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  1. These look amazing. I’m in Laredo, Texas now which is authentic taco heaven but these look so good I need to give it a try. Anyone have an recommendations on what vertical stand to get off Amazon?
  2. I did a brisket flat but the first 30 hours was under sous vide and the last 2 in the Joe so that doesn’t really count. Plan on doing some wings today and perhaps ribs tomorrow.
  3. I just moved from Ohio to Texas and bought a bag of B&B and the pieces were massive. I'm wondering if its produced closer to where I am now so the chunks don't break during shipping or if I just got lucky. I had bought some when I lived in Ohio as well but those bags were nothing like the jackpot I hit with this one.
  4. I guess I don't understand these..once I'm dialed in on my temp its stable as all heck. What am I missing?
  5. I decided I would drive back when the house sold and pack it up with me then and take it. Ended up fitting in the CR-V without having to take the dome off. Happy to say the move was a success and the KJ is setup in its new home.
  6. Hi all, I've got a Kamado Joe Classic 3 and I'm moving from Ohio to Texas. We're using u-boxes from U-Haul to ship our items and I fear it will break if I put it in one of those even with padding and the T&C on the insurance you can buy is very sketch. Anyone have any idea of how much it would cost to ship a Classic 3 by freight or cheap slow method? I could rent a larger SUV or Van but that will cost me $600. I do have a crew-cab truck that I might get checked out to see if it's worthy/safe to drive to Texas but I'm worried about putting it in the bed for the 21 hour drive over 3-4 days (not to mention if someone were to try and steal it while I'm sleeping in a hotel or doing a hike). Perhaps I could fit in the crew cab , I'm not sure though. Sorry for rambling just thinking while I type. Appreciate any feedback, I did read the thread about someone moving to Florida with theirs.
  7. Same. I was expecting larger pieces after reading praise for B&B. I had only used Joe Big Block prior and those were great pieces, I wasn’t expecting that quality but soooo many smaller pieces In the B&B. Bought 3 bags so perhaps the other 2 will be better.
  8. Hi all, I bought a classic 3 back in March and I recently received the JoeTisserie as a birthday gift. I‘m wondering if I should get a basket as I read somewhere that it makes great wings. Is this a recommended purchase and if so what basket to buy? Also, anyone have a recipe for a chicken to throw on the JoeTisserie? And do I just buy a whole bird? Are they pre-gutted? Sorry for my ignorance, didn’t grill before getting the Joe. Thanks!
  9. During these socially distant times I thought it would be the perfect time to get a Kamado Joe and learn it so I'll be ready to have people over for feasts once 'the curve' has been battered down and we become social creatures again. Appreciate all the advice on the forum. Stay safe and keep your distance.
  10. Would like to know this as well as I need to purchase one. Is it better to go with the Smokeware cap?
  11. Hi all, I purchased a Classic iii display model recently online from a local business all-sales-final and didn't do my due diligence when picking it up. I knew in advance that it didn't come with the shelves or the stand but its also missing the control tower top vent, the ceramic plate, and the SloRoller :-(. Where would you recommend purchasing these parts for the best price? Should I stick with Kamado Joe parts or are there 3rd party upgrades for what I'm missing? Thanks!
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