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  1. I have a Rec Tec Trailblazer otherwise the 340. Like it well. WiFi and their app is great (Android in my world). Customer service has been great for me. Just some questions-no problems. Lots of videos from RT. Website is good. I get the newsletter and hope RT does well at the next few competitions they are entering. Have used their pellets and being a Costco price "acolyte" I read on the forum to give the Traeger pellets a go. So I am. M.
  2. Hopefully the Traeger users on this forum will have some insightful words. I have a base line Rec Tec and it'ts fine for my purposes. The WiFi and temp control are super. I anticipate some decent info from the Traeger users. Don't forget to ask about pellet recs. for any brand. M.
  3. Me too! 16 is good. Anything more even better. I say 18, really is 17.5-18.5 I have seen info that 24 is better. Wow. If you are fasting, super. You get what fasting does other than weight loss. This video may help.
  4. So intermittent fasting.... Hated the idea. Tried it out, 18 hours fasting, 6 hour not fasting-essentially lunch and dinner with no snacking. This is working for me. I watch Dr. Eric Berg videos on You Tube. Informative stuff. I have adopted his approach of getting healthy as a 1st priority over weight loss. So many myths have been dispelled by Berg. He's not the end all. but is factual and backs that up. That fits into my conviction that not allowing a myth or "that's the way it's always been done" to allow for some great ways to not be narrow minded. Pretty deep stuff, eh? M.
  5. Keeperofdeflame said: /////////Mymom used to wash chicken, use the same cuttingboard for everything, and prep veggies before washingthe sink. Miracle I am still alive and 70 yrs old. Oh yeahand I too have a problem, I rinse my chicken, thanks for sharing Ck. ///////// Mine too. I have made it to 58. She also rinsed off containers from the cooler section as well. Said you never knew how they were handled. M.
  6. "A good get", as they say. I have looked at these at Costco. It's great. Lots of adventures on the horizon Amigo. M.
  7. Put me down as an Akorn cooker in 2014 switching to a KJ in 2017. Am I satisfied? Yes Did I really dislike the Akorn? No Why did I switch? I got into the KG website and started reading posts. I read about heat retention of ceramics-I wanted this. The Akorn was super temp. swing sensitive for me if I opened the lid too much. I wanted to get away from the chance of my Akorn going "nuclear" during a startup-I sometimes let someone else start it up.. My Akorn would have been a forever grill if it did not rust, had higher grade construction or I did not have to do some of the suggested mods (one can read about those on this forum) to make it more "ceramic like". In all honesty, I was never into the two piece ash clean out design. Great idea but "not my cup of tea". Could I be happy if I went back to an Akorn? Yes. It is a great grill. I would go right to the KG Akorn forum and read up. M.
  8. The Stihl chainsaw l got from Dad is nearly the same vintage. Years later I got a Dixon ZTR mower in 1994. Both are working great. Parts. I have done Google searches and found stuff fairly easily. Even Dixon (no longer in business). I am big into periodic maintenance. A help toward longevity. M.
  9. Follow up on MCT powder. Adjusted my dosage. Once daily in coffee. If what I read about MCT oil holds, I like the benefits. M.
  10. Hobbies other than cooking.... I own 3 bicycles. A fixie for on the flat or neighborhood tooling around , a flat bar road bike for fitness rides 3-5 times a week and a low end hybrid that is basically a backup for the other bikes if I'm waiting on parts or something. This is my 52nd year of bicycling. I stay off well traveled roads as there are motorists who don't really get the finer points of sharing the road. The odds of a detrimental conflict are building up for me. I dive into any project that requires me to fix, restore, or modify to make something "right". This includes anything from fixing the broken toaster to home improvement-inside or outside. I like trying to find good deals. This used to be easy but now one needs to wade thru reviews and stuff that is indeed a good deal but is not something that is appealing to buy. I.E. the men's size 5 purple and green bicycle shoe. -used to golf a lot but I never really got any better over the years. I go out occasionally. M.
  11. I have a pellet grill as well. The KJ prevails. My vote goes toward Flame Boss for temp. control. I use a FB 100, low tech help is good for me, at times, but from what I've read any of their products are good. M.
  12. Me too. The Akorn was fussy in the temp control department. I figured a method to get consistent temps as anyone who owns an Akorn does, and loves their Akorn. Usually a variable breeze or wind gusts made Akorn temp control a challenge, including the placement of the unit-nature of the beast. -still "emotionally scarred" I use a Flame boss 100 on KJ long cooks if I sense breezy or gusty conditions, i.e. spring months. I bet I probably don't need to. M.
  13. It was an experiment for me to see what pellet grills were about. After testing it out, and reading about other pellet grills, so far, I figure I got what I paid for-a worthy product to try out for a reasonable price. "You get what you pay for" prevails. Rec Tec makes a fine product and are genuinely all about their products. I would venture to say buying Rec Tec is good. Lots of talk on the forum about Traeger. These guys are passionate and really like Traeger. I feel they are a great source on Traeger. Maybe next time for me-doubtful as I am still all about my KJ. M.
  14. I have a 2017 KJ Classic and a Rec Tec Trailblazer. Been doing my own comparison between the two. A work in progress. The Rec Tec does OK. Lot's of Traeger information on KG forums. Does anyone own any other pellet grill? I still lean toward the KJ as being my go to grill. -good thing I am Not an outdoor grill sales person M.
  15. Yup, there are side effect cautions involving the word diarrhea, for some people. I have cut the dosage down to alleviate my side effects. That worked. I like what I read on the benefits of MCT oil+I spent some coin on MCT powder-so I will stick with it for a bit. MCT oil is not "magic" to feel not craving eating and such while fasting. Not sure what gave me that idea. M.
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