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  1. Some call these firefly lights. Have two strands. One strand works great, the other is sketchy. The sketchy one I took apart and found a broken solder joint which I re-soldered of course. I replaced the rechargeable battery too. The strand seemed to work OK for awhile but I cannot be sure if the solar panel is charging correctly due to cloudy days and me not being home to observe their operation. I go by remarks from the family who offers basic stuff like, "the lights came on, and when I woke up to get a glass of water they were off". Any of us have experience with these low quality but fun lights? Should I consider replacing parts? These lights were only $15 or so a strand so this would purely be a fun little side project-see if I can get the solar charger rebuilt (if needed) and maybe use the lights again next year. I feel the lights themselves are probably good enough and worth a little investment of time and money. I have doubts about the solar charger. Thanks. M.
  2. Figured MCT oil or powder out. If you do healthy Keto, then you will "get" this readily. MCT is good for me if I do intermittent fasting and need fat to satisfy my daily intake. I.e. not helpful to ingest a high fat oil, and eat a lot of fat. One ends up burning dietary fat and not the body fat a diet plan is working on. M.
  3. @inarngr. Try it. Info I have is that 5:2 has a lot of negatives. I hated the idea of fasting. Then I realized that fasting is really not snacking, eating healthy Keto, avoiding high glycemic foods, and giving my internals time to process and do their jobs. Avoid spiking insulin. Me and my wife do 18 hour fasting with 2 meals in a 6 hour window every day. 18:6. We eat some really tasty and easy foods. We do not count calories- just eat smart and estimate. If you need an app try Cronometer. It's a good app especially for customization M.
  4. My Doc told me he like to see me at 190. I was at 240. 57 yrs old. I looked at him and told him the last time I weighed 190 was in 8th grade. ( JUN 2018) So like @Polar Bear, I do a modified Keto plan, indulge (cheat) here and there, have some low carb alcoholic drinks here and there, again. I embrace a thoughtful fat, carb. and protein intake. I intermittent fast. I actually cut my exercise program way back-to a maintenance mode. I like to think about fixing my sugar intake dependency, insulin resistant, abused internal organs every day. Overcome the myths that have been ingrained in my brain over the years.. So far, so good. I weigh myself about once a month and gauge my losses by belt loops- down 2 and 33 lbs. New pants and shorts. Reunion with some old clothes. I am into stuffed burgers and stuffed pork loin on the KJ to name a couple of foods. They both fit my plan. I read/watch videos/ try foods/ supplements a lot, and try out stuff that are proclaimed ways to help for better overall way of managing my body. M.
  5. Intermittent fasting (IF). At first I was vehemently opposed. Did some more reading, met a coworker doing it, and I tried it. I am OK with it. I figure it is helping my internal organs be restored. I have abused them with too much sugar for many years. My sugar abuse was so refined, just like some of my sugar intake, that at times, I thought I was eating "healthy". Never did get into diabetes. Just insulin resistance. Add sugar to the common addiction list. That usually generates a "yeah right" from many. The only support group I know of for sugar addiction, is generated by one's self. Fortunately being a stubborn bugger, I could support myself. M.
  6. This may lend some perspective-especially toward the end of the video. IDK much/not physiological trained about negative calorie diets. I am into battling insulin spikes and insulin resistance in my world. M.
  7. @SmoovD So awesome. I admire your tenacity. M.
  8. Got the possibles. Still wondering.... M.
  9. This would be the Costco Brentwood, TN, July 2nd, 2019. I am not intent on mudslinging or getting a sales rep into hot water. Just wondering. So I go over to get some KJ lump, at 1100 hrs. Sales guy says they are sold out. "I'll have it tomorrow. Hmm. Is the intent to just sell only the Units? Are the sales reps not given the KJ products to enhance the product. I.e. buy a new KJ but no lump to go with with the purchase. Is there a sales rep. training problem? Do they really believe in the product or are just warm bodies hired for that particular sales gig? Oh yeah. I forgot an item and went back to Costco the next day-3 Jul. Great. I can get that lump. It was after 1800 hrs. but no sales rep., which I anticipated and no lump to be seen. So much for the sales reps. words. On the original contact , as a sales rep. I may have apologized and said "I'll put as couple of bags back for you, in case you are in the area tomorrow." Last year was much the same as described. So much for that inconvenience for a great product. M.
  10. For something tasty-marinate the entire bird. M.
  11. As of today, my pain is gone. R.I.C.E. treatment, Google rehab exercises , some outside help, a solid supplement regime, walking, and a mostly Keto food diet all contributed-or I'd be in with a Doc this week. Took @10 days. I will bicycle ride on the flat [course] tomorrow-should be OK. Rode" on the flat" a week ago with no adverse affects. M.
  12. This is a good one. On exercising: The old saying, "what a pain in the ####". I actually got one. Piriformis muscle strain. This muscle crosses the sciatica and when it spasms it may seem like a sciatica nerve problem, but I have no back problems currently or historically. That ruled out sciatica. Anyway diet modification is paramount for weight loss. Exercising helps a Keto diet is good overall without a doubt but is of a lesser priority. My wife does very little exercise, is on a modified Keto diet, and has lost over 30#. I exercise and as mentioned overdid it, but am not worried about not exercising and ruining my modified Keto plan. I am down 2 belt holes. Last I checked that's over 30#-I go off of belt sizes rather than lbs. lost. M.
  13. Great video for some basic reverse sear info. Some "cats" are not reverse sear fans but I am. Many previous pro/con KG posts relative to reverse sear-where I got my info. This video is perfect for newer cooker to get some experience with the technique itself and see if they like it and maybe even explore it further. BTW, if a steak is not available in the house, reverse sear works with with some thick cut pork loin. M.
  14. I got my info from Dr. Berg on YouTube. He has some viable points on many health issues with bibliographies too. His video is here :
  15. Our goal is to be debt free then pull the plug.. Hopefully in 4 years I will get the Retired T-shirt. My wife is already retired and so, so happy. M.
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