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  1. Had a minute so did a quick internet search. Tried to find an objective reference copying to save us all the reading. This comes from The Spuceeats. I used the words “par boiling” in my search box. Alternatives The choice is yours, but for best flavor and moist spareribs, boiling is not recommended. Long cooking with low heat accomplishes the same goals of tenderizing and rendering the fat without the loss of flavor or moisture. The ways this can be done include: Marinades: These are also recommended to add flavor and tenderize ribs. Steaming: If you have a large enough steamer or can improvise one, steam the ribs over water or apple juice for an hour. Slow oven baking: This is a braising method. Prepare a pan of water or apple juice and place the ribs on a rack above them. You can improvise a rack with a row of celery or aluminum foil bunched up into balls in the bottom of the pan. Ensure that the ribs don't touch the liquid. Start the ribs at 350 F and decrease the temperature to 225 F after 15 minutes, baking for about an hour. Slow smoking: Long and slow cooking in a smoker will keep the ribs flavorful.
  2. Paul in AZ writes “Parboiling is a technique from years ago. But~~ Boiling is said to extract flavor from the meat.” John you are so skilled but I have tried par boiling and found that a great sauce hides the loss of flavor from the meat. In my world I only boil a meat to extract flavor from it for a broth. Not heard of a use for pork broth yet. This may be one of those never ending debate techniques. Cheers
  3. My wife can be quick to volunteer me if I give the slightest hint I may cook something. She thinks the world of my cooks and wants everyone else to think that too, but is not synced up with the expectations of those eating/not eating/turning their nose at my cook. This just happened yesterday. She tells me our friends will probably cater in some BBQ on the 4th. I say, “Great”. My thoughts being I probably will make my favorite sauce up and bring it along. I only do cooks on a “pot luck” basis as contributor, not the main focus.
  4. My Rec Tec, now Teq. Covered. Bin has high temp caulk on seams where water may get in. Dry pellets.
  5. Stained concrete. Mostly a DIY project. The electric cord is for my Flame Boss.
  6. 2017 KJ Classic II. Lost about half the control tower paint up to now. Not a problem with temp control or ingesting paint (that I know of or if I we did, there was never a problem). There have been many posts about losing paint or the remote chance of ingesting the paint. After first noticing paint flaking off, I made it a habit to inspect the control tower as well as clean it every so often. I suspect that the paint flaking off has been a non issue. No need to get another part as I think the issue will repeat. The questions linger as to why only half the paint flaked and why does the issue persist? Should I remove all the paint?
  7. Gonna make this again tonight on my Weber Smokey Joe at the beach: As I suspected, the beach property grill is funky, glad we brought this with us.
  8. Still at the healthy Keto food plan. One meal a day is my routine. I feel the autophagy that results from the fasting has been a great help in boosting my immune system. No virus until I finally got around to being vaccinated, no vaccination side effects. Stuffed Jalapeños wrapped in bacon, are a favorite fat bomb. The Never Any brand bacon I find at Aldi is good. Pulled pork on my KJ is another. Cheers.
  9. Wife, me and kids good to go with rare steaks. But Bacon……Wife prefers extra crispy.
  10. Went away from briquettes when I got my 2017 KJ. So what does anyone think about briquettes being better for long cooks less than 300 deg.? Or the conjecture that briquettes may contain a high percentage of sawdust and wood debris in it?
  11. @John SetzlerBehmoor 2000 How did you know this? As they say, Spill. I am not going to play any trivia games with you, John.
  12. I saw a Malcom Reed video about this. Making a boneless rib sammich, as he says. By chance, while at Walmart shopping found a package labeled boneless pork ribs. No style mentioned Malcom cooked then deboned his ribs using his methods. Imagine that. I cooked my bought already deboned ribs at 250 paralleling John’s modified St. Louis ribs 321 method. They came out fair. First time, cooking deboned ribs, Not deboned country style I get at Costco and have made many times. So we have deboned ribs, cooked and later deboned ribs, and deboned country style ribs all in play in this post. Wondering if anyone has had a go at the already deboned or cooking then deboning?
  13. As people said above. Reputable dealer (AGC). There may be others. Watch for money off prices as mentioned. How? Sign up for newsletters, troll websites, KG forum. If applicable, get a military or senior discount. Coupons from stores. If a seller needs to move product for some reason, you may get money off. I would not expect money off during peak buying seasons. (of course there are exceptions) I.e. Spring, Summer. Patience is key. Getting an equitable price is work. Work something out for the interim until you get what you want. Otherwise pay MSRP today, and end the process. Prices for everything are on the rise. A small discount may be your only discount.
  14. I started with an Akorn. 2017 KJ II currently. And a Req Tec pellet. I can guess some great outcomes of what I learned with a metal clad and a ceramic. Glad KJ was had some vision. Wife says gotta sell a grill to get another.
  15. KISS method. Keep It Simple....Works for me hands down Last S in KISS is your at discretion.
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