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  1. DWFII. Just a thought...Look at the classified here or even make a post asking if there is an availability ( in your price comfort range )of a Kamado. There have been a few who have restored to working order Kamados that they may want to part with. I saw a guy once moving, and flat out selling for a moving sale price. Maybe nearby. The Gurus have a far reach. Opinion. This is a better time of year to see such posts as the"season" for some (maybe loss of interest) has come and gone and they are ridding themselves of a Kamado they don't use anymore. M.
  2. Akorns are great. No doubt about it. Still have mine. in no way do they get an incapable moniker. To this day I still feel that I could fire it up and make anything. Temp control is delicate-especially long term.. (A post long ago explained why). Heat retention not the same as a ceramic. As you have implied, even being a master of Akorn vent setting is a tall order. (no overnight cooks for you). My KJ upgrades the long and short term temp control issues to negligible. In fact, I do not use an electronic temp control device, unless it's gonna be windy. I got one on a deep sale and , only use it occasionally. An accessory. A want not a need. Better yet, I use dome temp. Yikes, many posts relative to that. I see central Oregon as home. My wife is from Klamath. I have backpacked many trails just off the Pacific Crest Trail. Great Memories. M.
  3. All Kamados will do the same things (verify this by reading recipes and ensuing posts). I have had the Akorn and the 2017 KJ. The Akorn is a slightly different Kamado. Steel clad vs. Ceramic-the obvious difference. Heat retention another. How much fuel do you need? A quick answer would be "as much as you need". The Kamado is not a situation of having to refuel during a cook. Fill any Kamado (charcoal) and fuel will last for a long time. Longevity is based on the temperature you cooked with. Ex. I have gone 14 hours on a low temp. smoke/cook , shutdown, then did another shorter cook on the same fuel another day. Scour the Kamado Guru forums. There are many words on your topics. M.
  4. KJ better watch out

    https://www.solostove.com/solo-stove-lite Some backpackers like this one. M.
  5. Turkey trouble

    Yup. Try a temp probe system like John mentioned. I used an Akorn for awhile and got much better results with a remote probe. I made a comment (can't find it), on the forums, that the Akorn temp gauge known to be was way off. As always, one Guru indirectly disputed that and went through a huge scientific sounding explanation as to why HIS Akorn gauge was spot on. So try a probe and see what you get. Take a look at a post from TKOBBQ "Turkey Cook Temp" see item 16. M.
  6. Turkey Cook Temps

    Thanks TKOBBQ. Almost overlooked the obvious. I have been almost goofy over any/every turkey recipe I have been considering. Amazing Ribs has always been spot on. Got some good tips off this forum too. Have been refining many recipes into my 2017 version as for years I have never updated my recipe that has a bunch of flaws in it I never considered. I am all in on his gravy. I like the practical words about trying to get "too fancy". Never even probed a bird just went by the old 20min per pound adage. Yikes! Making 2 birds this year with my newfound Knowledge. 1 oven, 1 KJ. M.
  7. KJ better watch out

    Definitely a niche cooker. Being a Slovak I occasionally like to make Slovak food. My Slovak recipes only go back 100 years or so. No mention of anything other than "cooking with gas" on a stove or in an oven. I imagine one could explore some regional specific recipes on this one-are there any forums to read?
  8. Go-to Turkey Day sides?

    Making one oven bird an one on the KJ. Like you, I can make a real good stuffing this way. Sides are the usual right out of the BHG Cookbook. This is a keep it simple operation here. Not doing anything new either 'cept the KJ bird.
  9. Dry Brine vs. Wet Brine

    OK. Got a "fresh" turkey at Kroger. Not brined or injected. That was my just in case one if Costco did not have a "fresh" bird. Costco did. Both touted the never frozen words on the packages. They had a digital freezer gauge over the bin at both stores showing 27F. I felt both and found a little of the turkey was frozen, I reasoned to be normal-being in that environment for who knows how long waiting to be sold. Put both in my fridge. So as I check on them, I'll know for sure how much they were frozen. Not worried, as no matter what, they will get cooked.
  10. -We got dual Convection ovens with our new house. Had the option on the old house oven for either conventional bake or convection. --We always chose conventional. Not an option on the contractor installed stuff. I did convert my stove top to gas. ---My wife is wacked (that's a mild statement) over converting her longtime Baking recipes. Some of her stuff is super dependent on older conventional behavior-some presentation and some timing. As we know, sugary stuff is unforgiving in a quick fashion. Certain stuff has to be the right color. She does does an awesome choc. chip cooking with a just right melting of the chips. At least used to. Me not so bad using all my Kamado cooking techniques and temp probes, when I do use the oven. I bring this up as the traditionalists in my house are demanding an oven turkey cook-no worries , doing one on the KJ too. So thank heaven for my old Maverick and newer Smoke so I can do a couple of in cook probes and temps in the oven itself. If things get rough I'll swap into at least one traditional oven if that's possible down the road. M.
  11. Turkey Cook Temps

    I am doing the same. Probably go for option 2. I have not gotten good taste from low temp poultry smoking. I have read some posts....somewhere, that indeed this is true. Couple of Qs: The turkey. Are you using fresh? Brining or not? Mstewart39 has a good method going and I'll mirror it. Whole or spatchcock? And I agree. There are a gazillion opinions. M.
  12. Akorn Available

    Best. Send me a message rather than a post-I'll keep my eye out.
  13. Akorn Available

    I am home from now 11-13 to the end of the month. Let me know and I'll get it out and ready it up.
  14. Fly Fishing Question

    I am a big believer in staying with known patterns. Me, like you have, always used ultra light spinning gear for trout. In fact my brother and I outfished some hard core "you ain't squat fishing trout without a fly rod" dudes. I never feel bad that I never put the time in to be a master of the fly rod. I can do magic with my ultralight rig. So no words from me except, enjoy the trip. I envy you a bit. M.
  15. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    Option on top material would be great. If not already visualizing some DIY options. -counting on some DIY posts if we ever go that far. M.