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  1. mike echo

    I found my low carb/calorie beer!

    Yup. My wife and I have discussed that very topic. If your "peeps" are truly your buds, then they should be aware of/sensitive to the traditions and preferences of their guests. If they cook, like you, we are all for whatever they cook. We know this is coming and compensate by being diplomatic and if needed, have our own cook on standby for us at home. I remember my sister forcing decaf coffee on us (both of us are caffeine lovers). We drank it with a smile and later "had to run an errand" and went to the nearest convenience store and pounded down some regular coffee. Then there was the time my wife's niece made some awful and weird "health-yyy" stir-fry. Yikes. Our house will be traditional for holiday foods. No need to drag everyone else into my Keto madness. My strategy... is to enjoy everyone's goodness and company. I can get myself to a spot where some non-Keto eating will be just fine. M.
  2. mike echo

    Rec Tec Markdowns

    @retfr8flyr . I got a taste of that too. I am NOT put off. Here are my opinions: (had a conversation with a startup small business guy a while ago) which broadened my horizons. The negative comment "syndrome" is daunting for businesses. There seems to be a vicious cycle that starts with an aggressive negative commenter. Rarely do commenters especially a negative commenter state why they made such comments. If I infer that a review or comment is for product improvement or a flat out equipment defect I pay more attention-even more when the business responds and what they say. I feel that if one has an issue, solve it with a phone call or email. Patience and persistence and "the Golden Rule" prevail. I have the impression that largely any comment or review, anywhere can only be removed by the writer. Ordered up a Trailblazer. As I always do, I will put it thru the paces early on. I do that with everything I buy. If there are issues I cannot tolerate, I will return it. That is the policy anyway. M.
  3. mike echo

    Rec Tec Markdowns

    -been scouring sources for Rec Tec info. Habit with me. I would probably do the same buying a pencil... just kidding. Anyway. The Rec Tec Prices are probably lower than the MSRP most of the time. So no huge discount like I anticipated. Common trends: very good CS; maybe auger speed problems; maybe igniter problems; maybe need a hopper gasket; maybe a poor fitting lid; maybe need a lid gasket; controller in direct sunlight causes issues seems fixes are U Tube video explained too. I never got a stay away from the product vibe, except for the one " you can only please some of the people, some of the time" reviewer. I gather that my KJ will be there like an old friend if I need to overcome a pellet grill shortcoming or I need to cook/do other things a pellet grill doesn't do easily. -planning to keep that fire pot cleaned as a habit-thanks John. M.
  4. mike echo

    Rec Tec Markdowns

    Thanks for the video John. -read up on Rec Tec grills. -always a hot mess reading reviews as it's hard to decipher between a genuine equipment observation or the slightest blip from perfect that will spark negativity. I look for trends or commonalities. If there ever was an equipment issue, customer service was prompt and responsive. The "why" of the issue never gets discussed. Sometimes one suspects operator error by the way reviews are written. John, I suspect you make many considerations when you review stuff. I am willing to spend a discounted price and see what Rec Tec and a pellet grill is all about. My KJ will still hold the number one spot at my house! M.
  5. mike echo

    Rec Tec Markdowns

    @John Setzler Thanks for the input. No pellet grill cooking Qs, just trying to figure if I would get to liking the pellet grill too much, and not use the KJ as much. I generally am going to the 300 temp range roughly 80% of the time on the KJ-typical time to get there. I gather a pellet grill will do that faster and wifi and/or Bluetooth might be players on the RecTecs. https://www.rectecgrills.com/rec-tec-grills-trailblazer/ what I am considering lately. M.
  6. I am always pulled in by discounted prices. I saw on the RecTec site they marked down their grills nicely. I am debating if I really need to consider another (pellet grill) besides my KJ. The RecTec markdowns seem pretty good. I could "swing" a pellet grill of any brand for a discounted price. So what does anyone think about having a Kamado and a pellet grill? Advantages or disadvantages to having both? M.
  7. mike echo

    Gaps in firebox

    Warping ring: I probably have it in a minor way but functionality is fine. Have done a disassemble/reassemble of the 5 piece firebox for cleaning purposes. A little annoying, but no big deal. I have had far greater annoyances with other stuff. I still adore my 2017 KJ Classic. M.
  8. mike echo

    Boston Butt nutritional information

    Yup. The Keto diet people want to ingest fat as they burn fat in Ketosis rather than sugar or a form of sugar/carbs. M.
  9. mike echo

    I found my low carb/calorie beer!

    @Chasdev . me too. My doc tells me I should be near 200lbs. I said Doc, "last time I weighed 200 was during 8th grade football", (circa 1974). He just stared at me. Y'all can see me posting under the Keto Diet as I go, seeing as I might make it to 215 before I either injure myself exercising (recently hit a fence post on my bicycle...real sore but serviceable for more) or give in to a wedding, seasonal parties, and 2 rich food holidays on the horizon. Trying to figure out a strategy. M.
  10. mike echo

    Gaps in firebox

    I am reading you are getting the best of both worlds. The newer 5 piece firebox and on order, the original one piece. ( is that still available?) I have been "schooled" if you will over the years to accept advances in manufacturer technology. If your one piece cracks, you can use the 5 piece. Let us know and how you got it to crack and then tell us if you have been able to pinpoint a performance decrease with the 5 piece. I used to be that way about my golf clubs. That was until I realized that some of the changes out there in any equipment are from engineers making positive changes. It took me a while to get over my wood head driver was good but not as good as the metalheads. M.
  11. mike echo

    Hard Boiled Eggs

    Saw the latest invention to cook shell-less eggs on a commercial. The gist is one breaks an egg in the holder, puts on the top cap, then cook the eggs, uncap it, and voila. Did not catch the name or price as I was half asleep. I think it was cheap enough to buy at a store, with no 3 easy payment schedule. No juicer or Ginsu knives included either. Crud.
  12. mike echo

    Thermoworks SIGNALS

    The smoke is a good tool for me. -use it with a flame boss 100 to get a remote readout; -use it in other cooking situations, such as a cook in a kitchen oven; -get a general idea of when I need to start in with an instant probe to check temps. The remote readout via RF signal is great. -set it up where I can check it if I am not near the sending unit while I do other things; -fortunately, I have no need for Bluetooth, WiFi, charts, and graphs etc. for my purposes. What will get my attention is wireless leave in probes. Saw a post on this topic somewhere and understand the technology is not there..... yet. Yeah and Bluetooth. If I ever had "connection stress", Bluetooth was involved. M.
  13. @John Setzler. I have had good luck with your Kamado Joe channel smoked salmon recipe/grill directions previously. May have to try the "Smoker Tube" to see what you have discovered, probably be an upgraded process for me. I appreciate your info being spot on. M.
  14. mike echo

    CostCo and meat safety

    I actually prefer Costco meat. Never had a problem but nice to be reminded that yes indeed Costco is all about quantity. As far as items put back on the shelf for whatever reason-I was taught by my Mother (40 years ago) and still do it, I never take the first item on the display. With meat, I dig to the bottom of the display. Rarely will I take the last one left either. That includes anything. Quirky but effective. M.
  15. mike echo

    OXO GoodGrips Poultry Shears

    These shears should be fine. I have some Cutco shears that were really expensive but work fine. I am of the opinion the old adage "you get what you pay for" prevails. I have cut backbones out of poultry with an "eversharp" Henkles knife. After a while, I decided to get a cut resistant glove before I made a mistake and cut more than the backbone. M.