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  1. Was looking for a beef rib recipe, and voila. I will report back.
  2. @keeperovdeflame I recognizeTracy's name. My student days were 79-83. Hunker down and enjoy that snow.✈️
  3. Saw snow like this when I went ERAU (Prescott) Showed a gal from Southern California how to do donuts with her car.
  4. When I need an item; Finding equitable prices. Not "fire sales" just good for both the seller and buyer. Amazon seller price asks are many times higher than other sources. Sometimes a better price is offset by an outrageous shipping fee. Too bad. eBay went the same way long ago. The Prime shipping fee is always built in to the price ask. Beware. Low cost Prime shipping may take a long while with ANY carrier. Smart Post is not so fast. You have to contact the seller or guess what shipping they use.
  5. Repair work. I will try to repair anything... Furniture restoration. Fitness biking. Trail or road. Making new recipes. Reading paper books. So retro. Music appreciation. Rock from the 60s to todays Indie Rock.
  6. I have put Covid discussions in the same delicate group as women's weight or age, politics and religion. Been trained in leadership many times over and now I know what it's like to have poor to no leadership. Cheers.
  7. @Vanole, hope you read this while on the mend. Thoughts and prayers for you and everyone on your team. M.
  8. John you are great. We need more people like you. Merry Christmas. As my Dad used to say, "don't let the buggers get you down". M.
  9. I posted the video in this thread you probably saw. Can't give you an infomercial "by golly, celery juice is health changing". We are not juicers. But we do eat raw celery sticks frequently. . We are intermittent fasters, healthy Keto dieters, supplement takers, I exercise a lot but the wife is infrequent. Something is working and celery is a part of it....
  10. Have tried numerous recipes/tries to make this bread with poor results: Both in the oven and bread machine; Tried stoneware and regular metal bread pans; No single recipe writer can really agree on the ratio to convert from all purpose flour to almond flour; Use eggs, egg whites or some other binder like xanthan gum?; or how much if you do?; Baking soda and apple cider vinegar, just baking soda, just baking powder, or a combination of baking soda and powered? How much if used?; Never did find any words on why a certain recipe did not work. -just some vague,
  11. So as mentioned, I am on a modified Keto Diet, like many of us. Mostly for health and sometimes weight loss. Annual physical results this year were great. So I asked myself why. A minimum of 18 hours of fasting each day. 2 meals only in a 6 hour window. Obsessively avoiding carbs and any form of sugar. Not sweeteners but forms of sugar. I like Monk fruit and 100% Stevia. They can be used in baking but recipes need to be adjusted. No Snacking ever. Make some great stuff with lots of fat on my KJ. Can I do better? Yes. How? Longer fasting. Fa
  12. I did the same for my Rec Teq pellet grill. Read tons of posts, on various forms about peoples "druthers". My final answer is: buy a normally expensive brand on discount or sale. If there is not a sale, flip a coin on a more expensive brand. Keep looking for a sale. Stock up. I have gone cheap and wasted my money. Some have gone cheap and "lucked out". That's rare or their standards are lower than mine.
  13. Found this to be a current and decent article. Glycemic index and suitability for baking temps discusseed too. https://www.ruled.me/keto-diet-plan-best-and-worst-sweeteners/ M.
  14. Glad you went to Lynchburg. Living nearby, taking visitors, we have been numerous times for the last 30 years. Always great. On tasting whiskey.... One tour was led by a bona fide taster for JD and his dog. Probably a one of experience. The JD products, as we all know, are more than just whiskey. I have seen but never tried their oak barrel charcoal. M.
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