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  1. mike echo

    BGE vs Kamado?

    Yeah, the BGE has inertia. It is like the "Kleenex" being the household word whenever someone needs a tissue. I.e. BGE= kamado 1. Rarely do I meet an Egghead that is as aware of the capabilities of their Kamado as we are on this forum.I.e. I have met many that are using that BGE like a basic outdoor grill with no concern for what a Kamado is capable of. I have talked to them about my KJ or some cooks they have done and I have yet to get past the topic of doing "some steaks" on the grill. 2. A large quantity of egghead posts elsewhere. No need to dissect them. I look for quality. I have seen some great stuff from the true eggheads-when I rarely look at their posts. Gotta have some time to wade thru some chaff to get to quality. M.
  2. mike echo

    I found my low carb/calorie beer!

    I'll alternate. For no carbs: I switched to vodka, lime juice, a zero calorie mixer. For beer: The best I can muster is Mich. Ultra. All in moderation of course. M.
  3. mike echo

    Scissor Sharpening

    The guy in the video is really into detail. I'll give his instructions a go. M.
  4. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    Down 22 lbs. now since mid June- modified Keto. Starting to realize 20 more will mean reexamining or stepping up my "modification". Concerned about plateauing. Could be a patience issue on my end. I absolutely do not want to incur an injury that would limit my exercise that has become vital in my quest to lose and keep the weight off. I will submit that I switched to an activity tracker with Heart Rate cabability and invoked a much more precise step measurment, as my old tracker was giving me too much credit for calorie burn via generic settings M..
  5. 190 is my record. I only did it for about 4 hours smoking fish on my KJ. All manual vent setiings and I micromanaged the whole thing fearing coals going out. Used the KJ lump. M.
  6. mike echo

    Scissor Sharpening

    Lots of posts just mentioning scissor sharpening but mostly focusing on knives, and favorite methods for knives. Sure I have been sharpening scissors, probably not in a great way but it's time to finally have a simple go to method-beyond cutting tinfoil or using a file. Any help with techniques or tools? M.
  7. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    Yikes. This stuff used to happen to my sister when she was ailing. It was as if she had a test result that was not ugly, she was shuffled to a low priority. M.
  8. mike echo

    Keto Diet

    How did things turn out? M.
  9. mike echo

    Instant pot

    I was in High School then during the gas shortage days, waiting to fill up at 6 a.m. for my Dad/me-that was my pressure cooker. Never knew about pressure food cooking but the anecdotal stories we all hear from the old style stove top cookers- now just memories. Just like that 1973 Pontiac I used to drive: at best12 mpg. -glad that the electric pressure cookers are around now. As mentioned, I am an Insta Pot Fan now. M.
  10. mike echo

    Instant pot

    I have the Insta Pot Duo qt. Works super well. Some random findings/opinions: Prep time is prep time. Insta pot cooking is faster. Don't expect the cooker to easily make items that are so much better done in a traditional way. For example crispy bacon. I imagine that I could do crisp bacon eventually with my Insta Pot. The Insta Pot recipes/cooking tables on their website seem to be better. Others sources can be good but I find them "wishy-washy" if you will. I started with basics (oatmeal, rice etc. then as I became familiar and began to understand pressure cooking I began to branch out. I found ways to convert some oven recipes and such. Made up some of my own. It's a fun kitchen addition. M.
  11. mike echo

    Dalstrong Knives

    Ordered my Dalstrong Kiritsuke 8.5 early Friday morning as I posted above. -holiday weekend, free shipping, I figured I would not see the knife until Tuesday. Reread the newsletter (did not notice, at first glance, my knife being reduced) emailed Dalstong CS, they said it had already been adjusted down. Delivery was today, Sunday via USPS. I did get a break, as it only had to travel from Northern IL to Nashville. Irregardless. Outstanding. M.
  12. mike echo

    House divided.....

    Keep going, dude. Those beans look like they rock. Reminds me of the time my daughter brought her female friend with to Pensacola beach. Not a meat eater. Ok fine. I think the sides I made for the grilling goodies I made for the rest of us impacted her. No labels on the stuff I made. Just great taste and we all seem to be healthy. Now 6 years later my daughter tells me, "Dad she wasn't really a vegetarian". "Just a fussy eater". Roger that! M.
  13. mike echo

    Unused Kikuya Hibachi Pot

    Looks like a classic. See you are asking $1400. Just Curious. This considered an antique? I.e. is there a collector value? M
  14. mike echo

    Man Cave Meals Football Pool

    Thanks for the 5min deadline. M.
  15. mike echo

    Lump charcoal

    I started with KJ charcoal and to date, it has been, for me, the highest quality. So it has become my "Gold Standard". Silly me buys stuff on sale, buys too much of the "you only get what you pay for" quality. Cowboy, smaller bags no. Got a #50 of Cowboy bag at Costco that has been better than smaller bags. Royal Oak. Fair. I think they make the BGE brand, heard that the BGE labeled brand is of better quality but$. Got some stuff at Academy Sports-in a pinch. RB brand I think it was. It was OK. M.