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  1. mike echo

    Uneventful Prime Day

    No luck for me either. I had to look hard for a prime day deal. That item was usually not of interest to most people. So my personal credo for these "day" whatever the prefix is sales: they are good for items that are not selling well, I probably don't want it even with the deepest of discounts. I.e. the purple, men's size 5, canvas tennis shoes. M.
  2. mike echo

    Pots and Pans set

    @scottroberts and some "interneting" has helped me to refine my ideas about what I want. Have seen some offers at Costco, Amazon, and Penney's as I may find something post Amazon Prime day. I may stay away from a larger set as we get more than we will use. I am evaluating handles (solid metal gets hot unless one has a potholder or silicone slip on grip), lids (glass or metal). I know I want a dark color. I do have a most awesome stainless stockpot, I use rarely, that I will keep. Trying not to get myself into a spot where I can't make a decision because what I want can only be conjured by a genie. M.
  3. May send my well used Circulon set with my son to college. I want to replace the Circulon set with a nice "solid quality" every day use set. I am out of the loop on what brand names are on the list of better, almost as expensive as chef quality stuff. I know I want a higher quality no stick. This usually carries a decent warranty-my discriminator on just how decent the cookware is. I am not into stainless, porcelain coated, copper infomercial, or not round. Any favorites? Cost? Where can I buy them? Thanks. M.
  4. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    I have found a friend in Almond butter. I take a Tsp. or so portion when I feel like sugar. I depend on it in the morning with coffee and half and half. So on the lighter side....I am not on Facebook. My Wife is. So out of curiosity, I joined her up to a Keto Diet group-so I could read up. Her comments have been hilarious-especially about the people who post about fasting 48, hours or more with pictures. The wife is careful with her eating and is not obese but she does like her food. Not prudent to include some of her livelier comments on this venue. One can use their imagination. I don't bother with it anymore but she said no to quitting the group.
  5. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    An update of sorts. I have been wrestling with the glucose "thing". I have eaten too much protein and that sets me back. The Cronometer app has been helping me sort out meals for a lesser amount of protein. This is my particular idea for my modified Keto diet. I exercise a fair amount either walking 60-90 mins or bicycle rides of 60 90 mins. deducting time spent coasting off the total time. 4-5 times per week. I use a resistance band for upper body toning. I would do more workouts but my recovery time is not what it used to be. I use a heart rate monitor for both bicycling and walking, targeting 65%-75% max HR for my fat burning zone. With that said, two things: exercising during a fast helps with burning fat for energy. I usually fast from about 1900-1100 the next day. I do drink coffee with half and half in the morning. Many articles I have read promote fat intake only if you intrude on a fast, to encourage the metabolism to continue to burn fat for energy. Still testing this out on my body. My post exercise habit for many years was to carb load and protein load to for I what liked to think as a help toward muscle recovery. That really meant over eating and distorting my dietary intake numbers for the entire day in many categories in one "recovery meal. The Uber Keto people frown on any alcohol intake, but a coworker of mine showed me some articles endorsing Vodka being okay for no carbs-so I sometimes do a modified Moscow mule cocktail sometimes as I fire up the KJ. M.
  6. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    This has been a factor for me. I am trying out an app called Cronometer which gives good breakdowns of what has been consumed. It is receptive to all kinds of diet plans and it will accept a custom set up. Not trying to push it, but it helps. If you Google Keto diets, one can read read some Keto stuff that is UBER strict. Ruled.me is a sensible site to me. I can only envision those UBER strict people on a life raft for 60 days and still unhappy. LOL. A Keto diet strictly followed is a bit much for me so I am modifying as @philpom talks abut. I am losing weight just not super fast. M.
  7. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    @philpom. Thanks again for your post and the others too. Years of doing some dietary habits correctly, reinforced by bad dietary habits have made me what you might call a dietary "hardhead". Got the net carbs down now, ordered up some Keto Stix and now wrestling with an old nemesis-portion control. Setting up new eating habits are in progress. Overall I am very positive with the changes I have made-set some goals so I stay on track until the changes become a permanent mindset-that's the part where being a dietary hard head will serve me well. Pulled pork, no bun, hint of mustard and some above ground greens has been a starter as well. M.
  8. mike echo

    Temp gauge questions

    No need to suspect problems. You did a calibration. A lot of posts on the forum relative to the following, but in short: those of us that have digital remote probes, will talk about how temps differ at various spots within the dome, at grill level to the temp at the probe on the OEM thermometer. Lots of posts on using dome temp or temp at the grill. They will be different. I am a dome temp cooker. If I need a remote read out, I attach my probe to the probe on the OEM temp guage. The KJ thermometer has historically been very good. M.
  9. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    Thanks for posting the links. There is so much online just by typing the word Keto. These narrow those down. Fortunately I am not in a diabetic way and was not aware of ketoacidosis either. I have read the Keto diet was a treatment option for epilepsy. I am curious why I read the weight loss articles relative to Keto, and see no references to exercise. Exercise and weight loss are usually mentioned in the same sentence. The only words I have read are the different levels of Keto dieting based on exercise level. I.e some who are highly active, much like being in training for some sport, can move in and out of ketosis. Then out they can binge if you will on carbs then move back to ketosis. Another topic that is getting some talk is fasting. Yikes. I have seen some of the Keto food suggestions and tried them out. One was the Olive Oil in coffee. That was funky. M.
  10. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    The challenges are many. Lots of the diet plan people talk about having those near to you as support. OK fine.-to a point. Ex. taking your daughter out for a nicer birthday dinner always elicits some comments like "why are you not eating any cake? It's your daughters birthday for gosh sake". What's this crazy diet plan your on? That usually comes from someone who I perceive as wishing they had my will power. (if they only knew) I have learned not to mention my dietary concerns outside of my wife or M.D.. Or the family get together and someone is offended you are not eating "the candied yams", or drinking sweet tea etc. etc. My compromise is to load up the low carb stuff, take a helping of the high carb stuff, eat some tasty fatty foods, eat one bite and say, "that is sooooo good, wish I could eat more but I am stuffed. Then exit to the restroom to avoid any more comments. I have found that modified Moscow Mules or plain Vodka and soda with a squirt of liquid drink mix (if at home) can be a decent low carb alcoholic drink. M.
  11. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    Thanks for the candid info. -been doing some soul searching if you will, and I will lean heavily to many Keto concepts, I feel I will end up on a hybrid plan as well. BTW I already use one of your recipes-stuffed pork loin supreme-been making that 2-3 times a month for a few years now-just never realized the fit into my modified Keto diet. M.
  12. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    @Ogopogo thanks. You verify what I suspected-going to a sort of "crash" diet (never hear those words these days) has some pitfalls. I want to eliminate belly fat that is starting to become a factor on the outcome of my physicals and the included blood tests. I have a coworker who I trust implicitly who has alluded to the fact that ketosis can been difficult and demanding. He is a veteran keto dieter but has stalled out and is on a plateau of sorts. -gonna check out the steak au poivre dish. Thanks. M.
  13. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    Anyone tried it, started it currently on it? I don't do Facebook as I hear that there are many Keto Groups on it. Would be great to hear some ideas, recipes and such from us that smoke or grill. Beer carbs is a toughie, so I am into flavored fizzy water and vodka. -have googled some stuff for background info. I am in the beginning stages and so far so good-habit changes and traditional food thinking changes are the big challenge. M.
  14. mike echo

    Dalstrong Knives - Shogun Series

    @cavman and me had a discussion going earlier and we bought some Dalstrong Gladiators. I am real happy with mine, (I recollect cavman is too) and those Shoguns you have are super nice. The packaging was as you say-impressive. Unwrapping, I saw the packaging and immediately knew buying these knives (online, no physical try out) was gonna be OK. I.e. attention to that kind of detail by a seller, only lends to pride in product. M.
  15. mike echo

    I'm so disapointed..... Kamado Joe customer service

    Over time I have read many posts about KJ CS. I have also surmised that in some cases the response time is not what someone expects-I can only guess not what KJ expects either but it happens. I also have read that KJ CS has made good on issues with their stuff. @Polar Bear mirrors my sentiments. I have the top vent paint peeling issue-feel confident that when I get around to a CS request they will make good.