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  1. Yeah I have a pellet grill (basic model Rec Tec) and and a KJ Classic. Got the pellet grill to see what all everyone was talking about Like any tool, I choose the tool (grill) that is best suited for the job (cook). -still working on what grill preference is best for a given cook. Those preferences are a work in progress. I'm not into anything but how my cook comes out using the KJ or the pellet. I have cooks that come out better on the KJ and vice versa. I do not have a double wall on my Rec Tec- I do have excellent Wifi and temp control on the Rec Tec. Took me awhile to get used to plugging in electric for a grill cook. So a pellet KJ. Ceramic properties combined with a pellet fuel. I would love to be able to try this combo out. Looking forward to reading some posts. M.
  2. Gather your stones to throw at me. Over the years I have owned, later replaced many products by the same manufacturer or tried a new to me, product. Sometimes it seems as if a lesser material, process etc. etc. are used to build a product. I surely have had those thoughts and seen it. . The good: new technology may yield an upgrade to improve what seemed to be "there's no way they can do this better", product. I own/use at work stuff that is so much better, via new technology or backing off on original over engineering. The bad: (this usually happens when a name brand is sold) indeed lesser materials possibly, may, might be used to make what was once a proud product into a below average product. We can only guess or learn the hard way. The new manufacturer can fix that issue or press on. Bottom line. Caveat Emptor. We control what we spend our money on. It has become apparent to me that I must do a little research before I buy so I don't get disappointed after a purchase. I wish I could claim I am mistake free but I am not. I have returned more stuff in the last 5 years than I have in 20. Lately, I examine the return process before I buy. I save receipts-not always easy to find them. I have a Classic 2017 KJ and no plans to replace it. M.
  3. I use a basket. Took grate out way back when. M.
  4. Thanks but no thanks. Personal preferences. A couple of ingredients that are show stoppers for us. M.
  5. Nice to know Hatch peppers are out there-appears in NM area. We are in TN. I could use some seedlings. M.
  6. I had this same question a few years ago. Read a plethora of techniques on the forums. Real simple for me. Follow what John discusses. As he says, "consider it". I did. I'm good. M.
  7. Long story short. Up early from smoke alarm battery chirping wake up call. But searching for another item, I saw the Vision at Sam's for $399.-in my area-Nashville. Maybe if interested you can check for this deal in your area. Esp. over Labor Day weekend sales time. I imagine one needs a membership or a friend with one to get into Sam's.etc. etc. All the best. M.
  8. Great deals are almost a hobby with me. No I'm not a shop-a-holic. How did you find this deal? What was the amount you paid? My dad insisted on and I live "caveat emptor". M.
  9. For the Keto diet grillers.... Jalepeno poppers wrapped with bacon, in moderation, work with Keto plans. -pretty sure we won't read that on some Keto blog. M.
  10. Put me on the "like em" list for stuffed jalapenos, aka ABTs, aka jalapeno poppers. Read some posts as far back as 2012, to get a feel for ideas on making them. First time out for me. I made some wings to go with. Wings and ABTs excellent. BTW, these babies are Keto friendly in my books. M.
  11. So trying out "proclaimed " stuff to optimize my liver functions. Beets. I can down some cooked beets OK. Anyone have any, ways to eat either beets and/ or beet leaves. Should I put some beets on my KJ and grill them? M.
  12. We all know this but......I lift the skin and put any rub directly on the meat and cover it with the skin. M.
  13. Some call these firefly lights. Have two strands. One strand works great, the other is sketchy. The sketchy one I took apart and found a broken solder joint which I re-soldered of course. I replaced the rechargeable battery too. The strand seemed to work OK for awhile but I cannot be sure if the solar panel is charging correctly due to cloudy days and me not being home to observe their operation. I go by remarks from the family who offers basic stuff like, "the lights came on, and when I woke up to get a glass of water they were off". Any of us have experience with these low quality but fun lights? Should I consider replacing parts? These lights were only $15 or so a strand so this would purely be a fun little side project-see if I can get the solar charger rebuilt (if needed) and maybe use the lights again next year. I feel the lights themselves are probably good enough and worth a little investment of time and money. I have doubts about the solar charger. Thanks. M.
  14. Figured MCT oil or powder out. If you do healthy Keto, then you will "get" this readily. MCT is good for me if I do intermittent fasting and need fat to satisfy my daily intake. I.e. not helpful to ingest a high fat oil, and eat a lot of fat. One ends up burning dietary fat and not the body fat a diet plan is working on. M.
  15. @inarngr. Try it. Info I have is that 5:2 has a lot of negatives. I hated the idea of fasting. Then I realized that fasting is really not snacking, eating healthy Keto, avoiding high glycemic foods, and giving my internals time to process and do their jobs. Avoid spiking insulin. Me and my wife do 18 hour fasting with 2 meals in a 6 hour window every day. 18:6. We eat some really tasty and easy foods. We do not count calories- just eat smart and estimate. If you need an app try Cronometer. It's a good app especially for customization M.
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