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  1. Thanks. I should have specified a KG post. Any more to this than just grinding? I.e. follow on seasoning etc. It was mentioned at the end of the video an older CI pan would lose value. What does that mean other than the obvious? Why do most manufacturers not polish the inner pan at the factory?
  2. I recall some post(s) that had to do with grinding a CI pan and making it fairly nonstick. Tried searching. No luck. Any help with getting me there?
  3. It's 6/10. Jeff. Making it work with the ad in the middle of his video. Thanks for the option.
  4. -looked at Reddit again to verify why I won't be on Reddit. I won't. Adios Amigos.
  5. Reddit is not that great. Besides Reddit covers so many topics and it's a guess as to how vested a posting on the topic is. I.e. KG has/had a dedicated group with grilling being a prime focus, not a web search result.
  6. Same pattern as the disappearance of the really good small businesses? The "culture" of KG was good.
  7. Mind is made up. Discontinue. I was hoping for a plan B. I have no tolerance for FB or the like. Thanks for everything. All the best John and the moderators.
  8. Meathead (Amazing Ribs) has a decent spatchcock turkey and dressing muffins recipe.
  9. I agree. You would find favor at our house as we have been going with alternatives to tradition at our holiday meals. Examples: Last Easter I made a Slovak ribs in sauce recipe from my mother that goes back 60 years or more. PM me for the recipe. My daughter had her friends over (all late 20s) and they gave rave reviews for the cook and breaking tradition. For New Years, our kids demand that my wife and I team up to make chicken enchilada casserole-Good Housekeeping cookbook. I will say, some bend exists as my wife and kids still will only grudgingly acknowledge a spatchcocked turkey (Meathead) on the KJ with dressing muffins are both really tasty. For them, I do the traditional stuffed turkey in the standard house oven as well. Today I introduce them to Cornish game hens. Maybe a "turkey shortage" can be used to our benefit.
  10. Ears burning Mike? Today I bought some Cornish game hens before I read your post. Never cooked them. Any tips beyond the recipes on the net? Spatchcock them too? Thanksgiving in our family ranks pretty high. This year, our anniversary is on the same day.
  11. We are starting to hear of a POSSIBLE turkey shortage. Another TP shortage scenario? Here we go again increasing fear and anxiety over an item. Is there any real credibility over this issue? Hoax? Marketing ploy?
  12. I remember talk about Avid Armour being “the bomb”. Any long time users like it? 2 year review has meaning. Thanks.
  13. I stuff mine all the time. philpom has a great recipe in the pork recipes. See stuffed pork loin supreme. All the posts above are excellent ways to have success.
  14. Philpoms recipe is great. It too, uses liquid smoke. It is my go to. I will reinforce flattening the meat is so key. I made a batch not flattened, and it was meh. I cut the meat pre marinating while it is semi frozen. Pound it not frozen, of course.
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