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  1. I've been buying charcoal from CalChar since the 1980s. They used to be in a different location, but moved to the present location years ago... I'm on the OC/LA County line, and used to drive by there place quit often... Good stuff... And welcome to the forum, from another new member. Butch
  2. Welcome to the SoCal Kamado world.. I'm new to the forum, but have had Kamados for almost 50yrs.. I have 2 RJ Kamados, 1 Imperial, and a Keg... My son ordered and is expecting a Big Joe 2 on Thursday... His 1st Kamado.. Butch
  3. I always over think things . Just trying to help him decide... I've had great luck and food with my RJ and Imperial Kamados over he last 50 years (though I have broke an Imperial)... I know quite a few people have had problems with the RJs, but mine are still going... I just don't know a lot about the newer kamados. And he's looking at a lager size, without paying the big bucks on the Komodo Kamado... Butch Thanks for your reply John... If you don't mind me asking, which Kamado do you have.
  4. What about the fire on one side, and cooler on the other?... I would think, different rates of expansion and contractions, could cause cracks?.... I've got 2 old RJ Kamados, but don't do 2- Zone cooking... My son does in his old offset... Anyone have experience with all three Kamados? Butch
  5. I'm with Freddie... Anyone have an opinion on this?... My son is thinking of getting one of what Freddie posted above, but I had his same concerns....
  6. Did you do this indirect, with a drip pan? Or was that necessary, with all the wrapping? I wouldn’t want to burn the bottom. Thanks again for posting this. Butch
  7. The old story... Don Drysdale was told to walk the next batter. So he drills the batter, and is asked why he hit him... His reply.. “Why waste 3 good pitches?” Butch
  8. I’ve always done my briskets and butts at about 210-220 on my K9 RJ. If the charcoal is decent, 1 load isn’t a problem. Briskets about 18 hr and butts about 20-24 hrs. Butch
  9. All so, a So. Cal. guy... Also new to this forum, if not kamados... Your cooks look fantastic... Butch
  10. Tell the Mrs, Happy Birthday.... The steak looks great.... Butch
  11. Looks better than mine... Mine are ugly... But taste great... Butch
  12. Looks good. But as you say, it doesn’t quite have the tritip look. If it tastes good, who cares. I do mine like a steak. Blazing hot.. 90 secs, turn 90*..... 90 sec.... Flip... 90 sec.... Turn 90*... Close down all vents.... Cook until desired doneness. Make sure you open both vents, before you open the lid, or you’ll get a big flashback. Be careful... Oh...Only garlic powder, salt and pepper. Butch
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