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  1. mike echo

    Extreme Diet Trends

    @Marty. Ideal weight is a topic that seems to be glossed over. Eating habits etc. I imagine the topic is vaguely mentioned in a person's health class in their early past- not highly stressed, probably soon fogotten. My daughter is a K teacher, 25 years old, and the best she can do at that point is set an example via her eating habits. Her co teacher's husband is down 40 lbs. as he got the health scare recently. My wife and I are of the opinion that it takes a significant medical event to bring eating, weight, health topics. into sharp focus. I mean no slight to anyone on that issue. As you mention, we get reinforcement that we are meant to be overweight in various ways. I have a job that requires strict medical standards and if I get too lax with my health the follow on scenario is ugly. So much for accepting being overweight. Anyway trying out fasting, 2 meals a day. This yields a calorie deficit and read that it allows the metabolism time to work better. I think that I got that that from Dr. Berg. I did not buy his product. M.
  2. mike echo

    FS Flameboss 200 Wifi

    @freddyjbbq the storage box is very nice. I did not get one with my 100. I use a plastic tool box from Harbor Freight. M.
  3. mike echo

    FS Flameboss 200 Wifi

    I have a 2 Flame Boss 100s. One is a spare as they fade away. I too have a pellet grill (3 Months) that I am evaluating, the KJ still reigns supreme. I can run my KJ like magic, A. with a FB100 on overnighters or windy days-or the unthinkable: B. manual vent control. M.
  4. mike echo

    Dalstrong 4.5" Mini Cleaver

    Dalstrong is good stuff. I have 3 Gladiator knives; as I slowly replace my old hodge podge of knives. I am on their mailing list and was attracted to their 7 inch cleaver, price, and high quality. Could not "pull the trigger" as I have an ancient 6 inch Farberware cleaver that I probably got for @$7 years ago. You all can "fill in the blanks", as it were, as to why I can't part ways with it. If my original was a Dalstrong, I would probably never replace it. M.
  5. mike echo

    Extreme Diet Trends

    On my list of weight loss strategies is to filter out articles/information written with a subtle underlying agenda. Underlying agenda? I usually trace that back to money. Buy their stuff, buy our program, maybe even a bit of paid lobbying to promote away or toward an item or concept. Sounds a bit conspiratorial I know, but I learned long ago to verify the source. Test out the concept. Think of all the stuff that gets talked up, then quickly becomes a distant memory. Reminds me of the old western movies with somebody selling " snake oil". Where is snake oil now? I believe there are modern versions of snake oil today. M.
  6. mike echo

    Newbie from Eastern NC

    Glad to have you. Went to my 1st pig picken just North of Goldsboro-hooked vinegar based sauce from that day on.
  7. Well done Smoov.Stay on it bro. M.
  8. mike echo

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    A delicate topic. A toughie to help with. I'll recount one of my better gift ideas. Once during our anniversary, I was out of town at job training. We both knew this would be the case. Neither of us said a word about it. I am always humbled by the fact I have such a great wife. I always try to find a gift that is personal to her. She loves jigsaw puzzles. I managed to have a 3000 piece puzzle made from a photo my son took of the Tetons before I left. I put it under our bed. On our aniversary, I called and had her get the puzzle gift from under our bed. She was totally in to it. Sometimes.......... Happy Anniversary. M.
  9. mike echo

    Traeger Smoked Butter Chicken

    Great dish. Gonna try it on my pellet grill. My Costco does not have pellets or charcoal besides a grill demo day, to my knowledge. Probably will make a request via their process for more availability of either. I have noticed they stock largely what will sell. That's appears to be their business plan. Not my arena. I will submit to them that people who bought grills during a demo at their store need supplies, as well, after the sale. Maybe that will be of interest. Or Not. M.
  10. @SmoovD. Sounds like you guys are on the good journey to better health. A bunch of great posts in Healthy Lifestyles as you have probably read. I value these as the KG people are so insightful. I have a few things I have learned both easy and hard and submit for you consideration: I have made some slip ups now and again-no big deal; My motivating concept is to begin and maintain a diet and excercise program to allow me a head start on not being lectured by a medical professional on what I should be doing etc. etc. and the ensuing negative thoughts and feelings afterward; Maybe you have something for yourself in mind. Read up on the myriad of concepts and facts that all the people in the diet industry put out. Cherry pick what works for you and makes sense. The info is overwhelming. Persevere amigo. M.
  11. mike echo

    Extreme Diet Trends

    Spot on. The school of "hard knocks" taught me this lesson. The graphics in the article reinforce what any weight loss person has to be fully aware of. I protect the calories lost through exercise dearly-sometimes they keep me in the calorie deficit column needed for the day. My wife avoids exercise as a planned activity. She finds ways through daily activities to burn extra calories. I.e. taking the stairs, parking far out in the parking lot, etc. This is working for her physical make up. Hey, when we are together during the day I piggyback on her methods. M.
  12. mike echo

    Extreme Diet Trends

    Yes it is a "right now, the easy way world". I have lost 27# since June on a modified Keto diet. I ran my modified plan through my M.D. at my annual physical. He had no issues. My test results were all great and bettered previous test history. When someone asks me what my secret is, I say "don't eat Nachos and drink beer, then go to bed". I was exposed to a co-worker who was 100% Keto. I had never heard of it. He did tell me to read up as much as I could on Keto dieting. He explained it needed to be fully understood if I chose to be 100% immersed in it. I supplemented this with info I gleaned from us at KG under Healthy Lifestyles-to get to my no name, personalized and modified Keto plan. So in Jan 2020 or before. I will be glad to offer up any detrimental or positive findings I have along the way. M.
  13. mike echo

    Thermometer Recomendations

    I have the Javelin. No complaints. Click on Kamado Guru Really Right Stuff. (Green Box upper right or top of home page) Thermoworks has some quality products as well. Ordering via the affiliate link helps the forum too. M. M.
  14. mike echo

    Backsplash and Knife Bar

    Well done.My parents had a dedicated vent hood in their house. They are so awesome. I have been stuck with the over the stove microwave and fan. No way for me to convert in this house. Are you microwave-less now? I could go either way, as the microwave is not really that big of deal for us. M.
  15. mike echo

    Pellet Grill Questions

    Maybe. Who told you that the deal would not be there? I have been told that many times in a negotion and quite a few times the deal was indeed not there, it was better or the same, later on. If not from that outlet, somewhere else. Learned that the hard way. My Father preached to me, Caveat Emptor. Took awhile for that to sink in. Sales people don't like me. I have mostly gotten what I wanted at the sales deal equitable to both parties. M.