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  1. I got addicted to fish tacos from a food truck in Maui. I can replicate the tacos taste, but not the ambiance surrounding eating them.
  2. Bluebells are awesome. We are are into daffodils and tulips in the spring.
  3. Got a 9# one. Made it as a whole roast. Used the ribs to make stock. Leftovers went to steak soup. Costco needs to have some smaller meat packages such as these-if for nothing else to avoid sticker shock. Freezing, dry aging, vacuum sealing etc. aside. Above my pay grade as to why they don’t.
  4. Going to check this out…..great price. Thanks.
  5. So I experimented. Super simple. Salmon. I coated the butcher paper with olive oil, the salmon with olive oil and Old Bay seasoning. I folded the salmon in the paper (not the fancier ways suggested for en Papilotte recipes), nothing else in with the salmon. Probed it and used my pellet grill at 350*. Pulled it at 140* and the salmon was great. Leftover sides from the fridge made for a great lunch. No paper smoldering that I was concerned about. Next up, a wrapped stuffed pork loin.
  6. Did some looking and found….it can be used beyond brisket. Cooking fish in a packet is one way Wrapping meat in foil creates a heat-reflective highly-sealed environment around the meat that can result in “over steaming.” Over steaming occurs when too much moisture is trapped in with the meat while it cooks, turning it from tender to a textureless mush. Pink butcher paper cannot be as tightly wrapped around the meat and its looser weave and greater breathability, compared to foil, help to keep the meat moist and tender without the threat of it becoming too waterlogged. Paper also has the benefit of not being heat reflective, so you won’t have to adjust your cooking time to compensate as you would with foil. I’m gonna experiment a bit.
  7. I was given some pink butcher paper. Box says food safe. I am unfamiliar with using it. What temp will it start to smolder?
  8. I am a huge fun of stuffed pork loin. This is about regular pork loin, not tenderloin. Some things I do: I have had pretty good success with using a well sharpened filet knife to hollow out the roast, stuff it, and cap it off with most of the hollowed out meat. This takes a few roasts to perfect the technique. I take some skewers to hold the plug in or the cheese will push it out. I use powdered ranch dressing liberally in the hollowed out portion before stuffing. Sometimes I mix it into the cream cheese before stuffing I use whatever strikes me that cook, on the exterior of the roast. Sometimes I cut some shallow slices on top of the roast and fill them with Nona’s balsamic glaze. Any balsamic glaze will do. And obviously I cook to an internal 140*, and let it rest quite awhile before slicing. YMMV on slicing. Leftover roast is great. edit to clarify pork loin, Not Tenderloin.
  9. Look at at Flame Boss. Lots of KGers like the fireboard.
  10. Did a search and found this older thread after I saw Malcom’s video on Shepherds pie. The biscuit base is worth a try for me.
  11. Costco Brentwood, TN has them on an end cap.-As of 7 March.
  12. The small print is we like Costco….to a point. We started with them in the Price Club days. We have been to many Costco stores all over the country. Costco has their way of supplying stores. Their supply method….Above my pay grade. I suspect many concepts, but hands down West Coast Costco offers some upgraded goods diversification over other far away stores. The meat quality is great, but the sticker shock buying a huge package, even using a food saver, puts us off. Used to always buy their tires. No more. Online ordering. We had an awful experience. Online chatting…not that good. Submitting feedback…doesn’t help I have bought stuff, same product elsewhere, for less. Sorry for buggering some of Costco. We still will be a member anyway. Cheers
  13. Now that I think about it…..I had some vinegar on white rice at a surfer restaurant some time back. Never did find out what kind, it was out of a generic pour bottle. May have been rice vinegar. Tasted fine.
  14. Mike, Malcom had a 3-2-1 rib recipe that he sprayed with apple juice at certain points. Intriguing for a bit. I probably will pass on that one anyway. Definitely a YMMV idea.
  15. Yeah, I think so too Jark. I figure the no number in the symbol is a flaw and as my father said, “caveat emptor”. He was before online buying. Buying online one never knows…..
  16. So opinions on this symbology- just got a delivered sprayer today. Hard to see but just 3 dots. Web is no help.
  17. I have had similar conversation, similar test results, similar response and eaten similar foods for 5+ years with my Doc. The video I saw by Dr. Berg, talks about governmental agency acknowledging consuming fat is okay. I suspect many of us have been led to think otherwise. I was. I am embarrassed to say I had no sound reasoning. Many will still refute any fat consumption is actually okay. I hope their reasoning is well founded, stated, and verified.
  18. Juice coming out is normal. Part of the process. How much depends on your pull temp. As you observed, waiting for the higher temp means a drier cook. If I have to hold a cook for a time, I generally wrap in foil, cover with a lid, whatever it takes, method and or temp, to avoid losing my original cook juice. YMMV.
  19. What did you get? I have an ancient relic, in technology tears, Flame Boss 100. Circa2015. Actually I have 2 anticipating a need for parts.
  20. Thanks Len. If I were to have a sprayer, my norm is to get one that will last awhile, and well constructed. -probably use it to see if some of the recipes I come across need it or some other use. Probably when I use my pellet grill. KJ-no. pmillen has a nice post on what numbers to look for concerning plastic and food safety. Still looking. Atlanta Grill has a 3 pack……
  21. Wanna revive this topic. If one uses one. The Big Orange Sprayer is getting a lot of play. Malcom. I suspect any sprayer whether pressurized or hand squeezed type gets used. That rarely would be me. I spray pecans to make a low key praline type coating. As soon as plastic is mentioned we get into the food safe topic. A few of the sprayers claim this but they are $$$. So what gives? What are the cookers on the BBQ circuit using? I might add one to my stuff.
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