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  1. Went away from briquettes when I got my 2017 KJ. So what does anyone think about briquettes being better for long cooks less than 300 deg.? Or the conjecture that briquettes may contain a high percentage of sawdust and wood debris in it?
  2. @John SetzlerBehmoor 2000 How did you know this? As they say, Spill. I am not going to play any trivia games with you, John.
  3. I saw a Malcom Reed video about this. Making a boneless rib sammich, as he says. By chance, while at Walmart shopping found a package labeled boneless pork ribs. No style mentioned Malcom cooked then deboned his ribs using his methods. Imagine that. I cooked my bought already deboned ribs at 250 paralleling John’s modified St. Louis ribs 321 method. They came out fair. First time, cooking deboned ribs, Not deboned country style I get at Costco and have made many times. So we have deboned ribs, cooked and later deboned ribs, and deboned country styl
  4. As people said above. Reputable dealer (AGC). There may be others. Watch for money off prices as mentioned. How? Sign up for newsletters, troll websites, KG forum. If applicable, get a military or senior discount. Coupons from stores. If a seller needs to move product for some reason, you may get money off. I would not expect money off during peak buying seasons. (of course there are exceptions) I.e. Spring, Summer. Patience is key. Getting an equitable price is work. Work something out for the interim until you get what you want. Otherwise pa
  5. I started with an Akorn. 2017 KJ II currently. And a Req Tec pellet. I can guess some great outcomes of what I learned with a metal clad and a ceramic. Glad KJ was had some vision. Wife says gotta sell a grill to get another.
  6. KISS method. Keep It Simple....Works for me hands down Last S in KISS is your at discretion.
  7. Some follow up. Got 2 18# bags of Kingsford Pro briquettes on sale at Costco. A chimney at Wally World $10, so my little project is not too spendy. I replaced the rivets and made the handle stronger on the chimney which was way too flimsy for me, handling hot coals and all. Not the good stuff but a low budget set up.
  8. The money fleecers are getting smarter these days. I am a careful buyer but every once in a while I goof up. What I have been taught is that one has to “insulate” themselves if you will, on any purchase, on anything. Tedium prevails. That means save receipts, register for warraanties, read fine print , use an account that is specific for purchases, ask salespeople for their promises in writing etc.etc. Caveat Emptor prevails.
  9. @KJChrisGreetings. We nearby in Nolensville. Glad to have you in town and on this most excellent forum. M.
  10. What seems impossible to me is what all is in the impossible burger. Not looking at an ingredient label, there probably an impossible amount of ingredients that only degrade a person’s metabolic system. I like to control my ingredients as best I can. I figure the bona fide non meat eaters have their reasons to do so. Hopefully it’s for solid reasons. I have some non meat recipes that are full of nasty stuff. Taste is good.
  11. So I looked on the forum. Everything discussed ...real nice. I went super basic. Just taking this to the 2 weeks at PCB (we are not at all comfortable with the unknown history of the property included grill). Weber Smokey Joe. Super basic, small and low$. Yikes. I feel hoity toity after using my pellet grill or KJ. I may revert to briquettes and a charcoal chimney. 1st cook for the trial run was juicy lucy burgers. Used my Maverick 732 probe which made me feel that I was the “big time griller” I think I am. BTW, burgers were fine. G
  12. https://amp.tennessean.com/story/news/health/2021/03/09/nashville-vaccinate-10-000-people-one-day-nissan-stadium/4603238001/ I was one of the 10000. Went really well. I expected the worst, hoped for the best and got...the best. 18 hours later-all is well.
  13. Follow up post. It is USPS delivery. -gonna wait. We have had too many larger than a regular letter problems with them lately. We online order frequently. So.... Maybe it's just our recent sour shippingexperiences. Some well heeled positive posts above. I value that kind of input.
  14. Hatch looks worth a try. I see the $10 flat rate shipping. We will order as soon as we can verify USPS is in no way involved-some poor to horrible results lately from FedEx Smart Post (3 weeks from Indy to Nashville) or anything pure USPS.
  15. No colon problems from fat for us. We read labels and are deliberate on food intake. We research, set standards, and stick to them. We know well what a "head game" modifying eating habits are. So many eating concepts and food choices we were raised with have proven not helpful. We are not always perfect but the body allows for some temporary "cheat" the diet stuff.
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