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  1. Paint peeling on vent & unable to maintain temp

    Yup. Some other posts on this. IMO grease and moisture combined with any amount of heat overwhelming the paint. Maybe a "bomb proof" paint out there but probably costs more than the KJ. Temp control-only an issue if vent settings are not what they should be, peeling paint or not. Exterior of my vent is fine. If that goes, then I'll consider working this out with KJ CS. I'll remain patient and satisfied 'til then. There is an opinion of using an ultra sonic bath. Harbor Freight can help with a unit. Not my "cup of tea". Saw the picture of what an after market stainless steel vent looks like after a few cooks. Yuck. I hate using Brasso on my copper cups-let alone polishing up stainless. M.
  2. This was tasty. I have a shaker bottle of the same ready for my next cook. M.
  3. Quinoa

    Yup. Got too much at Costco but amazing stuff. Needs a lot of taste help. Any Gurus have some go to quinoa recipes? I can offer that I make it like oatmeal with the usual adds to oatmeal and can get a pretty good taste. I have use it as a filler for various pressure cooker recipes. Tired the toasting it in a dry skillet. That was barely helpful.
  4. Yup me too. But next time a smaller bag. Anyone else got some recipes for Quinoa? So far I have experimented with making it and eating like oatmeal. Have added all the usual stuff we add to oatmeal with good taste. Used it as a filler when I pressure cook. Taste depends on liquid of what I cooked. As a side dish, I'm still looking for ideas. Hanging with it as the cheerleaders for healthy eating rave about it. Probably marketing reps. that sell items including Quinoa. LOL. All seriousness. It apparently is good stuff.
  5. Tasted great (AP)on some chicken legs and thighs-not that it matters but smoked at 225 until done. Tonight is thick cut chops-AP #9 +brown sugar. I figure this will go well and I can lose the stuff I have been using to date. M.
  6. I'm on it. Just gathered up the ingredients and will cook tonight. Thanks John.
  7. Some Bangin' Beef Short Ribs

    Man Cave #9 must be akin to Love Potion #9. LOL Nice and tasty looking.
  8. Do any/all KJ Classic owners wish theyd gotten the BJ?

    Got my retired Akorn, and if it had a brain, it would be eager to be pressed into service. AKA Wizard of OZ. If I do I, it needs to be soon as I am losing the feel I used to have for the old steel clad cooking buddy and how I could make it "sing". Still trolling for someone in the Nashville area to trade it for a case of beer. Perfect Kamado for someone not sure about starting Kamado cooking and not wanting to outlay too much money. -yes I could sell it but I am the classic looking for a good owner. M.
  9. Kamado Joe Support Forum

    I also suspect that community forums in general are evolving. We are proof of that right here. The KJ forum is down but we find an outlet for posting-here or other outlets. General forums have many members that have various bits of knowledge that IMO exceeds a single site for a product. I.e. a person grilling or smoking has a venue to see discussions/respond to topics within that area of interest rather than a specific product-they may even bypass participation because their specific product is not the focus. I am not a fan of community forums. I have observed /participated in a lot of dis/non information sent out by those who are somehow hooked in to the product discussed on the forum. In the begining they were helpful to me but I stopped community forums when discussions centered on endless complaining or spam. Let's stop ourselves and distinguish we are talking FORUMS not CS. Your original question stands. Maybe you will get insight somewhere as to the whys on why the KJ support forum is what it is. Cheers. M.
  10. Finally got it...

    Hows it going as a VOL in Austin, TX? They still love their Vince Young. When I'm there I always ask about how he did at the Titans. We remember the VY days at the Titans. Had to laugh about the 10 inch discussion. Reminds me of the old Aerosmith song talking about his 10 inch ....... record (vinyl album).
  11. Flame Boss 300

    Not sure about the FB 300 directions, but I have a FB 100 and the FB people are emphatic in the directions paperwork to have the top vent barely open. I accidentally left my top vent 70 per cent open and the results were poor using the FB 100 until I closed it mostly down. I am new to PID control, skeptical, and after several cooks, the FB has proven to be excellent. Some posts on the KG forums, about FB negatives, but they seem to be from not setting up the FB as intended.
  12. For perspective. Not gonna name names. Shortening this anecdote up. We ordered online (our only choice for buying that product at a great price) a bedroom set, from a trusted big name warehouse retailer. After 4 returns of different pieces of the set, we finally got the set the store intended on try 5. Not one to sit on my hands, after the second return, I suspected it was the delivery company that was causing the problems-I noticed the adequate factory packaging had been opened somewhere en route to delivery, pieces removed and poorly repacked. I trusted that retailer packaged correctly. I voiced this concern to customer service and posed the question that did they realize a third party delivery was fouling things up. Yes, I had pictures and paperwork to back up my suspicion now a full blown observation and sent them to a CS manager. I asked to have my replacement pieces delivered directly to me, was denied due to contractual limits with the delivery carrier. 3 tries later, my stuff was delivered , via the delivery company in acceptable condition. So what I'm saying is, that a great and well meaning customer service may get confounded by a cruddy delivery process that CS was not anticipating.
  13. Low Carb...

    Looked at it.
  14. Tutorial: How to Quickly Reduce Temps in a Kamado

    Anyone spray water from a spray bottle on the outside surface of a ceramic grill to get the ceramic to cool down faster while doing the cool down method above?
  15. Another Goal Achieved...

    I like it. From my school of hard knocks-watch out for potential injuries. I am a bicycle rider too as mentioned above, and recently had to lay off for a bit to nurse some tendon (bottom of knee to top of ankle bone) and soreness in the arches of my feet. That torques me to no end as I really like to be outside. Never would have guessed/never had these issues. I have learned to listen to my body-too many workout myths swirling in my mind. Google doctored the whole thing-glad I was able to stay away from a bona fide Dr. visit. Good to go again, but need to remind myself to slowly bring my ride intensity back to where I was. And one other thing. Walking is so underrated. I have found to vary my walk lengths ,times, intensity to get to where a runner does sooner. Even more so on the bicycle.