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  1. I have a 2017 KJ Classic and a Rec Tec Trailblazer. Been doing my own comparison between the two. A work in progress. The Rec Tec does OK. Lot's of Traeger information on KG forums. Does anyone own any other pellet grill? I still lean toward the KJ as being my go to grill. -good thing I am Not an outdoor grill sales person M.
  2. Yup, there are side effect cautions involving the word diarrhea, for some people. I have cut the dosage down to alleviate my side effects. That worked. I like what I read on the benefits of MCT oil+I spent some coin on MCT powder-so I will stick with it for a bit. MCT oil is not "magic" to feel not craving eating and such while fasting. Not sure what gave me that idea. M.
  3. My 2 cents. I have a 2017 Classic Joe. Obviously a KAB too. I simply set it in the bowl-minus the original grate. It fits in fine. Depending on how I lift it out to shake ash down, I can dislodge the ring. I had no suppositions I couldn't. The ring is not secured in a way that precludes it from being dislodged-I figure the KJ was designed with the original grate in mind, which is infrequently removed. M.
  4. I want dialogue with the "cat" using wood furnace pellets. M.
  5. Today I did my dose of MCT powder with no stomach problems-that being day 4. Adjusting? Maybe. I feel a bit more energized. That's hard to figure as there are so many other reasons that could be players for feeling energized. I read that MCT may increase feelings of hunger. I got that sensation twice now, about 6 hours after a MCT dose,while fasting. And I have been 18-6 fasting for a few weeks now-so the process is not new or changed. Wish I had a longtime MCT oil/powder user to give some insights. M.
  6. Trying MCT powder out. I have the Nutiva brand. Tried the oil (Better Body Foods) and found it to be hard on the stomach. Lots of conflicting info on the net. Today is day 3, too soon for me to have any solid info on likes or dislikes. Any experience anyone can offer about either? M.
  7. Get the Joe over a Vision. Some many of us at KG are solid (a few blips here and there-various stuff) with the unit and warranty. I had an Akorn (a fine grill), and it is non ceramic with different steel clad properties/build and a low price. I moved on to a 2017 KJ Classic. M.
  8. I agree Freddy. My Rec Tec puts out smoke at lower temps-no super smoke setting. Maybe it needs one. Next low cook I do, I'll pay extra attention looking for a smoke ring. Guess i could get a smokin stick. Nah. I will try Bosco's wing cook. M.
  9. I love all of it. -have done a lot of "soul searching" if you will, on workout regimes. Like a lot of stuff, what works for you is the best workout ever. Between my increased exercise efforts, fasting, my wife fasting but refusing extra workouts and both of us on food intake modifications, I am down 28# which probably would be more. I have taken a couple of breaks making a resolve to get back on my program. So far I have not regressed. I don't think I will...... M.
  10. Yeah, I have a Flame Boss 100. Yes 100. Use that on windy days. No worries about it. The 100 has gone far beyond being the product tested by "crest of the wave buyers", at a retail price, process. M. M.
  11. mike echo


    I am guessing there will be a lot of words relative to size. This will probably break down further to size of your cooks, what your final decision is on $( budget size), space (size again) you have for cooking....and some other stuff I am unable to brainstorm right now. What would I do? 1. Consider that you will probably have your Kamado for a long time. 2. I would be bummed if I chose small and was limited by size of the KJ-OR NOT depending on what cooks you will do. And you guessed it. A classic. I generally cook for 2-4 and don't get into prep for larger feeds, 5 or more plates.. Totally happy. I hope some of the stuff relative to KJ size comments, I read on the KG site in the past, come up again. Glad you will be getting any of kind of KJ. M.
  12. I like. Am a vet, co-workers vets, family members vets. etc. etc. Need a solid pan. Hope this one meets your standards, John. I got into Dalstrong knives on your input. Very happy. M.
  13. -got a Rec Tec Timberline last Oct. No issues. And I am fussy. It's still 2nd fiddle to the KJ. A few gurus have Traegers and rave on them. As of today, my only big discernment is the pellet fires up quickly but gives nowhere near (in any category) the satisfaction my KJ gives me. M.
  14. @SmoovDNext up, keeping the hard work going. Be wary of going backwards seeing as you lost so much very quickly. A struggle of mine, and many other weight loss people. I have hit 2 plateaus as well. M.
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