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    mike echo got a reaction from logopolis in KJ2 Shut Down - Warm With Red Coals After 21 Hours   
    I noticed the Akorn vs KJII, difference in cool down times. Akorn was quick but made differently.  I read you "got it". Vents all the way closed. Verifying no leaks ( which  sight unseen, probably unlikely, there is a post on this somewhere.)
     I Make sure the lid is clamped too. No tool or wires in between  the upper and lower gaskets. Patience with the thick ceramic cool down was needed on my end. It takes awhile.
    If no air is getting to the burn, no more fire.
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    mike echo got a reaction from Dub in Made a final choice on Firestarting   
    Yup. I am keep things simple and reasonably priced, no complications. Thanks for the firestarter info. Got some crap at a discount store and just tossed it.
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    mike echo got a reaction from philpom in stuffed pork loin supreme   
    Got demands for this. Anticipating same results on KJ2 as I did on the Akorn.
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    mike echo got a reaction from Dub in Made a final choice on Firestarting   
    So I finally decided that I like the KJ Firestarters. Read/tried all methods in the forum except the electrics.
    I used to use the Coughlins starter sticks that I could find in a few outdoor sections of sporting goods stores. Spendy.
    So the KJ roadshow has come and gone from my area. Before I made my final choice
    Before I start my search....
    Any ideas from those in my preference for  KJFire starters camp, on a bulk discount price somewhere?
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    mike echo reacted to ThisGirlCanGrill in Dirty Rice Stuffed Pork Loin   
    It is another way to flatten instead of butterflying it.  It makes for a much prettier presentation when you slice it.  Here is a good example.  
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    mike echo got a reaction from ckreef in Dome Temp vs. Grid Temp   
    Noted. Thanks. Looking forward to a little experiment. 
    I also plan to probe my Moscow Mule Temp as I experiment. LOL.
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    mike echo got a reaction from Dub in Akorn to KJ Learning Curve   
    Hey Thanks. Particularly the fourth and fifth paragraphs.
    I can stand some more info if it's out there.
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    mike echo got a reaction from John Setzler in Temp Control with the Kick Ash Basket   
    Wow. So much to digest. I feel I have read from apparent engineers and practical application types.
    So I am converting from an Akorn to 2017 KJII. Temp control is indeed a different "animal" on the K J.
    I have a KAB on the way-for what It does, get ash out. And it started to rain during my temp control self discoveries and that has not even been dissected relative to holding a temp-threw that in to perk things up. Fogot to mention the OAT is 90*F. Beer is @ 40*F.
    Thanks for the insights. With everything said I think I have some ways to get the temp. I want.
    Cheers. You all are great. Thanks!
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    mike echo got a reaction from Astroguy57 in New KJ Control Top - Does it need cleaning?   
    Yes clean it. My AKORN vent used to gum up. My KJ is the same.  Deal is, any equipment needs a little TLC. Do you expect something like a car to be maintenance free? 'course not. The KJ is a great product. 
    My dad from the Depression era always preached "take care of your equipment.". Sounded goofy at 14 years old, makes total sense as an adult.
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    mike echo got a reaction from Marbque in Now a KJ cooker   
    Upgraded my trusty but well used Akorn to a 2017 KJ Classic. Also upgraded my Maverick 732 to a ThermoWorks Smoke.
    KJ from the West Nashville Costco roadshow. Excellent price.
    Thermo works had a 20% off sale last spring and I jumped on it. Another great price for quality.
    Also found out that Nashville is hosting a  KJ Block Party 17 June. Heard the renowned John Setzler will be there too.
    So all in all, as I do my break in KJ cook I am excited and not only learning my new Kamado but to go this part of the KG forums
    Be back time to time.
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    mike echo got a reaction from CeramicChef in Salt in Diet   
    I have been trying to meet or beat the usda 2300mg. salt number in my eating habits.
    Seems like the only advice anyone/ internet gives is to eat more fruits and veges. To the vegan point.
    Some talk about the Mediterranean methods.
    Sea salt, Himalayan salt etc comes up. Still salt. Yes?
    So has anyone got any techniques to reduce salt in the diet other than mentioned above?
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    mike echo got a reaction from philpom in stuffed pork loin supreme   
    Have made this numerous times. This recipe turns out great. Actually am recommending it to friends. It probably would work in a regular oven for those unaware of the greatness of Kamado cooking.
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    mike echo got a reaction from philpom in stuffed pork loin supreme   
    I made it. Rave reviews from my family. Recipe directions excellent. Mine turned out much like your pix.
    Thank you.
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    mike echo reacted to TexasKJRob in ThermoPop   
    How much was it. Do u have link
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