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  1. Good find. I’d like to see Costco with more medium sized meat packages. We know their bulk size strategies, but I am not seeing shoppers loading their carts up with meats or fish. I have been walking away, not buying lately.
  2. I am into Flame Boss. Helpful in windy conditions that mess with my goto vent settings. I use an FB 100 antique in technology years.
  3. HI. I started Kamado cooking on an Akorn. Lots of KGers post and do fantastic cooks on theirs. I did too. Maybe you know or heard this : -Akorn is extremely sensitive/quick to temp change via vent changes compared to ceramics; -if you have the means get a cover to protect it from all elements and rust -did the mods early on that were mentioned on the Akorn section of the forum; -used a pizza pan as a heat deflector -the ash pan needs low key TLC. Not a big deal, just an extra thing keep track of; -as John says, “get a temp controller”. I still use a Flame Boss……100 antique. Switched to ceramic and KJ on a deal I could not pass up. Cheers
  4. Fasting….not starving is so great for my body. I just shortened a recovery to a problem (specifics later) via 24 hr. fasting. Easy, as I did not feel like eating anyway. I will be “cheating” as they say, on healthy Keto, but moderating my unfriendly but taste so great food, this weekend. Ketones, autophagy, and growth hormone generated via fasting are my gifts to myself. Cheers
  5. Our grills are like any other cooking tool. They need to be kept in good working condition. We clean or wash cookware and dishes. Any grill needs to be cleaned too. Cheers.
  6. Cleaning up storage space I found the recipe I thought I got from KG. Here it is:
  7. Always looking for a new method-this time I saved the post and I will be able to find it easily for the next time I do brined poultry. Thanks.
  8. I did a practice spatchcocked turkey recently. Probably trying another too late in the game for this Thanksgiving. I used the method described by Meathead in his book. IMO. It was good but not great. I put my perceptions on the fresh, never frozen turkey I used. I probably could have flavored the turkey better. Ahhh. Now the debates begin. What does one do? I am going to try different techniques until I find one that I can pass on to the kids much like the recipes that were passed onto me. I will say, recipes/techniques on this forum are pretty darn good. I like recipes that have actually been made by the cook-not one that someone somehow found and never took time to make themselves. Look at John’s Setzler’s stuff. Very good. Others too. Funny story. My buddy dated a girl graduate of a big time culinary school. At Thanksgiving one year, she talked a big talk and made a poor tasting turkey while he and I stepped out for awhile. What a letdown. Better yet, my buddy later tells me she suffers anorexia.
  9. The whole eating thing. IMO eat to fuel your body correctly. The topic is widely discussed and is more of an emotional discussion than a clinical one. Throw in how each person has their own needs/opinions. I have posted a bunch in the Healthy Lifestyles section. So far so good. My great revelation….too much sugar in the diet is bad ju-ju. A few others like aspects of Keto. I used that word to my Doc, He had a blank look, so I now use Mediterranean Diet. As they say, the light comes on. The medical professionals are tuned into those words. Eat well amigo. Enjoy the great stuff from your daughter.
  10. I’ll start. Never made it. From an Angels and Friends cookbook @1990. Any other gotos?
  11. My wife still is stuck on an Oven Stuffed Turkey in a roasting pan a-la 50 or more years ago style. I’m still KJing turkey to try and get her to give in a bit. Made a pretty good one yesterday but her first remark was “this isn’t smoked is it?. So I have a lot of excellent meat available for leftovers. Looking for ideas for the leftover meat.
  12. ThermoWorks products are expensive. In terms of getting what you pay for, TW products IMO are the Gold Standard. Their CS is great. Using alternate stuff from AMZ probably will work, I have done just that with other products. I submit you buy 2 each. That covers a failure at the wrong time. I looked at the spools I think they will be too big. Maybe TW will refine the product a bit.
  13. Very cool. Wishing for a Turbo Trusser discount for us Gurus.
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