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  1. You are fortunate....they must have better supply now. I got a defective unit and had to wait 7 months to get a replacement.
  2. I have heard from others that they could not tell the diff between Impossible and real ground beef. I'm gonna try some soon.
  3. My unscientific response is that you failed...two steaks, two cuts, two temps.
  4. I went with 3 pounds per person just to make sure! Actually, I did it because I knew that I had to send leftovers home, and I wanted to have some left for me!
  5. I bought an iKamand and it was defective. NAME DELETED in customer service ordered a new one for me the end of July. When nothing arrived by mid-August, I emailed them two weeks ago...no response. Very disappointing, to say the least...
  6. I agree...skirt steak has a fantastic beefy flavor. I just made it last night using this recipe:
  7. Yup...just grilled two bone-in ribeyes this evening. Slow-cooked at 225 indirect to 122 internal, then grilled on the cast iron grate at 500 to about 130 internal for a completely pink inside and beautiful crust. Served it with sauteed mushroom/onion/pepper and a side of caprese salad with burrata.
  8. Juiciest: Ribeye Most tender: Filet - this is the recipe I use:
  9. I still have a problem...I can't get the food probe to register on the iKamand, and I keep getting the error message "probes not inserted correctly" even though they are fully inserted. As a technical writer, I have to say that the manual that comes with the unit is pretty lame.
  10. Not sure why I should use pellets in my KJ...wood chunks work just fine.
  11. Thanks @Goodfella, that's exectly what I'm looking for! Can you measure yours and post what the width of the opening is? That spec is not available on the KJ or any other website that I can see.
  12. Really? Nobody knows about this? C'mon DoJoe owners, gimme some help here!
  13. I ended up cooking high level indirect at 275 to 125 internal, then increased the Joe to 450. Then I cooked the filets on their sides over the low direct grate, rotating every 15 seconds or so. Bacon crisped up beautifully, and then I gave the top and bottom about a minute per side. Beef came out perfectly rosy medium rare and the compound herb butter melted on top made it a restaurant-quality piece of beef.
  14. I'm trying to decide how to cook a bacon-wrapped filet mignon. If I do an indirect cook then a final sear, the bacon will probably not be done properly and I'd have to torch it before the sear....or maybe cook it on the sides to cook the bacon before the final sear on the beef? But if I cook over direct heat, I'm wondering what temperature would be best to cok the bacon completely but not over-cook the beef. Perhaps par-cooking the bacon in the microwave before wrapping?
  15. Using the formula for the area of a circle, an 18-inch grill has area of 56.5 square inches. A 24-inch grill has an area of 73.4 square inches, which amounts to 30% increase in usable real estate...quite a bit more than 6 inches...
  16. Hey guys, What is the largest size pizza that will fit into the DoJoe for the Big Joe? I don't have a DoJoe right now, but I plan to buy a metal pizza peel first and I want to get the right size that will hold the largest size pizza that can go in the DoJoe.
  17. Thanks Corey for posting that...after watching @John Setzler's videos on the iKamand, I thought I got a defective unit and emailed KJ tech support.
  18. I would be scared to use that. Doesn't look like it's made to be food safe.
  19. I see Kamado cooks spraying meat for flavor and moisture, and I want to buy a high-quality adjustable spray bottle, something other than the generic plastic kind. I've seen some spray bottles advertised on BBQ vendor sites, but some of them have such bad reviews I don't want to touch them...what do you recommend?
  20. This is the one thing I HATE about making ribs...having to clean the fracking rib rack! The cleaning is nasty and takes forever, and the dishwasher never works. I'm using a standard steel rib rack. I tried a so-called "non-stick" coated rack and it still couldn't be cleaned without steel wool. Any nuggets of wisdom?
  21. Damn, that looks frackin' goooda! Just another reason for me to pony up for the rotisserie...
  22. I'll bet you could ask the butcher to pull out a frozen one for ya....
  23. I have a patio umbrella that I use to keep the rain off the grill, the food, and me...
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