10. I had the Akorn for a few years. I used the original manufacturer's cover. I got that at Lowes. The Akorn was super exposed to all the elements and the cover worked great. No water in the ash pan ever. M.
  11. @Loremaster72 posted. Today's cooking: Smothered cabbage with sausage. It's a Rachael Ray recipe I've made before, but this is the first time I tried it on the grill. It's got way more vegetables in it than meat, so that's why I landed it here. I will say that it was slower to cook on the grill than on the stove top, but it's a really tasty dish, and a good way to use up some sausage or ham. Gonna try it as it appears "Keto Friendly". I have found tons of recipes that make my pre Keto, no fat, low fat, etc. stuff seem unfriendly to what I find to be in line with my saturated fats are really OK stuff-especially better on the KJ. -liking cauliflower rice. I make my own with the help of Rikon Kuhn Manual Chopper. Got the chopper as a stocking stuffer and it is turning out to be quite a gem. The over killed safety features of the electric choppers are too much. Yes, I value safety but not what I suspect as overdone, overkilled safety measures. M.
  12. I am a Flame Boss 100 user. The basics of its use have not seemed to changed model to model. I clip the ambient probe to the dome thermometer probe. That works out great. Never had a a significant (5 deg. or so) temp. difference, that is if you're good enough to see 5 deg. on an analog display. There are tons of past posts on grill temp, where the probe is place, why readings are different, using dome temp vs. temp on the grill. The discussions are lengthy and ongoing. I found a setup that I liked, stuck with it, read the many probe placement posts with interest, and have had great cooks and no complaints or confusion. Key is the internal probe temperature of your cook. M.
  13. So it's been awhile since I read posts on this pellet dust topic. I finally forced a dust issue when I used the bottom of a bag load of pellets(lots of dust). The dust fouled the auger. -cleaned the auger and fire pot all by manufacturer instructions. Used a 20 year old shop vac. Used a kitchen liquids strainer, to strain the usable pellets of too much dust. Had the grill for 11 mos. No hopper fires, 2 grease fires (my bad). Maybe my wife has sensed some dust on her cooked item. No feedback on dust from the dog. I routinely leave the grill unattended with no worries. Never said I was the sharpest crayon in the box. I will say I keep the grill and pretty much any equipment I have, in good order. My Dad always said, "take care of your tools." M.
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    What I do....Time Crunched-lube sparingly with some olive oil. Not Time crunched....clean it it with a non toxic degreaser. I use Purple power. Super messy. When I first started out, I saw a post on a drastic measure-clean with an ultrasonic parts cleaner. I never did, but if one is zealous, I imagine you could end up with a bare metal tower. And what John says above. Common sense prevails. M.
  15. Spot on: I went thru the same thought progression in 2017 when I got my KJ and later the KAB. M.
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